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What do you imagine when you read this potential song lyric?

Asked by Nevada83 (1022points) 2 weeks ago
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“New skycrapers, city walls. Old memories, castle halls.”

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Someone is trying to equate (or compare) the present to times long ago.

Sort of wistful. But it depends on where the rest of the song goes.

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All depends on the next couplet:

Tried to get away, she had me by the balls.

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Someone feeling imprisoned in modernity, longing for the past.

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The skyscrapers are shining with a silvery light and the old city walls and the castle halls are damp and gloomy. The contrast is quite marked. The memories are old memories that have nothing to do with the modern world and there is an unbridgeable gap between the old and the new.

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In the medieval days, city walls kept the invaders out.
Now the invaders are inside.

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Old meets new theme.

Through the bustling markets and the silent midnight strolls,
I find a piece of history, where the spirit never dulls.

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The present is the same as the past just dressed up differently.

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