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If a time machine from any time could visit YOU, when would you want it to be from?

Asked by jfos (7380points) December 8th, 2009
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A common question is: “If you could visit any time via a time machine, which time would you visit?” My question is, assuming that any time period had access to a time machine, i.e. cavemen, dinosaurs, knights, future, etc., when would you want a time machine visiting you in the present to be from?

Also, what would you do to show these creatures the present? Any certain destinations, questions, etc.?

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Something around 2090 would be nice. Far enough in the future that our language would be similar enough to talk, yet far enough away that we can learn a lot about each other.

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I like the answer @gemiwing gave. I would like to know how much progress has been made towards the eradication of poverty, baseless prejudice, etc. You know, all that pansy ass liberal shit people that have a good heart and sharp mind seem to care about.

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I’d want these people to be from the early 1900s. There was such an intellectual push for equality and power based on merit. I’d like some of the people who worked tirelessly for women’s suffrage and a more progressive government to be able to see what we’ve accomplished.

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I would want my older self to visit me and tell me what he would have done differently.

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I’ll take the early 2000’s, when my Mom was alive. I’d like her to be in that time machine, alive and well, and I’d get to have her here, now.

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The far far future. An they better bring an unencrypted database about all future scientific knowledge and technology stored on a medium compatible with current hardware that I can steal and become rich off.

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From the year TWO-THOUSAND-SAND-SAND-SAND-Sand-sand sand

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i think from 2011, and with a copy of the wall street journal.

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@gemiwing That’s not possible because we all know that the world ends in the year 2012.

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I would love a pilgrim to visit me so they would scream everytime the phone rang, and say it is the work of the devil. Oh pilgrims!

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@jmah that made me almost cry.I saw something very similar on my son’s myspace (except for the ‘died’ part)

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i’d like to be visited by the last generation of humans

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@Christian95 bad ass answer :)

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@FutureMemory and why is that if I get a visit from the last generation I’d fing out all the history from today until the end.

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It’d be great of Galileo visited me. I would show him pictures made by the Hubble telescope and his rehabilitation documents by the Catholic church.

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wow this is such a cool question… :) I’d want someone from the 1700’s to visit me…although they would not like me and most likely want to convert me into a christian…which I am…but you know…all that exploration era…I think they would find people that will look like them soo they might be okay…

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@Christian95 bad ass = cool, sorry for the confusion.

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Someone from 1918-ish Great Britain or France.

I’m fascinated by WWI history, and someone fitting those parameters would probably be great for me to talk to.

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