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A dog urinated on my guitar, what to do?

Asked by Kokoro (1424points) February 21st, 2010
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Any tips? It smells now… it peed in the inside of it.

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~cringing~ it’s screwed. It will always smell like pee. ack

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clean it up – is it an acoustic guitar or an electric one? If it is wooden acoustic it will be easy enough to clean. I had a violin once that had been neglected and had a mouse family living in it, but it was fine after some care. yours will be too.

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Don’t be mad at the dog. It didn’t mean to pee in your guitar.

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He is a very mean-spirited music critic.I would launch the guitar into the garbage.

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Throw it apoostick.Aside from that, the guitar is plucked,get rid.

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Put Nature’s Miracle on a sponge/towel and go over the inside- be careful to use a little bit at a time to hopefully keep warping out of the picture. Give it a passover, let it dry out for a few days, then pass over it again. Could take a while.

Saving that- salvage parts you can and ditch the rest. Or use it as an art piece somehow.

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look, if it’s acoustic, take the strings off of it, clean the wood inside and out with a damp cloth, not wet, and give it a spray of Glan20/lysol/dettol, whatever disinfectant you have. There should be no problem with it

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D: How long until you found the “problem”? If it soaked in, I’d use nature’s miracle as @gemiwing said, and then take it to a guitar tech to make sure there’s no warping issues. Good luck!

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track down this vile dog, and then pee on him =)

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While my guitar gently pees…

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Dog peed in my banjo case once. Fortunately my banjo wasn’t in it.

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Teach him to play.

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Start playing the piano, don’t think your dog likes guitar.

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Seriously, nothing can totally erase the smell of a dog’s urine—especially on a surface as porous as wood. Ugh. Time for a new instrument.

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Write a country song about it.

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Follow @candide ‘s suggestion first. If some urine smell remains, try sprinkling baking soda inside the soundbox (body) and distribute it around well. Leave it for a few hours. Empty and repeat if necessary!

I hope that helps.

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I second the use and reuse of baking soda, may take days. I discovered too late that an old cat of mine was peeing down a hot air register!!! vinegar and baking soda and charcoal chunks worked.

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Many fire restoration companies have ozone rooms that can remove varying offensive odors from certain household items after a fire. If the guitar was valuable, it might be something worth thinking about. It won’t be free, but it shouldn’t be too expensive.

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Get rid of the dog…

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Sounds like a Frank Zappa song…...

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You’re lucky. Ours peed in a big tape recorder. no more male dogs for me

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