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What do guys think of girls that play electric guitar?

Asked by xRIPxTHEREVx (378points) March 24th, 2010
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Truely, do guys think its hot or not if a girl can play (and I mean really shred) an electric guitar?

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This reminds me of a woman thats a body builder. one has a hard body, the other plays hard rock music. the question is: are they both still ladies, without their talent? if i said this was degrading, would this be a bad opinion?

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Is she into groupies Ill be a number one fan for sure~ :D

Honestly who cares…??? Why does it matter is beyond me.

To answer the real question though the girl has to be hot to begin with period. If she can play guitar it is a bonus but it won’t make her “hotter” Least not for me…..

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Rock chicks.

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I tend to pay more attention to what a girl is rather than what they can do.

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I do.

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I think the more skills/talents/knowledge a woman has the more attractive she is. So yes.

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I’ve heard they like flautists.

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Guitar playing ability and talent is what makes it or breaks it for me. Looks don’t matter to me whether I like them or not. Take Randy Hansen for instance, he is an awesome guitarist but really should not face the audience. Lita Ford…she is hot and can shred!

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I do think that they’re hot, I meant. Have a (cute) girl strap on an electric and play for me. Me-ow.

I’m a lady.

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@Cruiser I just googled that mug, and promptly threw up a little in my mouth. Thanx

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There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Oriathi as to whether or not she has real chops and tone. We do tend to pay more attention to a chick when she enters “a man’s game”, but I really like the lyrics and message of her current hit. I hate that she did the tapping crap in the song/video ‘cause honestly, anyone can pull that off (pun intended)

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I think it’s way hot and there’s a lot of visual poetry for me when I see a woman shredding.

E.g., Lita Ford playing ‘Lisa’.

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It’s a good skill to have – but that’s not enough to determine the answer to your question. Multiple dimensions is a must, so if that’s all the person can do… not enough.

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@stratman37 Sorry I should have given a stronger warning but boy he can play some tasty licks!

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THIS guy thinks that’s very kewl! You play, I’ll sing. : D

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@Cruiser He’s a loathsome brute, yet I can’t look away!

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@stratman37 Click off the link man before it’s too late!!

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Ah! Pass the eye bleach!

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If I were a lesbian or a straight man, I’d find them very sexy. I already do, actually. My brother-in-law’s ex was amazing! She’s a big time local rock star and would tear up a place with her guitar and voice. Made me wanna kiss her a little. Just a little.

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Err… well, it really depends on if the girl is attractive or not in the first place. Take a hot girl & give her a guitar, & she’s a hot girl with a guitar!

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@stratman37 Cool! Very nice guitar!!

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Who cares what the guys think? Do it any impress everyone ;)

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I think they’re seriously hot. And sexy. And attractive. And totally gnarly, dude.

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I think it’s awesome…. unless they show me up lol

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