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Please just say nice things?

Asked by EdMayhew (1404points) April 1st, 2010
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sorry flutherites, I’ve tried not to abuse the system since I started and I respect you all greatly, but tonight I’m feeling really fucked up and would love to hear a few kind words, on any subject. Just positive thoughts. This is all. Make them up if you have to, I’d appreciate it xx

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Donuts. Donuts are nice.

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nice things

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Zombies are good, too. But, if you’re in a funk, I can tell you how lucky you are to have your talents and interests. I deal with people who have totally F’d up, and you’ve got so much going on in your favor. Hang in there!

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You have a nice face. And you sound like a talented person with lots going on in his life. Hang in there, Ed.

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I went to a Conservatory tonight. There was a jazz band playing lazy rhythms in the corner while I wandered the greenhouses full of tropical plants. Dale Chihuly’s glassblown structures were on display, growing out of the palm trees. Once the sky turned dark the greenhouses were illuminated by shifting lights. In totality, I felt a sense of biorhythm, the music, electricity, lights and plantlife all harmonizing. I felt relieved since I had been having an intense and stressful past few days. I hope you find your light soon.

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Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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My duck ate a donut using a spatula. He got his donuts from Duckin’ Donuts. I have a cute little duck. His name is Mr. Cuddles. After Mr. Cuddles is done eating his donuts, I put him and the spatula in the dishwasher. They both come out spotless.
Then, Mr. Cuddles and I cuddle on the couch and watch Donald Duck. He thinks Donald Duck is a moron.
I love Mr. Cuddles.
The End.

I hope you feel better soon. You can PM me anytime and I will tell you adventure stories about Mr. Cuddles and I. Or, you can PM me to vent. That’s fine too.

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@Vunessuh ”... about Mr. Cuddles and me.” (meaning ‘you’)

Sometimes being a little fucked up is nice. Apparently you passed that point temporarily. You’ll be there again in no time. It will seem like less time if you just go to sleep for awhile. Sleep is nice.


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I like how you end your posts in “xx.” They might be chromosomes for all I know, maybe you’re really into science, but I like to think that they’re kisses. It’s cute that you send your words out with kisses at the end. I like it. :)
oo ( <- hugs )

The user PnL banned herself so she could study (which she obviously isn’t doing since she’s browsing Fluther), but she wanted to answer this. Without access to her account, she can’t do that. So I’m posting her answer for her. Here is it:
This video always makes me happy. Tomorrow is a new day, Hope you feel better!

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Happiness- a palette loaded with paint and a fresh linen to paint on… the mind is FREE!

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@CyanoticWasp Gailcalled says you’re correct. So you win a spatula. Yay!

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Mr Cuddles is an excellent duck. I believe he once crossed the road to staple a donut to a chicken. Or maybe it was the chicken that crossed the road to staple himself to a donut. I don’t know. I’m confused. Laughter is the best medicine.

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Get a box of your favorite childhood cereal.

Like Cocoa Pebbles or Froot Loops! lol

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Mr. Cuddles came home one evening in tears because that chicken stapled himself to his donut. I had to go out to get him more Duckin’ Donuts to calm him down.
Then, I beat the crap out of that chicken with a spatula.

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@MODS/MOD What?. You don’t think that that was ”..positive..”?

Please just check. Before you prevent the readership from forming an (uncensored) opinion.

Not to mention – casting aspersions about a responsible user.

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I met a girl the other day, she told me her name is “Pataka”. I said “Well, that’s an unusual name, you don’t hear that every day” and she said “Actually, I do.” (by Jimmy Carr)

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You sound like a cool, fascinating guy who works in a really fun field. I just added you to my fluther so i’ll know what you’re like when you feel better.

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You’re the cream in our coffee.
You had us at hello.
Oh, there’s that twinkle in your eye!
That color looks great on you.
You’re back! Our wish came true.
We want to be just like you when we grow up!
Have you gotten smarter? We thought so!
Your breath smells wintery fresh!
You’re really hitting your stride.
You never cease to amaze us.
My, don’t you look dapper!
You had us at @.
We baked you a cake!
Who wants s’mores?

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@NicoleSochacki That sounds so beautiful! Wish I could have been the3re!

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You have that certain je ne sais quoi.
We <3 you.

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@EdMayhew where are you? I hope you’re reading these notes to you.

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there is nothing either good
or bad but thinking makes it so
Hamlet Act II sc ii
by W. Shakespeare

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I am not that good at saying nice things so I brought a friend….

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Je vous adorerai pour toujours.

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I can relate. Hang in there, buddy!

