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What's a good music player for my computer?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19059points) July 2nd, 2010
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I’m kinda hating the new Windows Media player. What’s a good music player for Windows? Free please…

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I use iTunes as my media player on my laptop and desktop.

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the old Winamp v3, or the new Winamp Lite (which is basically v3) work really well without being a resource heavy pile of junk. Also VLC is possibly one of the best video/music players ever made.
And of course, yes, as Seaofclouds said, there is always iTunes, but I always feel like it’s watching me with disdainful eyes.

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Winamp is what I used on my Dell laptop. I saw no real problems with the current version of Winamp (I just downloaded the latest release onto my Dell). iTunes is great, though. Can’t argue with iTunes.

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I like iTunes.

Yes, i know, it’s fashionable to hate iTunes

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Go to and download WinAmp version 2.76, the last stable version before the company got sold and version 3.* turned into an unstable, bloated nightmare.

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I prefer VLC for most media.

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@Seaofclouds @jaytkay I can’t do iTunes, it crashes my system…

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I can’t do iTunes, it crashes my system

Then I say give VLC a try.

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I am pretty partial to Winamp for music. VLC is great too but i prefer it more for videos.

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I happen to think Foobar2000 is excellent.

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I say Songbird. Fully customizable and open-source.

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I’ve always been a MediaMonkey

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Give Foobar2000 a try it’s really low on resources and highly customizable with themes and plugins, this guy makes some of the best media player themes I’ve ever seen.

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So many favorites! Is everybody’s opinion based on their player’s user interface? Features? Actual sound quality? I’ve got 4 or 5 music players on my computer but never know which to choose as default.

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Are these opinions based on a player’s user interface? Features? Actual sound quality?

I’ve found the interfaces on all players have a learning curve. So I picked iTunes and stuck with it.

—It sends music wirelessly to my stereo via an Airport Express
—Wireless playback includes Internet radio
—I know the interface (see above)
—It works well on my computers
—Sharing – if iTunes is open, all the computers on the network can play its library (yes, I know this is not unique to iTunes)
—The iTunes store has a lot of free content (iTunes University and podcasts)
—The iTunes store has movies and TV episodes for rent and purchase

And, some mythbusting:
—iTunes DOES play MP3s,so you can get music from Amazon, your own CDs, wherever.
—iTunes works fine without an iPod
—iTunes works fine with almost any music file, you do not have to buy anything from the iTunes Store

—For me the only drawback is Internet radio cannot be paused. For that I use Realplayer.

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