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What does your avatar say about you?

Asked by Cupcake (15508points) January 29th, 2010
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Is it from nature? It it a painting? Is it a celebrity? Does it represent a talent or interest? Is it a picture of you?

Why did you pick it? How does it represent you?

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Maybe I should answer…

I love to bake, especially cookies and cupcakes. It’s my therapy. I love sprinkles. I prefer internet anonymity. My hubby thinks I’m sweet and yummy.

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Sexy monkey

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It represents me, at Cardiff last June. We were lost and I couldn’t see because of the sun, and my boyfriend took the picture, not very flattering I know.

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it means im willing to put my face on it. im not an anonymous troll no matter how much you disagree with what i say.

note: thats not a stab at people who do prefer to be anonymous

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It just screams baldness.

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@dpworkin Were you somewhere special in that picture? Did someone special to you take it?

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I’m a lover of art and beautiful women.

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A couple of things really. Firstly, that I think Heath Ledgers performance as the Joker was…. spectacular. Probably the best portrayal of any criminal since Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs. Secondly….. some other stuff.

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Currently my avatar is a crop of a Postsecret France postcard. The full text says “Mais j’espère qu’un jour quelqu’un saura m’apprivoiser”. It’s a reference to Le Petit Prince, one of my favorite books. It translates as “But I hope that someday someone will know how to tame me. It also has orange for @cak.

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More like spank the monkey for @eponymoushipster

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It’s just me standing in front of my car before heading to work last summer. No real reason other than I can’t get enough of seeing my handsome face.

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@TheJoker Yes, it was a good film, other stuff?, or is it private? sorry, you know I’m nosey

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It’s a knitted frog. I didn’t make it or anything, but it represents my username, so that’s why I use it. Sometimes I use a picture of Hello Kitty or a picture of myself, just depends on if I feel like changing it.

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It’s my woman, and I can play her whenever I please. :D

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@Steve_A But can you play her well?

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@Dibley I have been known to break some strings because of overbending hehehe

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I will let you use your imagination.

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@Zen_Again i’m flattered. really i am. i had no idea i turned you on so much.

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@pearls Its not a man is it?

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It quite literally says my name, well, nickname.

J0E (13167points)“Great Answer” (5points)
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It says, “I’d really like an little orange marmalade kitten pal, but I can’t because I’m allergic. And get better soon, @cak!”

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@Steve_A The last time I looked, it wasn’t…lol

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@pearls lol Thats good news.

is that you?

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@Cruiser Ooohhhh, yah. :-)

Mine is my love for squirrels. I know they can cause a lot of damage, given the opportunity, but they’re just so damn cute. We have a lot of them here that we feed.

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@jbfletcherfan Have you ever had one as a pet?

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@Steve_A for me it certainly is.

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@Dibley… not exactly private, just struggling to know how to word it without sounding like either a melodramatic knob….. or abit of a psycho….. especially given the piblic nature of these threads.

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I hope no-one is waiting with bated breath for a comeback @eponymoushipster – you do turn me on that much. Just your avatar is enough to make me yee-haw.

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@TheJoker That’s ok, I should learn when to keep my fingers off the keys.

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@pearls Bow chicka wow wow..bow chicka wah wahh…

lol sorry :)

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One of our jellies @amoebic created this for April Fool’s Day 2009 and I liked it so much that I asked her if I could use it as my avatar. What it says about me is I’m a serious piece of business, very very serious~

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Here’s the full shot.

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@Steve_A LOL!!! No apology needed.

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@jmah Stunning painting.

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@pearls Haha, well in that case…. AWW YEAH Bow chicka bow wow woww…..

Now I will excuse myself ahem lol :D

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@Steve_A No, I haven’t. For one thing, they can be vicious. They have teeth & claws sharp as needles. The feeder is attached to a tree here in the front yard that’s close & I just enjoy watching them from there.