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows…

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No need to appologize. We all have days that just really suck and we feel blue and think the world sucks.
These are things I like to do when I feel blue.
Watch a sunrise or sunset while sitting on my patio drinking coffee or a glass of wine.
Give my puppy a hug and look at how excited he easily gets and goes looking for a toy to play fetch.
Watch comedies till I’m just bored.
Watch a tear jerker movie. Sometimes a good cry clears out the cobwebs
Remember that although life brings tears, its those tears that make us appreciate the joys that much more when they come.
Go outside if its a beautiful sunny day. Its hard to stay sad on a sunny day walking through a park and seeing life and beauty all around.
Lastly remember no one is like yourself and people love you for your own unique qualities.
Have a Great Night and I hope your day gets better.
Oh, one more thing. When your on the bottom, you can only go up. :D

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It’s always nice to say Jeruba.

* sigh *

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you type with no mistakes…that is freakin awesome!!!
I love r ducks… c m p n

I love you dude!!!!!

hippies, flowers, rock and roll

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you are sexy

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Positive thoughts:

Music- wine of the soul

Creativity- absinthe of the brain

Companionship- you have us typing to you from all around the world tonight just reaching out through this plastic box to pat you on the back and say that it is all good.
We are here- you are not alone.

May your spirit soar soon.

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Finger paints. I highly recommend you getting some finger paints. I did that tonight. I sat there with my son and just got all kinds of messy.

I can’t tell you how or when, but it gets better. Also, just scan down this page – you are not alone.

cak (15863points)“Great Answer” (7points)
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Roses are red, violets are blue. Feel happy, dammit! Sorry, just getting myself in the mood. I’m kidding, of course. When I need to improve my mood, I cook. There’s something very therapeutic about it. That’s the only way I can explain the mountain of baked goods in my kitchen right now. You sound like you have many interesting and varied passions. If I were you, and I’m certain I’m not, I’d concentrate on one or more of those to get me through the rough spots, but seriously, ducks ARE freaking awesome. <tongue planted firmly in cheek>

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This went viral about a week ago, so you may have seen it.

If you haven’t seen it, I think you’ll like it:

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Get bombed and sing really loud “Joy To The World, All the Boys and Girls, Joy to the Fishes in the Deep Blue Sea, Joy to You and Me” and dance aro9und your place belting it out

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How can you not smile at this?

Hang in there @EdMayhew. Don’t feel bad for asking us to cheer you up. That’s what we are here for. :)

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My dog Walker is nine years old. He’s been my constant companion and he has a sincere and kind way of looking at me that seems to show he understands how I feel.

All he wants in return is food shelter and some of my attention. What a great deal for me!

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I’ve been missing you around here, Ed. I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time. Hugs and lurve to you, sir. PM me anytime you want to talk!

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What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground Beef!

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What was the first thing that went through the flies mind when he hit the car windshield? His Butt!!!

Told to me by my 8 year old

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (5points)
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Cheers guys, you are all super amazing! I’ve never been as down as I was last night and it caught me totally by surprise. I’d been out for the evening, had a great time, and then everything just went… wrong, I dunno.

But hey, I read some lovely comments, got some rest, woke up to more lovely words and I feel much much better! It really made my day so much brighter.

Unfortunately all of this has only done more to deepen the severity of my fluther addiction!

@Arp Indeed donuts are lovely, especially the ones where they replace the hole with a yummy jam-filled centre x

@Grisaille Good effort :P x


@Jeruba Thanks! and see @Zen_Again x

@rangerr Horsies x

@NicoleSochacki… wow… x

@janbb Yes I am! x

@Vunessuh Mr Cuddles is the new Mr T in my mind. By the way you were right (I am the subject of the sentence but the object of the sentence is me), so you keep hold of that spatula, Mr Cuddles is gonna need it if that chicken ever has the tenacity to show up again. x

@CyanoticWasp Sleep was the best advice, I feel like a new being x

@Allie Yes they are kisses, because I love you all! Thank PnL for me, and tell her to get her arse off fluther and into a textbook! x

@Dog Great idea! I’ll have to settle for watercolour on paper though, no oils kicking around here. This sure is one loving plastic box right now x

@wundayatta Or was the chicken attached to the donut as the result of some carelessly discarded chewing gum? x

@Coloma Ha, Cheerios. Oh the irony x

@YARNLADY Haha, so true x

@anartist Thanks for all your comments, yes I did read them and I loved them. I added your fluther, we are now fluther buddies. It’s like being blood brothers but more serious x

@fireside Pure genius x

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I love your positive outlook, thank you x

@hawaii_jake Haha, can’t beat a bit of Shakespeare when you’re down, though maybe I’d go for Midsummer Night’s Dream over Hamlet as a pick me up! x

@Cruiser Legend she is x

@py_sue Je t’adore aussi, bisous x

@loser I need a lollipop! No sunshine in London today, but I’ll settle x

@Pandora I want a puppy :) You’re right, I haven’t had a good cry in ages! x

@Zen_Again * sigh * x

@jazmina88 Haha! internet spellcheck, shh x

@Violet Haha, you too x

@cak I used to get more of that stuff on me than on the paper when I was a kid, probably still would! x

@Rufus_T_Firefly Cooking! Of course! I’m going to make a pancakes… duck pancakes… x

@Kraigmo Awesome! What a joker x

@jonsblond Awwwwwwww! How cute is he? x

@Dr_Lawrence Sounds like a bargain to me, now i really want a dog! x

@augustlan Thanks, it’s just a patch. I’ll take you up on that offer sometime x

@davidbetterman Awesome song! x

@py_sue Haha, cute. It wouldn’t work in England as we don’t call it ground beef, but it did just make me think this one up – “How does a camp cow walk? He minces!” big lurve x

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Well, I’m old. It’s usually the best prescription for me, too. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Now have a good day.

