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When you make a bed do you put the top sheet right side up or down?

Asked by JLeslie (62399points) December 13th, 2009
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I have a few more household type questions:

- Is it ok to use placemats on top of a tablecloth? I always thought that was a no-no.

- How often do you buy new pillows for your bed?

- How often do you vacuum your carpets?

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I do the top sheet right side up, but I still fold it over at the top.

I think it would look tacky to place placemats on top of a table cloth.

Not often.


I have hardwood floors.

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…I put the top sheet right side up but fold over the top…

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I put the sheet on right side up then fold it over.
Placemats are for protecting the tablecloth, such as the one my great-grandmother made by hand. I coordinate them to match.
I buy new pillows every six months.
I vacuum once a week as needed. I sweep weekly too.

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I don’t use any sheets, just a big comforter.
Placemats: It would really depend on how it looked, I’m leaning towards no.
Pillows: Once a year.
Vacuum: Once a week, unless the situation calls for more.

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I put the top sheet right side up.
It seems redundant to use placemats and a tablecloth and I prefer the look of a tablecloth so I don’t use placemats anyway.
I haven’t bought a new pillow in two years.
I don’t have carpet, I have hardwoods and I sweep them a couple of times a week and mop them once a week. Except in the kitchen which is tile and gets swept almost everyday.

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Wait, if you put it right side up, then when you fold it over the part that is showing is right side down. I was taught that the “right” side should be against your skin.

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@gradyjones You mop your hardwoods once a week? Man I am not even close. I guess maybe I need to step that up a little.

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@JLeslie That makes sense about the top sheet, maybe I have been doing it wrong.

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@JLeslie Sometimes I’ll just use a dry mop to buff out the shine if they don’t look too bad. They are not new hardwoods so they look kinda dull when they haven’t been mopped in a while.

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Top sheet face down so when folded back on top of the blanket the right side is facing up, and I still make it so I can bounce a quarter off the blanket: old military training dies hard.

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@gradyjones Oh, dry mop, that’s different. If you have never used a Swiffer or similar product (pledge has a similar product) it is fantastic on hardwoods.

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We use a Duvet so no top sheets…...........

- Is it ok to use placemats on top of a tablecloth? I always thought that was a no-no. – I dont see why? We use a runner on the table but there is a placemat in the middle for the salt/pepper and usually a vase of flowers.etc

- How often do you buy new pillows for your bed? – Generally when they have gone a bit flat….......for me usually about once every 6 months or so – I have to replace at least one (I use 2) – my mrs’ pillows will last much longer (maybe she doesnt sweat so much! lol)

- How often do you vacuum your carpets? – The rooms that have carpets are vaccumed pretty much every other day when in use and our main hall and living room are wood (well, laminate) so swept as often. I must admit though I much prefer carpet!

I am the full time house-husband here so I do it all, cleaning, laundry, floors, ironing, cooking etc. And I dont mind at all.

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Many of you change your pillows quite often. I think I need to step that up also.

@scotsbloke Hmmm, I use a duvet and a top sheet. I guess that could go either way. Do you put the button side of the duvet at your feet or at your head?

Also, the runner is directly on the table right? You don’t have it on top of a tablecloth do you?

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I lay the top sheet right side up. I don’t get fancy & fold it over the top. I take the decorative pillows & the comforter off & get in bed.

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Right side down with border folded over.

New pillows when the old ones don’t work any more.

What was the other question? (It’s late.)

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I lay the top sheet upside down and fold the top over the blanket. I also use the hospital corners my grandmother taught me when I was about six.

I would not use placemats and a tablecloth, to me that is like suspenders and a belt.

I buy new bed pillows every couple of years and I vacuum the carpet a couple of times a week. I sweep the kitchen pretty much daily.

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sheets – right side up
placemats over tablecloth – only when I really don’t want any spots on the tablecloth
pillows – when they’re bloody, been thrown up on or are too flat for comfort. Years.
vaccuum rugs – 1–3 times per week (I have cats and hardwood floors. I sweep weekly)

Everything gets put on hold during midterms and finals (like now). The house will finally be cleaned (and laundry washed and put away) this week.

I just peeked above. My papa (grandfather) passed down hospital corners. It’s the family legacy. You have to do hospital corners.

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I place the top sheet so that the smooth edge of the top seam will be against my face.
Placemats on tablecloths are not as formal as chargers which are used in the most formal dinners.
I don’t buy new pillows. I take the stuffing out of the old ones, wash the cover and the stuffing, and re-stuff them. My own pillow is simply a 3” memory foam pad with a zipper pillow cover and a pillow case. I like it very flat.
I have dogs and grandkids, so I only vacuum my carpets once or twice a month, or when the leaves get tracked in. We do not wear shoes inside, so it doesn’t get too bad.

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Down of course.

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Top sheets are rightside down then folded over the top of the blanket. Hospital corners, yes.
Placemat on top of tablecloth, not usually.

New pillows for me, when they get flat, I use at least five pillows when I sleep, so they get rotated, the new ones go under my head and the older ones go under my knees, or arms etc.

I vacuum at least once a week.

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