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@jbfletcherfan Oh deng, I heard a story long time ago about someone finding one as baby they raised it all apparently it would even come to the person as they had a name for it.

Not sure if it is true or not.

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@Cupcake My daughter took it on my 60th birthday at our favorite restaurant, where she had taken me to dinner.

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@Steve_A Oh, yeah…that’d be different. If it was raised by a human, it’d be just as tame as any other animal. You’re right….I’ve heard of that, too.

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A jellyfish..Annnd ive still got it because i haven’t bothered to upload a different picture…So i guess that might say about me is lazyness =)..or lack of computer availability.

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my avatar is a picture i drew for one of my dearest friends. She loves betty page to death and she is big horror movie buff. So when she asked me to draw her a picture of a zombie betty page, i drew her the pic in my avatar.

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@dpworkin Sweet. I like your picture even more now. :)

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I eat beaver.

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Does anyone know what my avatar is without me explaining it?

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@Snarp I thought it might be a Jupiterian moon, but what do I know?

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@snarp I can see either cymbal on a stand with a drum stick (that has a ball on the end) which is resting on the cymbal.

Or, a lamp with a pulley light switch (which has a ball on the end).

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The Saturn Moon Cassini

J0E (13167points)“Great Answer” (1points)
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@Snarp I thought it was a book with a clipped on book light.

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Ahh, Saturn, of course. I saw the rings but couldn’t interpret them.

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@Snarp Thank you for naming your pictures so detailed ;)

J0E (13167points)“Great Answer” (0points)
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Well, @J0E and @dpworkin are each close. It is a moon, it is of Saturn, but Cassini is the spacecraft that took the picture. I don’t remember which moon it is.

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I wanted something that was:
a. not a picture of me.
b. not immediately recognizable, especially from the small icon.
and c. really cool to me (and maybe some other science geeks).

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@J0E I was not aware the Fluther maintained the original file name. How else would I know what the heck I was looking at? In hindsight I should have put the name of the moon in there instead of Saturn. Saturn I can remember.

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Here are excerpts from my answer to another recent avatar question which will work for this question also:

I’m in the military and I love my country and I love serving it. My avatar is a Bald Eagle which is the national bird and symbol of the United States so that is why I chose it.

Another reason I chose my avatar picture was because when you look at it in large form, it is a Bald Eagle with a tear in its eye with the World Trade Center buildings burning in the background (in the corner) on the day of the attacks on 9–11. This was a very powerful and poignant image to me and something that hit home very hard knowing that our country would never be the same after that day and how much of an impact that event caused with such far reaching consequences.

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It is my boy’s favorite “knuffel”. If only for that…it has my love as well.

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Haha it’s of me and my SO on Christmas Holidays together. I bought us these sweet knitted, fuzzy, mohawk hats and we we’re so excited for the day ahead of us, I plopped onto his lap and said “Cheese!” Well, I was caught in the middle of the ”-eese” and as for my SO, he decided it was a moment to so proudly show off his “O” face >.< I love that man, wouldn’t change a thing! (I get to see him tonight!! Sooooo excited!! <3)

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@Bluefreedom Great Answer.

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i would say it represents me in a way and interest too. ;);)

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It says that I think that the Phoenix is an amazing bird.

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it says that i can grow a better mustache than any of you guys.

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@deni: You go girl!! <3

Cruiser's avatar

@deni You had to rub that in didn’t you! lol!

deni's avatar

well when you have very few skills and talents, the ones that you do have need to be brought to the public’s attention :) lol

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@deni I would get in a lot of trouble if I started showing off that way! lol!

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I am what I eat.

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Mine says that I ought to claim to be older than I am. ”@Grisson You look pretty good for 92!”

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It’s a picture of me, of course.

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I very much enjoy chocolate kisses wrapped in purple.

this avatar follows me all over the internet

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@janbb Must be hard to be a penguin waddling every where…people saying your so cute and touching/petting when all you want to do is read peacefully :D on your igloo.

