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How the heck do you get a pick out of a hollow bodied guitar?

Asked by Arp (3516points) February 4th, 2010
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I hate when this happens! Is there any easier way!?

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As with most things, you have to try it out… see how it feels on you, how it sounds, etc. . .

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Turn it upside down and jiggle it till it falls out, happens more often than you think…

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@njnyjobs Wha? No, I mean it is physically stuck inside the acoustic hole of the guitar!

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Just put it upside down and start shaking. Or hold it with the hole facing upwards and get the pick directly under the hole, then swiflty turn it upside down. Should fall right out.

And yes its annoying : )

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Jiggle the handle. ;) No really – turn it over and shake. Is it a hollow body electric? Those holes are pretty small, so it’s harder – take a coat hanger and put some chewed gum on the end (not a whole piece… when you turn it over and shake, wait for the pick to fall over the hole – then use your McGyver rod to stick to the pick and shift it until you can remove it.

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McGyver rod.. Love it…

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@JeanPaulSartre at first i thought @Arp meant a hollow electric and i thought ’ in the hell..’ i hope he/she didn’t

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@delta214 He. Just for the record.

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@delta214 Yeah, it gets a whole lot trickier…
@LethalCupcake Thanks!

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I just shake it out, very easy.

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I usually hold the guitar hole up, shake the guitar until the pick is directly under the whole, then quickly flip the guitar the other way up and it falls right out. If that doesn’t work I hold it hole down and shake until it comes out.

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It’s always a good excuse to change my strings because I usually let them go too long anyways on my acoustics.

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A vacuum cleaner extension with a piece of mesh over the end of the nozzle, if you can fit it between the strings.

Or else a pencil with a piece of sticky gum on the end.

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Blu-tack on a pencil :)

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Take a hammer to the thing whack the back off the guitar or cut off the strings and jam your hand in the hole…

If you still want to use the guitar I’d turn it upside down and jiggle it.

Hope that helps ;-)

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get the pick on the hump so you can see it (right below the hole) then lift the guitar to get the pick airborne and pull the guitar towards you in one motion…I got pretty good at it over the years:)

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Take any shop vac and switch the hose to blow or any leaf blower and let rip you will have pics flying every where in mere seconds.

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If I had a dollar for every time I dropped a pick down the sound hole of my guitar…
That’s one reason I went for a no-pick style of strumming and finger picking.

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Turn it upside down and shake er’ round.

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Leave the pick in there and when you want a little extra percussion, shake the guitar.

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