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When are the days, you see the dawn coming and just want it to stop?

Asked by 12_func_multi_tool (803points) January 27th, 2010
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Days, I’ll say good or bad, you just want to be able to push the Sun back down the horizon?

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Thats usually on a Monday morning.

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@12_func_multi_tool since you tagged this insomnia, my guess by your question is you are having trouble sleeping. I know how that feels and it does suck but don’t let that get in the way of enjoying your day. Life is way too short to waste it by fighting bad feelings the lack of sleep may bring. Enjoy the beauty of that sunrise and the gift of life it brings you each and every day.

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Every morning. It’s not that I hate life or am a sad person, I just really hate waking up. It’s pretty much the suckiest part of every day.

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The days when I don’t get to bed early enough. I’ve become a grown-up (for what it’s worth), and if I don’t get to bed by 11, I can barely move in the morning.

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I’m a night person and also depressed. The sunrise just makes me think “Aw, shit, another day to get through somehow”. I read, listen to classical music and putter with my thesis at night. Daytime is for necessary chores and a bit of internet interaction. Since my wife passed, I live almost a vampire-like existance. Thick curtains so I’m not bothered by sunlight, dark sunglasses even on cloudy days. I hate sunlight, too many bad memories and too many people around. I drive 60 miles to shop at a 24 hour grocery store so as not to have to see other people in the aisles.

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I really don’t have any days like that. I am just grateful to wake up each morning to a new day.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land when I am in a season of grief.

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@liminal The season and the mood match perfectly for me. I dread the coming of Spring.

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Never. The dawn is absolutely the best part of the day! I always like to watch the world wake up with a cup of coffee in my hand, there’s no better way to start the day.

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Mondays. God i hate Mondays. Mondays never did anything wrong to me, but i just can’t stand them. I would fist fight Mondays if it where possible. Geuss that will change when im in buissness for myself. Hopefully.

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No specific days of the week but I have trouble sleeping more than a few hours at a time and often find just as I’m finding the good feeling sleep then I have to get up shortly and go to work. It feels like a torture or punishment of some sort.

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Since I changed the timing I take my sleeping meds (Ambien) I’ve had a much easier time sleeping. I used to take them with my evening blood pressure medication. I started waiting until about 30 minutes before bedtime when my stomach has less in it and it seems to speed absorption and I usually konk right out. If not, talk radio does the trick.

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yes I agree with Mondays…. and strangely Saturdays too because the weekends are a struggle for me

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Too many drive you absolutely insane, the sinking in the stomach kind. Must learn to look forward to the day, so many misconceptions, I think it sane to create your own delusion, which is not contradictory. The elements of sleep I’ve learned to fall in love with.
@majorrich I’m so glad. It appears I would make a very poor scientific guinea pig since I’m immune to just about everything less the common cold. At my most desperate I had taken 4X the dose of chlorohydrate an felt less than a tingle with a bad taste in my mouth. @Cruiser I have fits now but not chronic. It may be explained by the fact that out internal clocks are set up for a 22 or 23 hour day. I look at it as re-booting, re-calibration now.

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It is only when I have stayed up way too late fluthering till 04:30 that I hate to wake up to take the dogs out in -22 C temperatures in my pyjamas, parka and boots.

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Looking back on my life there is only one day I wish the dawn wouldn’t have come.. I spent the night with the girl who had/has my heart and if i would have known the next day she would have a change of heart, things wouldve been different..

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Not me. I sleep until noon or so, and stay up until 3 am or until I get sleepy. I often see the dawn before I get sleepy enough to go to bed.

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I swing back and forth between insomnia and sleeping 12–14 hours at a stretch. I’m not a “morning person” and a dread the dawn like a vampire. I love sunsets though.

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