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What are some side jobs or VERY SMALL businesses one can do on top of a full time job?

Asked by freckles (363points) February 8th, 2010
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By side jobs I don’t mean normal part time jobs at mcdonalds or whatever.I am already working 3 part time jobs and I have no other normal hours that I can work a part time job. But I was thinking about newspaper delivery or something like that. Our town doesn’t have any new delivery positions open but can you think of any other similar jobs?

As far as business ideas, something with a pretty simple start up. I might buy a gumball machine, or a few, to set up at local businesses. Any other business things like that, which I could det up fairly simply, cheaply. I don’t mean get rich quick. I just mean something like vending, where I could do the set up, and earn at least a little without constant time feeding into it.

Thanks in advance!

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Mystery shopping, although in my experience it is more trouble than it is worth.

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@lilikoi yeah, I knew some people that did that and it wasn’t really worth it to them. But it always has sounded like a great deal…

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Ebay. Great opportunities and you make use of your time when it works for you.

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dog-walker, house cleaning, lawn mower, window washer, tutor.

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Dog doo remover is a new industry and believe it or not can be quite lucrative in the right neighborhoods. the pay is not crappy :)

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Start charging for simple tasks/talents you have. What are you good at? Do some advertising (such as in the classifieds, Craigslist, etc.), get the word out to everyone you know, and start charging for that. You won’t have to do anything but advertise and do something you’re already good at.

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@SeventhSense – bahahahaaa. pun. :)

There are some websites where you can offer services like tutoring or housekeeping or babysitting for just a few hours a week, like I forgot the tutoring website, sorry . . .

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