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Who is this famous gailcalled?

Asked by goldilocks2394 (102points) December 7th, 2008
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and how do I meet her? It seems like on every question I’ve read someone mentions “gail” or she answers! I’m just wondering, who is she!?

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I think she may be the first contributer to Fluther and is the aunt to one of the techies that started Fluther.

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My mum and Ben’s aunt

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She is Ben’s aunt (He is one of the founders), and is a very important part of the collective. You can read more here and here.

She also dons a cape and mask and fights terrorists under the name Lady Justice. In her spare time.

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Someone said She knows everything.

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She’s our Oracle.

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I’m not 100% sure she exists. I imagine her to be like the mythical Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend…

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Gail is a magical creature who lives in a storybook town in the Berkshires.

She’s part sage, old-school grammar teacher, part your-favorite aunt ever, part incredibly-compassionate-confidant, part keeper of order, part fearless-lifelong-student, part adventurer and part Queen-of-this-site.

On nights when I’m down, I wish I could teletransport myself to her couch, drink tea by the fireplace, and look out at the stars with her.

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Dear all; Are we talking about the same gailcalled I live with? She threw me out into the snow this morning, empties my litterbox only once a day, leaves very little ice cream in the bowl for me to lick, and allows me to lie on her just until all her limbs fall asleep. As I am getting warm and comfy and sleepy, after an hour of daydreaming, she dumps me on the floor.

And she now keeps waving in front of me a fishing rod with a stupid cloth mouse tied to the attached string. Very annoying, except when she remembers to dip the mouse in dried catnip.
Love, Milo

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PS. And from where I am sitting, (on top of refrigerator with my laptop) she certainly does NOT know everything. That rubric would apply to me however. Milo

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She is the keeper of the flame.

Wait, is she really Comedian’s mum?

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no she’s not. pretend mom

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hero worship if i’ve ever seen it…

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goddess worship, classic

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Gail, I think it’s safe to say that you’re an Internet celebrity. How does it feel?

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Whew. Thought I’d missed something big!

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Me too! I’m glad that was cleared up by the time I found this question.

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Umm, in a word, she is Hot.

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SSSSsssssssow! (burns finger)

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@PnL: She totally is my mum! Maybe not legally (yet), but she still is.

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