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Ladies mostly (and men stand up for your selves) does the nose hair and eyebrows bug you?

Asked by Bri_L (12211points) October 28th, 2008
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As I sat across from my father-in-law at dinner tonight he had sprouts of hair coming out of his nose. the kind you can’t miss when shaving. He also has several eyebrow hairs making a run for it. Over his glasses. Over his brow. One moved when he blinked.

Ladies, is this not bleach to you!? Men, how can you not yank the obvious offenders? I am just talking the ones that stand out like they want to ask a question in a class.

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I got my brother nose hair clippers for a present once.
I remember standing in line when I was a kid, staring at this man who literally had balls of hair coming out of his ears. It was so prolific that I honestly thought they were something he put there on purpose! I don;t know how he could even hear. My girlfriend and I got the uncontrollable giggles so bad that my Mom made us go wait outside.
To answer your question, it’s gross.

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when my ex broke up with me after 5 years, I met a guy that I started dating. On our 9th date, I saw nosehairs sticking out of his nose and curling a little bit around. They bothered me all night long. If you just started dating someone, wouldn’t you take a bit better care of yourself? Yeah. That was our last date.

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Im a guy, but i still find it kinda narsty when someone has a monster growing out of their nose. Ears are funky too.

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Moustaches bother me for this reason. They just look like nose hair that escaped the corral, started breeding in the wild, and became a nuisance species (like rabbits in Australia).

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@ laureth, too funny. Lurve for that one!

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Besides the eyebrows and nose hair, an unkempt mustache drives me crazy! I was sitting across from a friend at dinner and I kept staring at his mustache because it was curling down over his upper lip and one side was longer than the other. I just think men have a way of always thinking they look good. Cosmo magazine took pictures of men in tighty-whitey underwear and asked them to critique themselves. They all thought they looked hot! I’m not talking Calvin Klein models here! It was pointing out how men have a great self-image that women tend not to have towards themselves. Thought it was interesting!

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The eyebrows don’t bother me. They look kind of Gandalf-like. That can look crazy-cool.

The nose hair is a different story. I don’t want to see anything growing out of any orifice you have. Yikes. Keep all that to yourself.

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i dont like nosehair at all. sign of poor grooming.

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What are you all talking about? Long nose hairs are sexy.

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Especially when they can braid ‘em. Maybe put some beads on there.

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Unibrow is the worst!!! When I met my husband he had a unibrow and I had to teach him that the human face was meant to have two brows, not one. I hate nose hairs that get crazy, too.

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I try to keep my nose hair trimmed as much as I can. On the occasion that I don’t get every one of them snipped or pulled out, my wife is quick to remind me that she can see them and that I need to go groom myself.

I hadn’t seen anyone mention this yet but for guys (at least in my case), it is better to trim the nose hairs rather than yank them out. Doing the latter is not very pleasant and it is not pain free.

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Wow so some people actually find nose hair sexy? didn’t see that one coming!

and The unkept mustache looks like a food trap to me and I have a goatee. Mainly because it helps me to look a little more mature and not so fat.

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If I can see it…I will comment…my husband is very careful! I can’t stand to see ear hair….yuck.

Basically, the nose hair and ear hair drive me crazy. (not in a good way)

The eyebrows, I try to be a bit more tolerant. I can’t stand to see a guy with over groomed eyebrows, but I don’t like the woolly caterpillar look, either. :)

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Great, now with all the other things I have to think about and worry about on a day to day basis, I now have to pay special attention to my nose hairs! :)

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Yanking a hair nose is far more painful , that hurts more compared to the days when I wrestle Arnold in the first predator movie hahahaah

I do agree personal hygiene is indeed very important no matter if you are dating someone or not it is just a must.

By the way anyone care to shampoo my hair locks…

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My philosophy is…if they don’t trim upstairs, they probly don’t trim downstairs, either. No thanks.

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yes. I find it distracting and unsightly.

