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Fluther is like...

Asked by Bluefreedom (22936points) January 28th, 2009
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We all know how enjoyable Fluther is and there has to be something nice out there that you would like to compare it to, right?

Fluther is like….a warm blanket on a cold winters night, for instance.

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When I’m drunk, Fluther is like being with all my old drinking buddies. When I’m not drunk, it’s like being in a school classroom with a strict teacher.

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i wouldnt say strict. i would say some are more stern than others but generally fun.

Fluther is like The extended group of friends that i will probably never meet.

(sorry but i live in kansas. If any of you all live near wichita, i’d meet ya.)

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Fluther is my favorite social network. Well, second after facebook.

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Fluther is like…a slice of warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

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Fluther is like the Borg.

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Fluther is like Heaven.

Fluther is like a Snow Day.

Fluther is like true love.

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Fluther is like a hooker who can do your taxes.

(stealing from myself, I know)

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Fluther, I like to think it’s a collective of like and unlike minds trolling the deepness of our thoughts and seeing what we can dredge up!
I’m not so sure about the moderator? I’d like to think of him/her more as a Captain steering a ship so it don’t end up on the rocks.
I’m thinking Pugwash? or Popeye? An honest captain or a strongarm sailor?

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Fluther is like, friendly

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Fluther is over 9000.

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Fluther reminds me of a boardroom. Sometimes it all smiles, productivity and teamwork. At other times it’s tense, contentious and agenda filled.

The beautiful part is that you can come & go at will!

The thing I adore the most is that we are not all like minded. I really embrace hearing the views and opinions of people I might otherwise never encounter or engage in conversation with.

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Fluther is like a box of chocolates.

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Hahaha @jonsblond: Some are delicious and some are just full of nuts!

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@bythebay lol, thanks for the first laugh of the day!

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Fluther is like inviting all your friends over for dinner but you don’t have to cook.

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a close knit family.

Even though on some threads we don’t agree, and may get worked up with some peoples ignorance, we all still answer questions to the best of our abilities and with the truth.

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Fluther is like a magic bus in a beehive.

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In every way.

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A living breathing organism of knowledge.

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@Bri_L, love that forced slip, there…

Fluther is like… a drunken Family Reunion. You don’t know half of the people present, but the ice is already broken…

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Fluther is like a frizzer full of lurve cake.

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Fluther is like an idea orgy.

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Fluther is a breath of fresh air in the miasma that conversation has become where I live.

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@blastfamy – yours is great. I must admit to not understanding your comment about mine however. Sorry. Does it involve cheese?

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…watching a rainbow

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… a bag of Hershey Kisses with caramel.

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Fluther is as good as drinking til you pass out and waking up without a hangover.

Fluther is like winning at strip beer pong right before you have to take off your bra.

Fluther is like sitting by the fire after you’ve skinny dipped in late December.

Fluther is like sucking in air after you’ve eaten a ton of Altoids.

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@Allie: Well, well, well, you do have an interesting social life Allie.

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@asmonet The middle two were the same night.

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@Allie: Awesome! :P

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Fluther is like going fishing, you don’t know if your using the right bait and you never know what your gonna catch!

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…your new video game coming in the mail & the next day being a snow day off from work!

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Is like the lunch room at some snooty prep school with a bunch of kids who are full of themselves.

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I resemble that remark! I am not full of myself! I am full of salt-water taffy!

—-@Hypocrisy_Central go take a vacation or something. It’ll change your view of the world.—

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