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Is a woman's intuition real or just a guess?

Asked by Cruiser (40449points) September 23rd, 2010
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When a woman say’s it their “woman’s intuition” what is that? Is that simply a hunch, a guess, instinct? What does it really mean when someone says “it is/was woman’s intuition”?

I have heard this over the years that you should always trust a woman’s intuition…why is that? How is that so trustworthy and accurate? Does anyone have real life examples of woman’s intuition that show how this ability is so special over just guessing? Is simply saying “oh it was woman’s intuition” simply an excuse over not having a better answer??

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It is the same as instinct, at least to some degree, I believe. I always trust my gut, and anytime a situation has come up where it is described as “woman’s intuition” it was really just a gut feeling. Instinct is just a hunch, or a feeling, a gut reaction… and we don’t discredit that. I’m not sure that it is necessarily something that only women have, I just think it is used to describe the reaction to circumstances that affect women more often than men.

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Woman’s intuition is, to my mind, that sense of something about to happen – despite there being no logical reason to think it is, or even to be thinking about it at all. It’s involuntary, and of course, only actualised with hindsight. This of course means that there may be loads of times I have that sense, then nothing happens, and I forget all about it – so my women’s intuition may well be fallable. However, there are so many occasions where I have experienced it, I do believe in it.

Examples are hard to give, as they’re often small things – but it’s things like “knowing” something you have mailed to someone is going to end up getting lost in the system, despite having addressed it clearly and paid the correct postage. Does that make sense at all?

As to it’s origins, there are so many possible and impossible explanations for it… It could link into the same reasons women are allegedly so good at multi-tasking, and be to do with having an increased awareness of all possible outcomes, dangers etc that enable women to be mothers????? Just a theory! waits to be shot down in flames!

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@harple : No shooting here, agreement, in fact.

In face to face situations, I think “woman’s intuition” has a great deal of validity. Well, I would, wouldn’t I? because women typically grow up learning how to read the minutiae of another person, body language, subtle phrasing, tone of voice, inflection, etc in order to deal effectively with others, and in some cases for survival. Mothers need to be especially astute at reading non-verbal cues while dealing with young children who can’t communicate any other way.
As far as the seemingly “psychic” stuff goes, I don’t know why, but it often works for me (knowing that the phone will ring and who it will be, and suchlike.)

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I don’t think it’s only women who have intuition. The whole instinct thing is ‘going on gut feelings’ We seem to pick up when things are not as they should be more than men who tend to ignore and hope things go away by themselves without any intervention from themselves.

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Its gut feeling meeting experience and knowledge.
In other words and educated guess.
Lets say a mom finds out her grown kid from miles away is ill. She may say, my mothers intuition is telling me that something is wrong.
If her kid calls daily then suddenly stops calling for a few days than she may sense something is wrong because she knows her kid is good about calling daily and she in the past he kid may always call prior to say that they may not call for a few days because they are busy.
Or the last time they spoke there was a difference in their voice that may indicate something is wrong.

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Jill has a valid point with the children. It may be an “old school” thing were mothers stayed home with the kids and dad worked. (Don’t jump all over my ass. I didn’t mean that in a sexist context) A lot of people don’t know how to read all of the clues others send out. I think it’s just intuition in general that some people have and others don’t.

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Like @iammia says it is a gut feeling. I believe you have it too but not as strong as women do . Woman have a maternal instict as well, a small connection to our children for having had them in our womb. It ