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Could someone show me a chart or a site that shows how much time we spend doing whatever in a lifetime?

Asked by Zone36 (416points) August 2nd, 2010
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I primarily want to know how many hours are spent working in the average lifespan.

I’m also interested in time on vacation, watching tv, computer, sleeping, studying, school, etc.

The more info the better.

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The charts aren’t that accurate because everyone is different. Yes, they take the averages, but the group as a whole can vary greatly. Why not get a start by doing your own survey. And, realize that the answers vary greatly with ages and stages of life.

Simply put, there are too many variables for me, to find accurate figures wherein they’ve lumped together lives for a lifetime. Especially in today’s world/era.

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I always wished I could have RPG stats to everything in my life lol. Like id love to know how many meals ive eaten or steps Ive taken. Or even like how many times have I taken a piss in my life. I also have a slight obsession with numbers and quantifying things so i think thats where this stems from

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I don’t need all the answers in one place. Even just one stat. But I’m mainly looking for average time spent working and average time spent on vacation.

I don’t need to know it for anything in particular. I just want to know.

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I think you can make a reasonable guess for your own life.
How many weeks a year do you work? 48? How many weeks do you have off 4?
You can make a simple excel chart for you own time . Don’t forget to include the 30 minutes a day you spend here.

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Or if anyone wants to help me search

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Ask and ye shall receive From the Bureau of Labor….it’s Gov report so take with a grain of salt!! ;)

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