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I’m sorry to say this guys, yes if you don’t have a full-blown mustache or a rugged five o’ clock shadow I’m not interested in the slightest. Nose hair is distracting, it’s like all I see is the nose hair when I’m trying to have a conversation. As for eyebrows, it doesn’t matter to me in any way.

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My hubby has some monster eyebrows. When I cut his hair, I actually use the clippers on those things sometimes! Some of those hairs must be 3 inches long! Drives me insane…so far, no nose hair issues ; )

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That one 3” hair between the eyebrows drives me CRAZY!

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Can one hair like that constitute a Unibrow?

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At the very least it’s a Crazybrow!

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Unibrow – not good

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I have some mutant hairs that hide in my eyebrows until I take a nap or something, then they spring to life and hang down in front of my eyes, or shoot out at wierd angles…ARGH! Needless to say, upon discovery they are quickly tamed.

Now that I recognize this, I have developed a subconscious habit of ‘guiding’ my eyebrows just in case there is a mutant one doing its own thing.

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shhhh, you just made me go in the bathroom and checked myself

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It’s so nasty!!! I don’t like any facial hair tho. Or any body hair for that matter.
Ever get behind some guy in line who’s not wearing a shirt and has nasty ass back/shoulder hair? It makes me want to gag.

turns head and throws up a bit in her throat

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@blue…very disturbing!


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I am hairy, like animal!

I broke down three years ago and bought a “personal trimmer,” one of the best purchases I have ever made. No more pulling random nasal foliage.

It makes the inside of my nose all spiky, though, and I sneeze when I rub it. But at least I don’t look like a chia pet.

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New from Ronco: the Random Hairy Man Chia Pet. Only $19.95…order yours today!

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You guys made me laugh : ) I don’t like much body hair myself…..

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I’m not saying eyebrows have to be perfectly constructed, but if you have massive catipillars bridging your eyes and even your nose – then, yes, please shape them a little! (at least in the middle!)
If your nose hair is hanging out, trim it!

I’m just really not into much body hair, but I do love a good 5 o’clock shadow.

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All men should experience waxing at some time in their lives. Even if only to gain a sense of empathy.

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@ judi – sorry, until a woman can be kicked in the balls, I can’t accept that. :-)

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lol bri..

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Don’t mamograms and childbirth even things out?

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Good point.

Bring on the wax!

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My friend waxed as a gift to his wife for their wedding day. She liked it! I was shocked he did it myself, but there are lots of salons here that cater to men waxing…san francisco of course!
@ wonder—LOVE the shadow myself. Although I like about 5 days of hair or so…oh man I love that.

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@Judi. I saw the actor Steve Carell get waxed in the movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin”. It permanently traumatized me. lol

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I was just talking about waxong backs and eyebrows. blush

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@Judi: well, that was only a chest waxing… and it was pretty funny. But the scene following where he’s walking down the street and blood is soaking through his shirt… that’s a little scary. LOL

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oooohhh….yeah, we watched that movie, my husband gained an entirely whole new respect for all those waxing appointments I’ve gone to – he was squirming the entire time.

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Men + Waxing = Cruel and unusual punishment.

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i helped wax one of my daughter’s boyfriends. Didn’t like him. The little sucker bled like a piggy!!! I loved it. Think he still has a scar.

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nose hair, eyebrows and OLD GUYS WITH HAIR COMING OUT OF THEIR EARS!! somebody needs to tell them it’s not ok!. it’s not a good look…...

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You forgot the super-bushy underarm hair/wifebeater combo.

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I had no idea it was even possible to grow ear hair like this.

Could you imagine having nose hair like that? Yikes!

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@blue….......YUCK! Ick…I’m so grossed out!!!! yet laughing at the same time!

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Yes, it’s bothersome. Everyone should take the time to tame whatever hairs are out of control. I have virtually no beauty regime, yet I still take time to trim, pluck, etc. Men have historically felt exempt to this, but I am here to stand on the side of manscapers everywhere. Would you like it if I had bushes growing out of various orifices on my head? Didn’t think so. ;)

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