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What are some possible ties between Hero and Villain?

Asked by unused_bagels (1749points) July 5th, 2010
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Some of you may know I’m working on a comic. I’m playing with the idea of my heroines being a superpowered shapeshifter (body-weapon, not person-mimic) and a waitress (her April O’Neill, if you will). They’re generally spunky, down-to-earth, and don’t have much backstory yet.

My villain is a necromancer, and a high-ranking leader in some occult group of magic-type supervillains, similar in personality and looks to the “Fat Man” from the Maltese Falcon.

I know good villain-hero stories usually have a tie between the two (batman and joker, both crazies in suits; lex and superman, both orphans, spider-man and venom, both had the same suit/powers), so that the story is interesting and personal, plus the villain gets a “We’re not so different, you and I” moment.

At this point I’m willing to consider anything. My writer’s block is killing me.

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You could have her also fuck corpses… Just kidding, I know what a necromancer is. They’re just not all that funny without the fucking of the corpses.

You could have the heroine’s BFF get killed and both their driving forces could be grief. She could try to bring the other bitch back and he could be all “protective” for a while promising to raise her and when he does he turns the BFF against her.

Do some of the work yourself. And don’t forget the necrophilia.

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Both characters will have some overpowering flaw or “hamartia” The non-tragic hero will be able to overcome his the villain generally will not.

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The heroine’s a shapeshifter, and since dude man’s a necromancer, I figure he’s got some powerful army of the undead, but you raise a good point, Kirk. Maybe they could be two halves of the same coin, he could have a demon form or somthing…

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Do you already have in mind where you want the story to go & what to happen? Because I have a couple ideas, but they are story driven & would become the focus, not just a common thread.

@zenele, Charlize Theron. I loved that movie too.

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@rpmpseudonym as far as where it’s going, no I don’t yet, as I haven’t even developed characters fully enough to start worrying about plot seeds, but if you have ideas, let’s hear them.

All I have is Ruth (the waitress) works in a diner where a whole bunch of capes (including Kate, the shapeshifter) hang out, and she ends up getting caught up in her friends’ stuff, perhaps eventually joining in the battle after a life changing event. The comic’s pretty fluid at this point, no real solid plans yet.

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Okay – I’m tired so I will just write out one idea…

Villain – Communicates with the soul of a dead person on how to find **** which would grant the beholder the power to *****.

Hero is also on the search for the *****.

The end of Act 2 twist – The dead soul is of our Hero, from the future.

The future seems to be told – when hero & villain discover ****, the hero is killed.

I have a good ending in mind for when hero & villain discover the *****, but I will let you think of your own ending.

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Sorry I deleted the response. I had too many errors and wrong information that it embarrassed me. I like this question and the idea of your doing a comic. I have to give it more thought – perhaps after reading more in this thread and if you provide more details.

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I have an idea. Being a classics major I was always interested in one of the most common themes in Greek mythology: A king has a son that is destined to overthrow him. So, maybe the villain is actually the son of the king of the villains and wants to gain control. He’s very manipulative.

The hero is in his mid 40s but he used to be a ladies man, but now he straightened out. He just discovers that he has a son, and he has to balance getting to know his son and fighting crime. The son doesn’t know he’s a hero.

Maybe something could happen later on where the villain uses the hero’s son to kill the hero.

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the villan raised the heros parents from the dead and the hero wants them released and put back in the grave

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The son becomes the father. Freud.

Philosophical, psychological and, perchance, shapeshifter material?


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Too late to edit, sorry about double-posting.

Recalled one of my favourite Smallville episodes, and ideas: Bizzarro had replaced Superman and had been living with Lana for a while. That went along several episodes (don’t know how many – it was a long time ago).

The episode I liked especially was when they were having a quick repartee in the morning as Clark walks into the morning kitchen to find Lana there; he mumbles hello, and she starts blah blah blah about how she couldn’t know it was him and blah blah blah I’m sorry I love you and blah blah blah…

He doesn’t smile. He doesn’t acknowledge anything she says.

We just know what is going on in his mind – the fucking guy was sleeping with her for a month! So what if he looked just like him – he was drilling Lana. Clark is thinking how the hell am I going to sleep with this woman ever again?

I thought of this because if your villain is a shapeshifter… oh, the possibilities.

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- child and parent
– siblings
– childhood friends
– love interest
– the result of a split of an original being (see: Piccolo Daimao and Kami sama)

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@unused_bagels One technique in writing is to take an existing story and make all the female parts male, and all the male parts female. Now as men and women will react differently to any given situation this will give a completely different story, way different from where the original story started. If you then take the character ideas you already have along with the ideas our other venerable Flutherites have suggested, then I think you will be on your way with your comic.

The only difference I see between a comic and a novel or short story, etc is a comic is largely pictorial, with words only doing so much of the story-telling.

I hope this helps.

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One mans freedom fighter is another’s terrorist.

How about an IRS agent?

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^ smile.

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