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How do you denote laughter online?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) April 28th, 2010
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LOL! <————- Many people find this ridiculous and immature.
HAHAHAHA! <—————Makes you seem like a maniac.
That’s hilarious. <————- Doesn’t quite get the job done.

When something truly cracks you up, do you just say “That cracks me up!” or is there something else that accurately describes how you reacted?

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Usually LOL! It’s easier.:)

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Lol is really stupid. Good question though, I don’t do anything really. I might put something like, that’s a good answer, but apart from that nothing.

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Well it depends on what kind of laughter I am trying to show. Either Hehehehehe or LOL. So I guess I am immature and half maniacal?

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Ha! or haha Somehow with small letters is looks less maniacal.
lol Yes, I think it’s immature sounding too, but I’ve given way to some text speak

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I just go with ‘Haha!’ with or without the exclamation, if you add too many ‘Ha’ then it seems maniacle. And people who think ‘Lol’ is immature aren’t very mature about the subject. ‘LMMFAOROFL’ is immature….

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Good question! I usually just stick with LOL only because I can’t think of anything more “mature”.

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LOL is fine. Less typing.

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I confess to using LOLLLLL a lot. Yeah, I know it’d be ‘laugh out loudloudloud’, but that’s just the way I do it. That or Hahaaaaa

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I go with Ha! or Haha!

Hehehe is my mischievous laugh.

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Usually, a “Ha!”, or “hahaha”..

Sometimes, a hee!.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities My mischievous laugh is ‘heh, heh, heh’

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LOL can seem annoying, but I think that it’s so standard now that it’s acceptable anyway. Then again, I remember when LOL began in chatrooms, so maybe I’m biased in it’s favor since it was so standard there. I actually find “HaHaHa” or its derivatives more annoying, they seem to indicate to me someone who doesn’t understand that there is a standard way to express laughter, namely LOL.

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short laugh: heheh.
bigger laugh: hahahah.
Really big laugh: HAHAHAHA

Actually seriously honest-to-god am laughing out loud: LOL. I may have typed that, in my life, maybe three times.

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hee hee x

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities and @jbfletcherfan I love your mischievous laughs!

I haven’t found a solution I’m really satisfied with – have used “lol” occasionally, “Haha” and “lol4rl”, but none of them does it for me. Perhaps I should just type out, “She chortled in her glee”?

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“I just let out a guffaw in response to your statement.”

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I write the following: (Tee hee!)

Yes, it’s a bit goofy, but it does seem to work. LOL and smiley faces have been overused for too many years.

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Don’t forget about ‘Tee hee hee’, or ‘Keekekekeke’.

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Either “lol” or “haha” is regular laughter.

“hehe” is sort of mischievous.

“LOL” is kind of my “that’s outrageous, sir!” laughter.

“lulz” is sarcastic.

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A jelly I won’t name, of recent vintage, jumped right in with lots of lol’s and at first I found it annoying, but now I see it as great good humor on her part.

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:¬D alternatively :¬)

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“MUHAHAHAHAHA!” <- evil laugh

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I usually use LOL.
When I’m not laughing out loud, I’ll still use LOL because I’ll be Laughing OnLIne. :-p

It’s not like typing something else will convey the audible aspects of my laughter to a reader anyway.

Sometimes I’ll use lmao or pmsl.

Other times when I laugh like David Letterman, I’ll type LLL.

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lol – Sarcastic laugh or I-have-no-idea-what-to-say.
Haha – That was cute, and made me smile.
Hahahahaha [or however many “ha“s I decide to add] – Holy crap, that was funny. I probably laughed out loud too.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – That was hilarious, and I’m laughing out loud.
kfjdsgkjsdjkfsdjfhahahahahahahahaha – Dying from laughing.

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I generally go with Hehehehe, which as@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities rightly states, denotes mischievousness. No one will ever see me use that text shorthand that starts with an “L”. Heh heh heh is more of a sinister, plotting and evil scheme laugh, for me anyway.

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Dude, just record your laugh and/or make a video of yourself laughing and send it to that person so they can really, really believe you on this. I mean, really.

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I use ‘lol’ a lot and ‘hahaha’ too…whats the big deal….assigning a personality to a few letters online…pffft!

I DO laugh out loud, at myself, at others, in general….and have a great sense of humor…there are only just so many ways to denote humor.
My thought’s…‘who cares’ if my ‘lol’s’ are offensive…thats YOUR problem! LOL ;-)

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I’m ridiculous and immature. LOL

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“ROFL” is awesome ‘cause, well, it means rolling on the floor laughing and I’ve actually done that before. It’s quite fun. Not to mention it’s more “over the top” than freakin’ plain ol’ “LOL.” XD! (<—- “XD” is good too. Use it.)

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I think this question should have a subquestion of “and how old are you?”

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Every time I see ROFL I read it as a word. Like the sound of a dog barking.

