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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. classroom activities?

Asked by Violet (6589points) January 9th, 2010
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For an elementary classroom, what would be a good activity for the students to do? Maybe an art project or a game?

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The best place to visit is Teaching Tolerance. It has lessons for every grade level.

Edit: and type “Dr. King” into the search box.

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@Megan64 thank you for the link. I’m looking for something a bit more fun.

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What’s the age group?

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It depends upon what you wish to achieve.

I can’t do links on iPhone, but if you put the words “Frontline a class” into Google, the first link coming up will take you to a website containing a very fascinating film which could be the springboard for an interesting discussion.

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@fundevogel 7–12
@Buttonstc thanks, I’ll check it out now

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@Buttonstc I checked out the site, and it’s resources. It didn’t have anything related to games. Thank you though

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