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Are there any words you couldn't say or mispronounced as a child?

Asked by YoKoolAid (2424points) August 30th, 2009
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For some reason I couldn’t say “towel”, i would say “tale” and instead of “yellow” I would say “lello”. What are some of yours?

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When I was very little I could not prounounce the letter L well. My father’s name is Larry, and I would call him Daddy Arry. I also had trouble with grandma and said mema (me-ma). I don’t remember any of it, I’ve just been told this.

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I couldn’t/can’t say cinnamon, I still say cinaminum.
I also said lello instead of yellow.
Those are all I can remember right now.

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Pasgetti. I still say it if I’m not thinking it through.

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Probably not

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Gramma was “Gamma”. And, I said “pasghetti”, too.

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I say it like ka-beck
I dunno how it’s pronounce and I won’t bother since I’m an American

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I always thought “windshield wiper” was winchell wiper and I thought that “pedestrian” was Presbyterian… I thought it was so nice that there was a crosswalk especially for us since we were Presbyterian!!

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Yellow. I said “yeyyo”. I also couldn’t say “Ainsworth” (the street I grew up on). But I guess considering the first, that one’s not too surprising.

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I have speech impediments, though I’ve minimized/eliminated many of my problems. The was duh, and I had serious problems with r’s, which I still have to some extent in words like world and girl if I’m not paying attention to what I’m saying.

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I couldn’t say guitar or funeral. I’d say ‘guigar” & foonyal.

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I had to go to speech therapy, because I could not pronounce my “th’s.” So, three came out as free. I got over that pretty quick, but also had therapy for my R’s. I just could not pronounce them, and I know I started speech therapy in fourth grade.
I actually still have issues, and it makes me self conscious sometimes…but most people who know me, know I have issues. I cannot pronounce certain words. I’m trying to remember the main ones, but I usually don’t remember until I have to say them!
Oh, “familiar” you probably could pay me a million bucks and I still can’t pronounce it properly :(

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I also said “lellow” instead of “yellow”.
“Swuck” was “truck”.
I had a stuffed skunk that I named “Kunk” because I couldn’t say “Skunk”.
Whenever my mom made “chicken cacciatore”, I’d think she was saying “Kitchen check-atorry”. That one still trips me up sometimes.

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When i was two years old (i’ve been told) i couldn’t pronounce ventriloquist.

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I had a hard time with hello. It came out sounding like fu-kyu.

My parents never took me anywhere.

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I said dobozer for bulldozer and scabetti for spaghetti.

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@casheroo I hate that word, “familiar”. Everybody on the planet pronounces it firm-iliar and I don’t get whyyyyyyyyyy.

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And I hate poin-sett-IA I want to call it poinsetta.

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@jbfletcherfan I’ve been mispronouncing it all this time?

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I guess. So do I. I STILL call it poinsetta.

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if someone was littering (aka throwing trash not in the garbage) they were actually glittering, according to my 3-year-old self.

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@Sarcasm – I don’t pronounce it that way. I say “fa-miliar”. I also say “Feb-ru-ary”.

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I’ll write out how I said it, then tell you the word.
clah-oood = cloud
ep-a-tunt = elephant

Then I mixed up cinnamon for cimmanon.

And I constantly confused veins and vines. I’d tell my mom all the time that I could see the vines in my arms.

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I had three problem words. The first was factory: my parents have told me many, many times how one day I was very quiet (too quiet) because I was constructing an elaborate “balloon ackery” on my bedroom floor. The second was magician. The g always seemed to become an sh and the c a soft g. And finally, there was the word squirrel, which simply tied my tongue in knots.

OTOH, my brother said mazagine for magazine, and my sister liked pasghetti.

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I still pronounce the word wash wrong, and I always have said “warsh” just like the rest of my family does.

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@YARNLADY – That’s not wrong. It’s regional.

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regionally wrong

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haha i always said oven like oh-ven.

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I couldn’t say “hamburger.” It was “hambooger” and I swear it wasn’t intentional.

I still have trouble with some words like “tastes.” It is the “sts” sound that gives me trouble. My “j“s also sound forced, like soft of stunted “d“s.

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The amount of cuteness in this thread has reached critical mass.

And @Sarcasm I suppose I’m one of those people you hate. I say firmiliar. I know the “right” way to say it, but if I try to pronounce it any other way than it would naturally come out.. it’ll take me a second longer. Typically, this is alot more noticeable than my extra r that most people add anyway. I also say Febuary and.. “Reesees cups(/Reesees Puff cereal)”. Sue me.

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Words starting with ‘f’ became words starting with ‘b’. Like boot (foot), bace (face)...

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Oh, that was so funny. =|

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