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How do you keep all of your gift cards organized?

Asked by jca (36062points) September 2nd, 2010
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I receive a bunch of gift cards for birthdays, holidays, etc., and i have them in an envelope, and some are hanging on the refrigerator in a magnetic clip, totally unorganized. This is not practical, as i don’t know what i have.

How do you organize your gift cards?

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Perhaps using them would clear up some of that mess.

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Here is a greeting card album.

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Looks like you need to go shopping, my friend. Maybe you could categorize them ‘clothing’ ‘electronics’ etc in separate envelopes

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@marinelife – no, these are not greeting cards, they’re gift cards – the size of credit cards, to be used like credit cards in specific stores.

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Something like a mini-Polaroid album should do the trick (I’m sure you can find them cheaper elsewhere.) The slots should be around credit card-sized which would be ideal for gift cards.

I only have two or three gift cards myself. They’re tucked away in my wallet.

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check the small print because i think there have been some issues with gift cars expiring and/or deducting from the amount after a certain time…. i could be making this up but i feel like i’ve heard it. check it and then get to shopping! and @isuppose has a great idea about dividing them up into labeled envelopes!

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what are you saving them for? like @Samantha_Rae said, check their expiry dates then organise them in some kind of folder, into categories. Start carrying the ones you are most likely to use in your wallet. It is worth saving their receipts or keeping note of when abouts they were purchased as some gift cards expire after 12 months.

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In an Altoid tin. That way, when I plan on going shopping, I can take the tin with me.

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I made a gift card organizer with magnets on the back to hang on my refrigerator. It holds up to 10 gift cards, credit cards, or business cards.

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@jca Sorry, I misread the question.

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