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@ChazMaz: Me too! XD XD XD

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How can “LOL” be immature? Abbreviations are not “immature”. In fact, I think it’s a little immature to think certain abbreviations are “stupid”. They’re just another option.

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I was under the impression that lol can also mean lots of love, I personally never use it but there you go.

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TWRF: That was ridiculously funny.

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Just so everyone knows, I don’t think “LOL” is immature. I don’t care about any of these indications. I wasn’t speaking for myself in the description. I was asking seriously, for myself, so that I could type something more acceptable to more people. But after reading, I decided I don’t care and will continue being an immature maniac.

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I use (^▽^) or (笑) or (w).

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I don’t feel it’s important to announce that I am lol, rofl, ha ha ing. Who cares? If I think someone has said something I find clever, original or really funny, I PM them

Or I simply laugh. These acronyms are so overused that they have lost any meaning and are boring, to boot. it’s like oversalting food.

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After more thinking I am going to make an addtion to what I said before. Most often things I read here put a grin on my face rather than make me laugh. So what I most frequently do is add the :)

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“The castle…Aaaggghh” “the castle Aaaggghh?” “Well that’s what it says”....“Well maybe he died while he was carving it!” “Even if he did, he wouldn’t have bothered to carve “Aaaggghh”, he’d just say it.” “Perhaps he was dictating!”

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@Trillian: Say what?

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emphasis sometimes added.
and there are always the exceptions.
If I am actually running around the house laughing so hard my stomach hurts until I collapse in my chair, physically unable to breathe, I will say so.

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what a hoot
you crack me up
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
bwah hahahahaha
laughin hysterically

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I do ( o Y o ), but then I’m like… that doesn’t look too good. So, I do a ( ^ . ^ ).

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1. LOL (because 80% of the people or more know it)
2. ROFL if it is particularly funny
Bahahaha, of real funny but not as funny as ROFL
3. har har, if almost equal to LOL.
4. Hee hee hee, If more of a sly or sacrastic inside joke.
5. Ho ho ho, to be sarcasticly funny.
6. Funny but not quite a chuckle is just use ”:-D”

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What’s wrong with the basic happy-face emoticon? So it’s gratuitously nerdy & kitchy-quaint—but only two keystrokes :)

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@Hypocrisy_Central What the F@@@ ever. LOL

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What about… Giggle Giggle

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See… LMAO is another one I read as, “lame O”. :-)

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Also lmaonade.

Also lol.

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@ChazMaz Ah widdle giggle makes yew lauff. Giggle giggle. Fuck that sounded weird…

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I just say lol or haha. Anyone who doesn’t like it can gtfo.

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I use LOL and you just made me laugh out loud.
Laughter is good for your health.

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@philosopher:I love to laugh. But I am happy I did it without any broadcasting. That’s the trick.

LOL seems to be used indiscriminately for issues other than laughing, I find.

Gotta run to class.

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I tend to use lol when I don’t really mean it, but lawl when I actually do. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea.

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@ChazMaz you become a regular “Rodney Dangerfield!’ Well, you could have said, “lame ass!” And, that would be correct! loll…

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I have no issues with the good and old HA HA HA !

Why is it that the internet comes up with new stuff everyday and everyone has to fall for it. Ha !

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LOL is not okay if you’re over 30!!! I SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shouting and excessive use of punctuation is?

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Good point, @gailcalled…good point.

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I am sixteen and I have never used the 3 letters that stand for Laugh Out Loud and I don’t plan on using them. I usually say Ha or just say “That’s funny”.

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I can’t bring myself to like lol, except in the case of my mother-in-law, who always ends her emails that way to indicate “lots of love”. That warms my heart. I find that the use of lol is not only restricted to laughter, but used in place of an exclamation mark too, or just when someone doesn’t have time to explain a point or doesn’t really know what they want to say. It just seems lazy to me. If I don’t know what to say I prefer to say nothing, and if I do know what I want to say, I take the time to explain it fully and choose my punctuation carefully. I’m just expressing my personal preference here, so please don’t hesitate to lol the hell out of me in future, if that tickles your fancy! I know I’m a big old fuddy-duddy dinosaur.

For online laughter, I like he he, ha! or ahahaha! Or I will write something like “that made me chuckle”.

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I sometimes use ROFLMFAO. If anyone does’t like it, DILLIGAF? FIGMO.

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@Fred931 rolling on floor laughing my f**king ass off, do I look like I give a f#&k? f**ck it, got my orders

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@gasman I use smiley faces more for approval or just a happy greeting. In real life, if something is side splittingly funny, I don’t just smile, I crack up. I’m searching for an online equivalent.

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lol/rofl get the job done. You’ll have to trust people not to judge you on this one facet.

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@Symbeline hell yeah.

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For some odd reason, I find internet lingo irksome. I try to avoid it if at all possible. I even try to avoid typing shorthand.

Usually, if I find something amusing, I’ll put in a smiley face :) or “hehe.”

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