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@EdMayhew Glad today is looking brighter for you!

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This made me happy. :) Have a great day!

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Look outside.
It’s spring!

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You have the sexiest ass crack I have ever seen.

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@EdMayhew I LOVE it when people respond to everyone’s post. That is very polite of you : )

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Would a Fluther Pancake help? Have two!

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I hope the sun shines brightly on London just for you. I think the amount of gloomy weather there would get to me.
and like @Violet said, thanks for replying to us all!

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Here’s something positive. Fluther gets british blokes laid

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@breedmitch hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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Dude… you’re like…. awesome and junk.

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Oh. My. God. Hahahahahahah.

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I had a great day yesterday, but I just thought I’d share what I did on friday with you…

Now I’m not sure if this goes against fluther rules, but thanks to your comments I did something constructive and instead of sitting around moping I wrote a song about how I was feeling. It’s not really self promotion because I’m not a pro musician & the song only exists because of you guys so in essence you’re all co-writers!

Here it is anyway, apologies if I’ve been naughty



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@EdMayhew…....Greetings and welcome to fluther. Sorry, not very timely I know, but I haven’t been very timely for quite some time now. But, I am periodically drawn back to fluther by virtue of its power and goodness which is derived from a conglomeration of the wonderful hearts, minds and souls of each and every jelly, from every corner of the world, that forms this crazy collective we call fluther.
I was drawn to your question because it sounded like an earnest plea for kindness and I knew before reading a single response that you had come to the right place. I’m afraid I don’t know you and don’t believe we have crossed paths in any of my recent infrequent and much too short visits. But as I read each of the responses to your question, from “oldtimers” that have a very special place in my heart, such as @Dog, @chyna, @cak, @augustlan, @janbb, and @Allie, @PnL, among many, many more, as well as the ones I’ve gotten to know and lurve when I caught my second wind here on fluther, such as @Grisaille, @Jeruba, @wundayatta, @fireside, @Dr_C, @YARNLADY, @jonsblond, @rangerr and @Zen_Again, again, among many more, as well as the newer editions I have not really gotten to know, but who I like and respect and am always on the look out for their contributions, such as @Cruiser, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard, @Violet, @Kraigmo, etc., etc., etc…..yeah, I know, I could go on naming everyone of them, and that is just the point, I could feel the shared concern and generous outpouring of lurve being sent your way by each of these very remarkable people, and by that alone, I felt I had gotten to know you and that you are indeed a special and valuable member of this fine collective we call fluther. And furthermore, I felt things would work out just fine for you….with all these fine people pulling for you, there was no other way.
This is one very powerful site, unlike any other I have ever seen, founded with love by two very bright and classy guys, Ben & Andrew, and based on the mutual respect, kindness, consideration and, indeed, the very lurve of the entire collective which one should never, ever underestimate. And you, my friend, are a fine facet of this family we call fluther.
Again, welcome to fluther. Thank you very much for sharing your song and your feelings with us…..they are quite touching. Much lurve to you. See ya…..Gary/wtf (those are my initials., friends all call me wtf…..feel free to do the same)
wtf?!?! I can’t believe I slept through @chelseababyy (now @chels) and @richardhenry public romance. Congratulations to two of my favorite fluther friends! Well…’s back to bed for me.

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@whatthefluther awwwww!!! That is so sweet of you to say!!!

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@whatthefluther You, kind sir, rock! Where have you been? Chels and Richardhenry have been public for months!

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@whatthefluther Aw <3 Ha, no worries. Richard and I still update that thread constantly with things that were doing! :D Also, you are wonderful! We alllll love you!

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@EdMayhew What a fantastic song! I love it. Good on you for turning your sorrow into something so beautiful.

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@whatthefluther As usual, you hit one out of the park, Gary! Love you and hope you’re feeling easy.

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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittehs.

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@whatthefluther Gosh, I don’t know what to say… Thank you in the sincerest possible way, your words are very touching.

Thanks again to everyone else as well, you’re all super! Glad you liked the song too!


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@EdMayhew You’re super.

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Monica Bellucci.

* closes eyes, smiles *

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Because of you i want to put my “free hugs” shirt on and go to Amsterdam and hug every people who is down and give them a pat on there back

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