HGl3ee's avatar

@row4food : Mmmmm wrapped in purple.. (Insert a Homer Simpson drool here :D)

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mine was a gift from a friend on a design forum i frequent. i didn’t have one for a long time. he spazed out and got mad at everyone one day.. then when he came to his senses he apologized and gave gifts.

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@Steve A So true. Nobody understands the indignities I suffer. Thanks for caring!

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@Snarp It looks like a short-handled shovel on here to me. :-/

janbb's avatar

To a squirrel, everything’s a shovel!

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stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

My hobby (target shooting). I’m too much of a coward to post my ugly face here.

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Mine is a joke because I love to laugh.

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Actually my avatar says very little about me. Well, next to nothing. All right. Nothing at all. Butterflies tend to be mute, and have very few, if any language skills.

Still, a butterfly is symbolic of something beautiful emerging transformed after a long time in the darkness, I hope to emulate that story. Given a chance, I think I might just do that, wundayatta time.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@wundayatta I like the symbolism of your new avatar. I find it inspiring

scotsbloke's avatar

mine…........kinda says I’m a bearded wee yellow bloke. which is frighteningly accurate – except for the wee and yellow bit. !

wundayatta's avatar

Why thank you, @stranger_in_a_strange_land. It inspires me, too. Seriously. I find it so easy to fall back into that perverse love of darkness, but when I see my avatar, I remember my resolution, and it helps nudge me back on track. Long way to go, though. As Frost wrote:

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Wow! That poem just got a whole new meaning for me!

jbfletcherfan's avatar

@scotsbloke LOLLLLL….I thought you looked a little jondised. ;-)

sdeutsch's avatar

I’m never growing up – I’ll always be a little kid in a tiger costume at heart! Also, I first encountered the Bubblegum comics when I went to Edinburgh years ago – it’s still my very favorite city, so my avatar makes me feel like I’m carrying a little piece of Edinburgh with me wherever I go. And the background is still orange for @cak, of course!

the_state_of_wisconsin's avatar

my avatar is a digital illustration of a furby…

i guess it shows a sort of obsession with pop-culture, despite the fact that i incessantly mock it…

plus, furbys are hilarious!

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My Av is, well a lone Monk. And I am Thelonemonk, which is a nickname I chose years ago and have used on countless sites over the years. I chose the name because one on my favorite jazz pianists is Thelonious Monk.

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I created mine to represent discussion, communication, and opinion. Sort of what this site is all about.

Steve_A's avatar

@TheLoneMonk You know someone named sallan by chance?

HungryGuy's avatar

My avatar says that I like to use a “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids!” machine to shrink women and then swallow them alive.

filmfann's avatar

I’m essentially a goodie goodie boy scout.

pearls's avatar

@Cruiser Looking good in front of that car.

chicadelplaya's avatar

I’m a California girl that loves the sun and surf. Just trying to find my balance in life, and doing it with a little help from my friends. :)

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

I like to photocopy my face.

_Liliya_'s avatar

That I am a gymnastics freak. :) I don’t know what it is about gymnastics but something about it really appeals to me. I am especially fascinated with the difficulty and beauty of rhythmic gymnastics. I love the concept of doing your best and I think gymnastics as a sport exemplifies that very well.

Ailia's avatar

I love bodypainting and I think the World Bodypainting Festival is amazing. So I wanted to put an avatar up here to show everyone how beautiful it can look.
If I could put multiple pictures on here, I would also put this as well. Everytime I see body art like this, it just puts a smile on my face and makes me wish that someone would do that for me. It simply amazes me how creative and visually stunning people can be with art. Especially with bodypainting :)

Adagio's avatar

That I feel as if I am diving into nothingness, alone, and I rather like Marc Chagall

YARNLADY's avatar

Family means a lot to me. This is part of a the family portrait that was taken at our last family gathering before our Patriarch passed away.

