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Answerbaggers: what aspects of Fluther do you prefer over the old and/or the new Answerbag?

Asked by Brian1946 (28727points) December 15th, 2009
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One aspect of Fluther that I prefer is that you can lurve any post.

At Answerbag you can only uprate (the Answerbag version of lurve) questions and answers, but not replies that were posted as comments to answers.

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I like the live chat room. Also, I just had a question flagged for typos. It was just that some of the question was all caps. I fixed it and they re-posted it. AB never would have been so nice about it. Plus the response time was so fast that I almost started spinning in my chair….........Long Live Fluther!!!!!!!

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I like the real-time answers, and the responses are quicker. I see less dumb questions as well.

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Alot of my friends are here….

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Greater strucure, moderators who actually do their jobs, fewer inane Q&As,much more polite, stalkers and trolls not tolerated,ownership that actually cares about users, generally a more civilized atmosphere and more intelligent tone.

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I was not planning on answering any more AB questions but, well, I shall this one.

1) I prefer the moderation here to the old AB. I was so bloody tired of the endless “am I pregnant,” “what is this pill,” etc. questions. I also prefer that questions have to be written in correct English. I am dyslexic and the chatspeek that permeated AB was difficult for me. I also doubt that the mods allow the types of flame wars that were permitted on AB.

2) While preferred the indefinite editing abilities on the old AB (my guide to Trollery had probably 50 edits as I added more, for instance), the new AB does not have editing.

3) the PM system. The new AB has a messaging system but the old did not.

4) the live preview. As everyone knows, I am OCD about my writing.

5) the link feature. Again, I am OCD about my writing and, until yesterday, we could not have a neat and tidy link in an answer.

6) we are allowed to cuss damnit!

7) the availability of the mods. AB CLs were (and still are) great but there are more mods here so they are not overloaded like our CLs. They could not have paid me to be a CL. The mods here seem, from what I understand so far, to not be hampered and bucked by the staff like the CLs are on AB.for jellies reading this who do not know the terminology: “CL” means “community leader”... user mods.

8) the chatroom. I appreciate that they have an AB chatroom for us but I also like that they have an active regular chatroom.

9) it is not as buggy, or, at least, it seems that way. I have not lost any answers yet, have not had page load errors, and it is not as laggy.

10) the ability to fix questions to meet Fluther guidelines instead of just having them completely rejected.

All of that being said, I am not leaving AB. I shall be at both. However, when I am on AB I shall be a ‘bagger. When I am on Fluther, I am a jelly. I am not going to go on about AB here or Fluther there.

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The maturity level.
I always cussed on AB and never once was reprimanded so the cussing is not at the top of my list dammit!

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Where to start?! I LOVE that management/mods are so quick to respond. I love the maturity level, the warmest welcome that anyone could ever ask for on any website, the attention to detail, and 4–5 people have written me those little private messages, thanking me/us for being polite and appreciative. Oh! I love the big avatars! YAY! And I love the private message capability we have here, too. It keeps me from having to open another window and email. None of those would mean a hill of beans without a great attitude and sincerity. They’re genuine! You just can’t get any better than that.

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How many of the same questions can we possibly ask? Good Lord.

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@rangerr it should be tapering off soon. There have been too many AB related questions. I had not actually seen this specific one before but I am not on all that much

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@Arisztid very well said!!

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@baileysmom12 Thankyou much. :)

@phillis I missed the avatar one. While it is not a high priority, I really do prefer it.

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It is human nature to be resistant to change. ABers are going through it and so are Jellies. How absolutely human of everyone! We’re ALL complaining about the same exact same exact thing.

It is also normal for there to be a period of adjustment (I didn’t like the stampede of teeny boppers AB was flooded with when AB linked to FB. It wasn’t my website, and they weren’t doing anything wrong, so I said everything I wanted to say IN PRIVATE to other people).

I don’t blame anybody one bit for not liking all these new people here. Change sucks for everybody. I am fully aware that is inescapable human hardwiring. I am having to be extra forgiving, too.

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I’m an “old dog” (age 71) and it’s difficult for me to learn “new tricks”, as it were. Thus far, however, I’m finding the Fluther Site relatively easy and fun to navigate. I found that to be the case with the “old” site I’ll not mention here…but not the new.

I particularly enjoy the fact that so many of my/our Friends are here. I was concerned that they would be lost forever. I’ll give NUNYA credit for her outstanding “recruiting” skills insofar as that’s concerned. Then, when I came and saw the screen names of so many other folks who I have long admired, I knew Fluther was a good place to be.

I hope to meet new Friends, established Fluther Friends, as well.

My best to y’all…Chuck

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@phillis Ditto. If I was an older Jelly I would not be too happy about this.

I am hoping that the train of AB questions ends. I have avoided answering AB related questions. I answered this one because it is a positive question about Fluther. They have had enough griping out of ‘baggers and I think this question shall help show that we are appreciative and trying to integrate.

