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Do you have orgasms at the Gynaecologist?

Asked by Zen_Again (9931points) December 19th, 2009
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Like her?

Always wondered about that.

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Ah .. No. There is nothing sexy about going to the Gynecologist.

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Dont ruin this for us.

All girls must agree. Its very sexy in there. Just like the girls locker room

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A gynecologist who strokes a patient? EWWW. Misconduct. Not part of an exam! Usually it involves laying on a very narrow, uncomfortable table with your feet up in a weird, uncomfortable position. Then a cold, metal speculum is inserted, cell samples are taken, half a hand goes up inside you and pokes you.

About as sexual as a proctologist exam.

anyone else notice that the doctor resembles George Bush?

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Hmm, duck beaks.

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....that’s like suggesting having a cream pie thrown in your face is like eating creme brulee….......the two can’t even be compared!

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Actually, I enjoyed the Proctologists’ exam the other day. Just saying.

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@Zen_Again Whoever doesn’t enjoy that knows not how to live.

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There is no way to be comfortable enough to have an orgasm when you have a speculum spreading you open as wide as possible, a hot light beaming down on you and your feet in stirrups…. all while someone is trying to make casual conversation with you. :)

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Have you ever been to a Gynaecologist?

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It probably could be sexy but the atmosphere is all wrong. I mean the bright fluorescent light, the slight smell of doctors office, and of couse sitting on paper! C’mon! An orgasm might be possible if there was some scented candles and a blanket thrown over the medical bed though… :)

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I feel bad for you girls. Guys can have orgasms anywhere.

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Some things just cannot be unread.

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@Xann009 I’m laughing. :)

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Sometimes Mr Zen leaves me at a loss for words.

And in my life, that has not happened very often! :- )

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Ummm. No. Being placed in such an uncomfortable position, with foreign objects…COLD foreign objects…inside you, under what is essentially a spotlight glaring upon your nether regions and being gaped at by a virtual stranger is not exactly conducive to enjoyment of the procedure. EWWW

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Uh What?

Hell no. I’m half laughing and half throwing up a little bit at the idea. well that’s one way to wake up on a Saturday!

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@BBSDTfamily You described my last date. Am I doing something wrong?

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I thought they were supposed to warm the thing up before insertion?

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I’m with @jackm – we can have an orgasm anywhere. A spatula up our butt, a flashlight in our crotch, the smell of the doctor’s office – I’m getting horny now – sitting on paper with a nurse a few feet away – getting hornier – the doctor spreads my legs – ok – I need a cigarette…

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@Zen_Again Point in case.

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I know. I had 3 orgasms just writing this answer.

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Glad they put down down paper.

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I had a GF, a few years ago, who claimed she had GREAT orgasms when the gyno examined her. She claimed that she got incredibly horny from the humiliation of the scene. I’m not sure about this, but she did enjoy games of humiliation. Maybe I should have worked harder to keep her????

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This is the best thread! I can’t stop laughing!

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:-O I never have….I need to be relaxed….a visit to the gynecologist is anything BUT relaxing! And, the better looking the dr, the greater the humiliation. I always have a male dr, and a female nurse…If I am to have a threesome, it will be with 2 men…not another woman!

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@AnnieB; I

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No. Its really hard to orgasam when you are so uncomfortable you’d sooner die.

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No,but I have been known to fake paying his bill ;)

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Um, no. It’s not really the best circumstances to have an orgasm in. Sterile table, paper gown, heating lamp aimed at your hoo haw, a Dr. and a nurse squated down, looking at your hoo haw. Then a cold metal appliance is shoved in up to your third rib. Sex is really not a thought in my brain at that time.

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Yep, annual exams….let the barbaric acts begin. These instruments look like they came out of a torture chamber ~ and girls, have you ever had one of those cold metal speculums pinch you….man, it hurts! Resident doctor….I nearly kicked him in the face (wait…hmmmm, maybe I did….well, he deserved it)

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Nooo no way, I don’t see how anyone could have an orgasm during a pelvic exam. It’s pretty painful and embarrasing to be sitting there in front of a total stranger with open legs…

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I feel traumatized. I knew it was a bad idea to click on this question!

Reminds me of the SNL skit where Mel Gibson played a gynecologist with a packed waiting room.

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I think I can safely say that none of my patients has ever had an orgasm during a pelvic exam, and I typically have performed anywhere between 5 and 10 pelvic exams a day for more than 30 years.

I do have patients who are survivors of sexual abuse. It is an act of courage for them to come in for gynecologic care. A few take anti-anxiety medication before their exam. Some manage by spectatoring disconnecting themselves from their bodies during the exam. I’ve had patients who need me to stay with them for a few minutes after the exam while they cry because it stirs up difficult memories. Years ago, one of my patients had a flashback to her undisclosed abuse during her exam. No wonder so many women prefer a female GYN provider, although there’s still some potential for this kind of accusation.

Reading the news story, I do wonder what kind of surgery the plaintiff had had. After a hysterectomy, especially if she had any kind of repair of vaginal or bladder musculature, the surgeon would be evaluating post-op muscle tone and healing with index and middle finger inserted into the vagina. The nurse/chaparone would consider it routine. Was it? If the rest of the story is true, no. But it could account for the doctor’s comment that she was one of his “fittest” patients.

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@MagsRags I’ve never been sexually abused, but that’s how I manage through…disconnecting myself…

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@Zen_Again Do you have orgasms when you visit the proctologist?

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@galileogirl LOL…you may be sorry you asked that….

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@galileogirl Look at the 6th response down. He has already answered that one on his own free will

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@galileogirl I get them from your just asking about it.

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it would seem like it would be very sexual but in reality it’s pretty clinical – the doctor does not do any stroking or in-out-in-out motions, both of which would give me an orgasm. he just does one poke, very quickly and then the speculum. plus there’s usually a nurse in the room also, which is just embarassing. i find the whole thing embarassing.

now if he did some stroking, maybe with my feet restrained, and it was kind of dark in the room, and some music playing, some candles, some lube and about an hour or so of his time, then maybe….

jca (36054points)“Great Answer” (3points)
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Well, I’m joining this thread late, but…

I once managed to make a former girlfriend have an orgasm in the dairy aisle at a local supermarket. I swear it wasn’t intentional! I don’t have this kind of power. We had been talking, and I knew she was feeling kind of randy… but, still. I whispered something to her (probably asking her whether we needed sour cream or not—who could remember, after what happened next?) and just sort of brushed her arm. That’s all I did. I had to hold her up. I thought she was stroking out on me, until I saw the look on her face, which was pretty familiar to me. I smiled and whispered to her again, “What are you doing?” (She had really intense ones.)

She bit her lip and answered me the same way, “You know what I’m doing. I need to get out of here. Now.”

She did it again in the parking lot. We laughed all the way home. Good times.

I never did ask her what her doctor’s exams were like.

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I want some of what she’s having, hehehehe.

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@Zen_Again, I kick myself to this day.

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No, but I’m willing to learn!

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@MagsRags Thank you for that answer. It is interesting to see this from the doctor’s point of view. I always wondered. And the comments of the doctor do make sense now.

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I second that @Jewel – thanks doc @MagsRags.

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Yes, sometimes several times a day, but then…I’m the gynecologist.

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