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What is a good free bookmark synchronization service?

Asked by justn (1382points) February 8th, 2010
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I currently use Xmarks to sync Firefox at home on my Mac with Firefox at work on Windows. I also like to keep Safari at home in sync, and Chrome at work in sync too. I have been using Xmarks since it was Foxmarks, but lately it has been letting me down by erasing random bookmarks, and completely duplicating everything else.

So, what do my fellow nerdy Flutherers do or use to keep their bookmarks in sync across browsers and operating systems?

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Weave is good for just Firefox; it does more than just sync the bookmarks. I don’t believe it supports other browser yet.

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I use a web app called Delicious. There’s a Firefox add-on called Delicious Bookmarks, which integrates your bookmarks and tags with your browser. There’s also a nifty Mac client called Cocoalicious.

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@sferik Yes, I was going to mention Delicious. Good one.

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Weave is OK but I like Delicious best because it has a web interface. The advantage of Weave is that it just uses your normal bookmarks so other applications can re-use them, whereas Delicious keeps a separate copy and leaves your local bookmarks untouched.

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Delicious, Xmarks for Firefox & Chrome, Stumbleupon, blinklist, Google Bookmarks

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