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Have you ever committed "cyber-suicide"?

Asked by J0E (13172points) January 27th, 2010
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I’m talking about deleting your account on a certain website (not limited to only Fluther). I’ve seen it here and I’ve seen it on other sites. People get angry, bored, or just plain fed up and they delete their account. Personally, I have never done it. If I want to stop visiting a site, that’s exactly what I do, I stop visiting the site. Because maybe I will want to come back someday.

What about you? Have you ever done it, if so why? Do you see this as an appropriate response or is it just trying to get attention?

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When I get bored, I leave the site for a while, but I might as well have committed cyber- suicide, because I forgot my password, and the help answer.

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Well, you know I’ve done it. Generally it’s when someone I consider to be a friend does/says something that breaks a little piece of me. I am an addictive person so in order to stop myself from going back to the website, which would only bring me additional pain, I delete.

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Yes, and I am going to Cyber hell for it.

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Yes I have, and don’t regret it in the least. That website and me were a very toxic mixture.

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I don’t see it as a problem, I haven’t done it unless quitting a MMORPG counts, but that videogame was ruining my social life. I don’t see how deleting an account could be seen as attention seeking either, if they delete the account, no one will hear from them anymore. I’m sure we can all understand being fed up with online forums, sometimes you just have to move on if it turns into being angry ot stressed out instead of having fun.

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LOL @mowens… but in a good way.

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I prefer cyber-murder. It’s more fun.

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Yeah, a few times. Mostly on the spur of the moment when I am very upset. I am feeling either worthless or repudiated.

Sometimes, I wonder if it is asking for attention. Do people care if I’m around, I wonder. That’s one of my issues: never believing, despite overwhelming evidence, that people care.

When I have gone, though, I planned to go forever, and then I found I couldn’t stay away. It makes me feel weak and foolish. I’m not used to vowing to do something and then not carrying it out.

I wasn’t like this earlier in my life. But I’ve become more moody and irritable and impulsive as I have gotten older. Kind of the opposite of the way it usually happens. I’m in therapy to work on this, and sometimes I feel like I’m using therapy as an excuse to act out. Or then again, maybe there is a real self-destructive streak running deep inside. I don’t know which me is the most representative me: daloon or wundayatta.

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Well, I used to have a Xanga. So, yeah… That’s gone now… :)

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I left The right-wingers there got a little too up their own arse to be able to listen to others, and their attacks got personal. None of them were directed at me, but that was because it just wasn’t my turn yet. I haven’t been back since, and that probably would have been in 2001. I don’t even know if they still exist.

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I obliterated a screen name that I used for nearly ten years.

It was a pain in the butt, but I had to do it, as someone I knew IRL was searching that screenname on Google to contact me through social sites that I frequent.

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I left Propeller when they modified things to make it almost impossible for anyone with any life outside their site to submit an article and get it to the top of the discussions. I still have the account, so I guess you couldn’t call that a real cyber-suicide yet, I’m just living there in an advanced vegitative state.

Likewise left Answerbag when they “improved” the site to strip everything out of it that had originally made it so much fun to participate. But I do check back there for comments on previous questions, so that’s not a cyber-suicide either. I’m just mostly comatose there with brief periods of wakefulness. :-)

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I am willing to follow up on cyber-euthanasia, but have never done the suicide thing. I feel the same as @J0E… I might eventually want to come back and don’t want the hassle of creating a new account.

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i prefer cyber-regicide….

pulls out iGuillotine.

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Yeah, twice. I just committed cyber suicide on Facebook.

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For the record, this is how I commit “cyber-suicide”.

J0E (13172points)“Great Answer” (2points)
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Yeah, when I feel pretty certain I’m totally done with a site. I just deleted my MySpace account a couple of days ago.

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Daloon! sorry about that egonewaki thing he’s alot better now—didn’t know it was YOU

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I’m about to. and know someone who just did

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Only on MySpace once Facebook came along.
Boy, am I glad to be rid of that one. Even with the privacy settings, I’d get messages from creepers.
Now I just get messages from the creepers I know. ~

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Yes. When went to shite the last 6mos. then I finally gave up on it and deleted my acct. along with the photobucket I’d used in conjunction with the site. I didn’t want any pics, comments or posts to remind me of the place. This is sad because I met so many wonderful people from that site, had been so comfortable to share very detailed and personal things along with pictures of myself and others. Soon after the demise of, I also deleted my Myspace acct. and several email accts. I’d held over the years. I have few regrets.

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I had a pen pal once that I met through a fanfiction webpage that apparently did that, or really died. One day my e-mails started going unanswered and her profile and all of its content disappeared.

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I’ve deleted accounts, but it was nothing like suicide. I was just through with them and knew I wasn’t going back. No drama at all.

What bothers me is finding out that an account can’t be deleted. I would kill off my AV account if I could.

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Yes, a few times.

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I deleted my Fluther the other night out of a spur of the moment take-my-anger-out-on-Fluther thing.

Luckily, the Fluther Gods are forgiving.

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Yup, a few times.
I was tired of those e-societies and the people in them.

“Do you see this as an appropriate response or is it just trying to get attention?”
I figured that unless you leave a cyber-suicide-note, it really can’t be for attention.

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I deleted my first account here. But I wasn’t a whore about it. I didn’t even tell anyone I was going to do it, it just kinda came out of nowhere. But I always intended to create a new account.

It bugs me when people make a big deal out of it. They’re like “I’m a big martyr, here I go off to deletion never to return!” and then they come back the next day with a new account…I’m not a big fan of attention whores… :\

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@DominicX wow, i can think of at least two people when you say that….

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Yes, I committed cyber-suicide on MySpace and it was probably the best thing I ever did. That website is overly cluttered, not entertaining, and totally overrated.

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No, when I left a couple of sites I was on I just quit signing on. My account is still there for all I know, but I have long forgotten the passwords.

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I once had a MySpace account, and killed it.
I also once deleted my account on Facebook, though I came back with another account.
I would definitely commit cyber suicide there again, if I knew I could kill Farmville with the blast.

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omg @filmfann I agree about farmville – SO ANNOYING. I’ve only deleted one account – my Tagged

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(smiles, nods, and taps Lurve jar)

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@filmfann Just so you know, you can’t delete a facebook account. They won’t let you. You can only ‘deactive’ an account. All the info you put up is still there. All you would have to do is log back in under your old one.

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@Sampson I didn’t know that. It was a while back, so I guess I deactivated it.

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