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How would you repackage this to make it cool again?

Asked by judochop (16114points) December 30th, 2008
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Say you’re given a shot at rebranding cigarettes to make them cool again because they are loosing their edge with people. How would you first approach this HUGE promotion and second what would you do? Money is not an option…Yes, ethics can play a huge part. You don’t have to sugar coat things and you can be as honest or illusioned as you want to the public. You are not allowed to create TV ads but everything else is open. Do you do it? Do you turn it down?

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I’d turn it the fuck down. And hope to god the trend continued.

If I did take it, I’d go all super treacherous and pay it out to the families of Tobacco’s casualties.

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I’d make it cool to quit. Create incentives (since money is no object) for customers to stay off. If I could do that, I’d take the job.

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“Cigarettes: At least you know how you’re going to die now!”
“Cigarettes, if you’ve done 5 impossible things this morning, why not top it off with a breath of poisonous chemicals?”

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@daloon: I’d just start, quit and take your money. :)

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I’ve got a lot of super-glossy, witty ads I could think of, but I’d turn it down if it’s not a career-ending move. I’d have a really hard time sleeping at night, but my view is admittedly skewed. I work for a cancer research center ; )

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@asmonet: be my guest. It’s not my money! Although, you do know that any smoking whatsoever will cause damage, don’t you?

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I’d probably ultimately go back to the fantastic painted ads and pack designs of the 50’s.

Cigarettes are horrible and all, but this project would be too much fun to turn down.

I don’t know how I’d feel once it went to publication, though.

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I would introduce them as “classics” and show some hot woman with like a 20’s black and white scene laughing with some men looking at her. I would do it. I know its sick but if people are stupid enough to try cigarettes in the first place then they deserve the cost. damn people take some responsibility for your own actions. its not like they force you to smoke them, like pinning you down and stuffing them in your mouth. and if your going to bitch about subliminal messaging and shit then don’t watch tv. so everyone stop bitching.

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@ekglad: Smokers alone don’t pay the cost. Taxpayers supporting their health care do, too.

Turn down the job. There is nothing good that could come out of it. The purpose of design is to improve lives.

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eklad, I’m cool with that, so long as you also pick up their health care bills. I’m tired of my tax dollars going to pay for the health care of smokers.

oops. I see simpleD got there before me. Oh well.

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Actually, the more I think about it, the more I don’t want to do it. I just want to roll around in 50’s advertising all day. I’m going to go re-watch some episodes of Mad Men.

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I’ll only smoke for a week, I’m young I’ll bounce back. Besides, who are you to tell me how long I’ve been smoking when I sign up for your wonderful free money?

I wish I lived in Mad Men. Women were hot back then. It could just be me and my obsession with cocktail dresses, high heels, and red lips.

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Actually to hell with it, I’d probably do it. If you’re going to smoke, you might aswell admire my artwork.

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I do admit to a fascination with cocktail parties and cigarettes. To flirt with beautiful women and be decadent or vice versa, is one of my fantasies.

I always am stopped by the word “cocktail.” I can’t help but separate it into it’s component parts (cock and tail) and that, of course, leads to other thoughts…..

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Ug, the more I think about it, the more I think about the fact that I actually know people who would be tempted to smoke by sexy 50’s advertising. Hrm. Great question.

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I kinda hate watching Mad Men and films made in the 50s and 60s, they make smoking looks so damn cool (and elegant, for ladies). But I’m going nowhere near a cigarette.

Pros: if you succeed, you’ll be famous.
Cons: if you succeed, you’ll be infamous.

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i love the way they presented cigarettes in the 50s/60s, etc. i really hate cigarettes, but man they sure knew what they were doing with those ads.

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I would replace the tobacco with bubble gum (sugar free of course) and use paper that dissolves in the smoker’s mouth. Then I would proceed to promote them the way cigarettes were promoted in the 50’s. Every box would come with one of these (opera length of course), because it makes them that much cooler. The “filter” would actually be a rolled up piece of paper for “smoker” to use when he discards the ABC gum.

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I’d take the job, but I wouldn’t lie to people. “To smoke: A decision between your long-term physical health and your short-term mental health.”

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< Your BRand > Cancer Sticks. They cause cancer, impotence and a long, painful death. The stink up your hair and clothes, and kissing you will be like licking an ashtray. Expensive little coffin nails, too.

Teens: what more could you ask for?

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