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What's the best hangover cure?

Asked by SamIAm (8698points) December 19th, 2009
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When I was younger, I swore by 2 Advil before bed, and a glass of Coke in the morning.

Of course you can just start drinking once you wake up, but what do you do to cure a nasty hangover?

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More of the same you been drinking. Really.

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Sleep. Drink a lot of water. Stop drinking.

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The tail of the dog that bit ya… “Similia similibus curantur”

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I take 1 extra-strength acetaminophen, 1½ regular aspirins, & coffee.

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A good breakfast, you know, fried eggs with ham, buttertoast and some good measure of orange juice.

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Lot’s of water, especially before passing out. In the morning, fruit juice (or blended fruits) like orange, strawberries, etc. with raw egg. They say also canned fish (like sardines, which you can eat with crackers) can help. The idea is to replace the vitamins & minerals that you’ve horribly depleted, behaving so badly. Aspirin with codeine, if you have it. More water.

I swear though, a few years ago, I could cure a hangover with 4 McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

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hot tea (red rose), toast with lots of butter and vegemite. thee cure

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Hair of the dog that bit ya! And a nice go round of sex! Sex is really a cure all for many illnesses.

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Two Tylenol and a full glass of water before bed. McDonald’s fries and Coke (must be McD’s Coke) when you wake up.

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Nothing. You have to metabolize the alcohol, that takes time, and nothing can speed it up.

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@ NUNYA: Whaddabout ‘ED’?!

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Two hydrocodone tabs and a Guinness = guaran-frickin’-teed ev’rytime!

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Staying in bed and being cranky and snapping at anyone that gets on your nerves. Also try 1000 mg Vitamin B-1, 1000 mg L-Cysteine and 3000 mg Vitamin C. Once when you get up and then again later in the day. Then twice a day, every day if you think you’re going be drinking on a regular basis.

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Lurve @Supacase, what is it about a McD coke the day after?

Lurve @philosopher_saint Hydrocodone, AKA What Hangover?

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Fluids and lots of them. ½ aspirin and 3 advils for meds,,,ginger, lemon chamomile tea with honey…2 oz of what ever you consumed the night before…breakfast in bed, then a nice long body massage, rent 2 of your favorite classic movies, take a nap, shower, get dolled up and go hit the town again!!

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Take B12 sub linguals before every glass of wine, etc. My wife did it successfully at a meet and greet with youngsters in Vegas and kept up with them all night long, and she is 53, partying with them all night long, now she swears by it.

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Take two aspirins before you go to bed. works for me.

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Lots of water before going to bed. Vitamin B HELPS!

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As an alternative to drinking some more; drink plenty of water, and, this may sound odd but, go for a nice long walk. That usually works for me.

However, avoid doing it if it’s intensely hot out, you might get sick.

If all that fails, I once found that downing a whole thing of Pepto Bismol does a great deal of relief.


Most certainly tastes like ass though.

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I don’t know…I haven’t been sober for like 10 years. I’m sure I’ll figure it out when I stop drinking. But then I’ll be dead.

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2 advils, a glass of water, a half a banana, and a slice of pizza. Trust me.

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KFC original with Mashed Potatoes.

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No pizza in the morning for me. :-p

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