bean's avatar

mmm…. I don’t know what it says about me… just the fact that it is me… so you be the judge…. but I like the blue jellyfish icon…. i wanna use that :D

Steve_A's avatar

@bean Id say it’s like a 10/10 for sure possibly 11/10 can I do that lol :D

bean's avatar

@Steve_A LOL thanks…... we are talking about the blue jelly fish icon here? hahaha, jk jk

augustlan's avatar

I collect “N“s of all types in real life (for my last name), but that wouldn’t really work with Augustlan, now would it? I love letters and typography, so I wanted to carry that over to the digital world, too. If you know me well, it also means that I suck at making avatars, and rely on my friends here to make them for me. This particular one gets credited to Jeruba. :)

Every now and again, I think about changing it completely, or just changing it up a bit (different color? different font?), but it’s so well associated with me that I don’t really feel like I can at this point. << What does that say about me, I wonder?

janbb's avatar

@augustlan Don’t ever change. We lurve you just the way you are (sings).

Jude's avatar

Ah, so my girlfriend is getting me a print of that painting (my avatar). She’ll look lovely in my bedroom. =)

Dr_Dredd's avatar

My avatar is from an advertisement of the Sci-Fi channel movie, “Firestarter 2: Rekindled.” I liked it because I thought she looked like a badass. :-)

chyna's avatar

My avatar is my beautiful dog laying in flowers at my house.

lfino's avatar

My avatar is where I love to go to be in a complete relaxed stage – it’s warm outside, the evening is setting in, water is slapping up against the dock, and in the distance you can hear boats and voices of other people. A few clouds have rolled in, and you see a few streaks of lightning off to the side. You take a deep breath, close your eyes, sit back in your chair, put your feet up and just breathe….. all the problems of life have just melted away… life is good.

CyanoticWasp's avatar

It’s my favorite painting, by one of my favorite painters. That, and I like to sail, grew up in Massachusetts (the setting for the painting is Gloucester, though I’ve never been there), and… I still see myself in each of the characters in the painting.

LunaChick's avatar

I love the moon (hence the name LunaChick), so I thought I would make an avatar that was fitting for the site and my user name – I call this particular work of art “Space Jelly” ;)

fathippo's avatar

that i’m a soppy git who wanders round forests crying at trees =P
it’s a ton of leaves and moss with cross process put on it…

Jude's avatar

My new one? “Bring on freakin’ Spring”.

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

My new one says I was an awesome 6 year old.

Val123's avatar

Um, I can be very serious if necessary, but I can also be given to flights of fancy and imagination.

augustlan's avatar

<< Right now, it says “Happy St. Patrick’s day!”

CyanoticWasp's avatar

It says that my dorg signed the disclaimer, and I can now post her photo.

J0E's avatar

It says that I like Spongebob…and chocolate.

Go to my profile if you don’t get it.

J0E (13167points)“Great Answer” (1points)
janbb's avatar

@CyanoticWasp And she’s an awful cute one too!

OperativeQ's avatar

I like when you can make out a face in inanimate objects.

Jude's avatar

Eyeah, pretty green eye for St. Paddy’s Day, a mhuirníns (loves)!

free_fallin's avatar

It says I like black and blue.

Aesthetic_Mess's avatar

It says that I love the violin. I play it. And I love music.

philosopher's avatar

It says I am a thinker. I do not just accept anything because someone says so. I am not a sheep and I follow my own path. Bullies lose when they attack me. I never give up until I overcome what Bullies try to force on me.

Pachy's avatar

Mine is a reminder to me that I’m losing my memory.

YARNLADY's avatar

As you can see from my previous answer, my avatar changes from time to time, but it’s always me.

Coloma's avatar

My avatar is of my almost 15 yr. old Chinese gander ” Marwyn.”
I raised him from a 10 day old gosling that was found wandering alone and taken to a local wildlife rescue I volunteered for.
I am am his mother goose and he is my flappy footed son.

Hatchin’ my baby. lol

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