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Is it okay lay on the floor when you watch TV?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) August 19th, 2009
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I couldn’t be happier then when I’m laying on the floor with a big comfy pillow right in front of the television. Apparently this isn’t acceptable for all people. What do you do?

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I prefer a hammock.

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i like the feel of sitting on the floor apposed to a couch personally sitting and or lying on my floor is the way I roll. Some people feel bad when I sit or lay on their floor they worry I feel uncomfortable so it depends on the house and how unfazed they are by my seating arrangement.

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Yes! (But only if the floor is clean.)
I can always be found in a corner floor of my room iPod in one hand and remote control in the other.

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I like the floor helps my bones , i get too sweaty on a seat sitting on a seat is not comfy for me . It can do you damage depending how you look at the TV , its better to be side on so you ain’t stretching you neck .

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I remember doing that a lot as a kid.
These days I really don’t watch TV, but all the TVs in our house are near couches or seats, and I’d certainly pick those before the ground.

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I watch television very rarely nowadays, but when I used to, I preferred sinking into one of those very large beanbag chairs which placed me low to the ground and provided good back support. See ya…Gary aka wtf

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Only if I’m leaning on something.
and yes @whatthefluther on beanbags. Everyone should have one in front of the TV.

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I prefer my stressless recliner. If you have a £1000 to spend on improving your audio visual set up forget about getting a plasma, bluray player or surround sound and get one of these.

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I prefer the floor. My friends laugh at me because I’ll sit on the floor and lean back on the couch even when there’s an open seat right behind me. Sometimes, I even prefer the floor over my bed.

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I will often sit on the floor too! If I am a guest at someones house I always ask them if they mind if I sit on the floor and explain to them (if they ask) that’s it’s just a habit of mine rater than me being uncomfortable on thier sofa! People don’t seem to mind.

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In your own home, sit or lie down wherever the hell you want. In someone else’s home, you sit on the furniture.

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I lay on the floor to watch tv in my house. It’s just more comfortable for me. But, if I’m in the family room downstairs, I lay on the huge comfy couch..

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Yess!!! I used to do that all the time!! But then my dad told me to stop because it wasn’t good for my eyes.:(
Whenever I was sleepy,I used to lay on the big,fluffy couch until I could fall asleep! :) Good times…....

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We never lie on the floor at our house because if one does the dogs will come sit on you. Since one weighs 120 pounds, it can get a bit sweaty and hard to breathe.

However, if you don’t have any dogs then I would say whatever makes you happy is alright, as long as other people can get around you.

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@Darwin I have the same problem with our Retrievers!

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