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Converting MOV to WMV on a Mac?

Asked by trumi (6491points) July 2nd, 2009
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I have QuickTime Pro, Final Cut Express, iMovie, VLC, MPEG Streamclip, and Handbrake. My associate has Final Cut Pro with ALL the added applications, plus a few dozen Adobe applications.

All we need to do is convert an .mov file (or DV or mp4, whatever works) to an WMV file so that some computer illiterate PC owner can watch it in his Windows Media Player.

How can I do this without buying any more programs? Please help!

(The highlight of this hunt so far has been finding a freeware torrent of Any Video Converter, downloading it, unzipping it, only to realize that it’s in EXE format so I can’t open it.)

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Email him a codec and have him run it and hit “next next next next next finish”. Then send him the .mov file, and it will play in his Winblows Media Player.

PC’s are the inferior minority, now it’s their time to bend to our will and ways. :P

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It does not have to be an actual wmv file. If you can use one of the programs you listed to export an AVI then the Windows Media Player should be able to actually play the file. There may be issues with the codec as there may be several you can choose from for exporting the file. So you may need to experiment to find which codec is supported by windows media.

So you can use Quicktime Pro to convert the file to AVI using the Cinepak codec and it should be playable by winmedia. Also iMovie can share/export using QT to the AVI format. Final Cut Pro should also be able to produce an AVI file that winmedia player will play. Another codec supported by WinMedia player is the DivX codec.

Like the other post mentioned you can have the users download the mov codec (or for that matter mpeg4) and they will be able to play mov files with winmedia player. Or they can download Quicktime player for the PC as well. That is assuming that they can install apps on their system (which may not be the case in a corporate environment).

The windows version of Adobe Premier Pro could export to wmv format, but I do not think the Mac version can do that. However, the Mac version should also be able to do the AVI file format that works on windows. Last but not least you could create and burn a DVD using iDVD and then rip the DVD using handbrake to the AVI file format.

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If you have the studio version of Flip4Mac you can export to WMV right from the player.

It’s 50 bucks, though, and if you’re not going to be doing this often it may be a little steep. (Or not, if you’re into that).

It’s certainly easier and more elegant than what you have now, though.

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Got it to work in Final Cut, just took a lot of fiddling. Thanks for the help!

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