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I know there is a connection between in-utero x-rays and cancer. Is there a connection for young people's x-rays and cancer or tumors as well?

Asked by skfinkel (13521points) November 8th, 2008
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They don’t give x-rays to pregnant women any more. What about babies?

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On which studies are you relying for this known in-utero x-ray / cancer connection? I think the findings of the Oxford Survey of Childhood Leukemia from the 1950s have not been easy to confirm. Check out:

Every time you fly you get a dose of cosmic (gamma) radiation roughly equivalent to a chest X-ray. As carcinogens go, I wouldn’t worry about infrequent X-rays exams (as compared to alcohol, tobacco, common viruses [HPV], and plastics [vinyl chloride]).

Of course, there’s no reason to get an X-ray unless you or your kid really needs one.

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