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@Arisztid & @phillis… What you said.

I also enjoy being able to see how many are “Observing” and “Composing” while I’m either observing or composing. I love the speed. I love that the links all seem to work. I love hearing from moderators (speaking in “moderator voice” and sometimes not) popping in and out of threads. I especially love the chat room and FAQ page put out as a “Welcome to ABers” on the first day that I was even here.

I mostly and primarily love that all of the most of the old-time fluthers are being so restrained in wondering “Where does it end, this nostalgia for AB on Fluther?” @rangerr I agree; it can’t happen soon enough. (And I thank you for your restraint, too. I know it’s tiresome to see this Q repeat—and I’m an ABer, too.)

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There are plenty of things I prefer about Fluther.

First and foremost, flutherites are a thousand times more mature and literate than many ABers. I can ask a legitimate question and get a legitimate answer, without too much foolishness (and I don’t mind humor, but I really appreciate Fluther’s rule of not joking around on a thread until a few real answers have been posted).

Not to mention they’ve put up with the unrelenting AB questions… even I am getting tired of them.

I love how, if you are observing a thread, it updates in real time. It beats refreshing the screen over and over on AB when you’re in a heated debate.

I love how nonsensical and illiterate questions are removed, and duplicate questions are caught pretty regularly.

I love how personal attacks are not tolerated and are removed in a timely manner.

I love how people here can agree to disagree and move on if the debate starts to seem pointless.

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How could I forget what is perhaps my most favoritest feature on Fluther, the way you can type an ”@” symbol, a couple of letters and the right arrow key and get a username to pop into the discussion, highlighted, too. Very nice touch.

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I have been impressed with “customer service” here on Fluther. I’ve asked a couple of questions using the Contact link and received responses within 24 hours. That is very impressive. At AB, you were lucky if you ever received a response from their Administration, as they call it.

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Aris, I liked answering this Q for the exact same reason! It gave me a chance to tell Jellies what I appreciate about them. I answered a few AB questions, but I’m kinda ready to integrate a lot more into the fluther atmosphere (there goes the neighborhood). Immediate immersion would have only served to extend the adjustment period. In a few more days, I expect that the ones who came in after me will be feeling the same way I do right now. Sort of a let’s-get-on-with-it attitude.

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@all: And have you seen the Fluther t-shirt? (Now that I look, I don’t see it either. Mods?)

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I think that the chatroom is pretty cool. When I first signed up I was able to access it, but now I can’t anymore. It appears I have to spend more time beign intellectaul that chatting.

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@garster: The chatroom has always been like Nathan Detroit’s floating crap game. PM @johnpowell and he will give you the secret password.

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@CyanoticWasp, YES! I LOVE that feature! Getting to see what they wrote before I submit mine saves SO much time. Fantastic feature, definitely. Good to see you today, by the way!

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I fell compelled to chime in here, but @Arisztid copied my brain and posted my thoughts already so I’m not going to wear my fingers to the bone re-posting “his” answer.

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I really like this site. It’s cozy like AB used to be. Like the chat room and the ability to send a private response. Being able to see your complete answer before submitting is great. Visually….. Flurther is pleasing…. has some warmth to it.

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@all; Here’s the t-shirt;

Women’s sizing is for willow wands. I bought men’s M and did a lot of alterations. It is very fetching yet not exhibitionistic.

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What strikes me first and for most is the overall quality of the questions and answers. There’s a frighteningly huge difference in between the levels of intelligence and maturity when comparing both sites.
That might be because AB is way bigger and has more people, but it still remains that this place aims towards something a lot more constructive, and I enjoy it.

Granted I’ll miss being random and giving lame ass answers just to be difficult haha, but it’s probably for the best as I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time.

I also much prefer the moderation over here as they actually try to work stuff out with you instead of sending your work into oblivion and never explaining why ecxept for the politically correct bot mails they send which pretty much just tell the user to stfu.

That, and also people here are way more civil, and so much less aggressive.

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I think the live chat room is pretty cool that way I can talk to my friends and they can reply just like that. :D

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As an old Jelly – thanks guys for all the kudos!

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Nice to meet you, janbb!

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I like the ability of Flutherites to talk to each other at any time rather than being limited to just replies within a thread. At the other place, I had a lot of “friends” but I never felt I knew anybody, though I was familiar with their names.

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I am simply astonished that an “Edit” link has just been added to the answer—simply because it seemed to be a good idea, I guess. No sturm und drang, no wailing and gnashing of teeth, just all of a sudden there’s an “edit” capability. How nice.

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It’s been there all along, I believe.

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@CyanoticWasp ‘Edit’ has been there… but it’s only available for a few minutes after you post your answer.

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@janbb & @stemnyjones—Live and learn, I guess. (I have soooo much to learn that I should live a long, long time… unless there’s something I really needed to have learned already, and didn’t.)

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Last word!

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