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What would you do if a friend told you that they had deserted military service?

Asked by Brian1946 (31849points) March 16th, 2010
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Would your reaction matter whether they had deserted the involvements in Afghanistan or Iraq ?

What would your reaction be if they had deserted before either of those wars?

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Support the troops, not the wars. Is my reaction—but the troops of both sides.

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I’d listen and talk it over with him and then wish him well. He is a soldier…let him fight his own fires.

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Buy him a drink and congratulate him on his decision.

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How about from his point of view?
What would you do if your friends were allowing illegal wars to go on, while hes putting his life on the line over there?

As far as before the wars go….
I’d like to know the reasons he left, but who would I be to change my opinion of the person bc of this. Im sure killings not for everyone. I know its not for me

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Listen. People usually have their own reasons for their actions.

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Same with holden

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Because they deserted, there are now people where they just came from who are that much more vulnerable in the face of a dangerous situation that might kill them so I can’t exactly get up and celebrate though that wouldn’t make me write them off as a friend.

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Signing up for the military is self election.
After you sign on you do not get to pick and choose and you must put your faith in your fellow soldiers. Even if you do not agree with the war, you owe the people you serve with if you can’t find it in yourself to give to the people who sit and bitch about the military on home ground. If you back out on the people beside you then you are a coward and liar and do not deserve to wear the uniform.


I wouldn’t do or say anything. If he felt terrible there and wanted out, that’s his choice. He’s an adult, he can make his own decisions and live by the consequences.

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If you choose to enter the military, you can just as well choose to leave it. Any time you want.
I am willing to go as far as saying that when your country is about to wage a criminal war, as a human being it is your duty to desert, to withdraw any support for such a criminal endeavour.
Overcome the peer pressure, and do what is right.
If people call you a coward or a traitor for this, so be it.

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I’d help him or her get in touch with the American Friends Service Committee if they needed help.

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@judochop—not everyone who has served in the military elected to do so. It’s okay by me if deserters are forbidden to wear the uniform—it seems a fitting punishment.

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Anyone who has served post-Vietnam has elected to do so. I can hear your sarcasm ringing through the “fitting punishment” comment. If you read the question this is all post Veitnam thus making the military an elective. Deserting or dodging a draft is another kind of question entirely.

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Why did he join the militairy in the first place?

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My question is purely hypothetical- I don’t personally know any deserters.

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It really wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. Personally I’m not a fan of the military & cant undestand why people sign up in the first place. Additionally I dont support the policies of war in the middle east that our government is hell-bent on following.

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People join and change their minds when they find out service is not what they thought it was going to be. People change their minds, sometimes, due to ethical or moral awakenings. Some people desert simply because they can’t hack it and don’t know what else to do.

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@judochop: “What would your reaction be if they had deserted before either of those wars?”

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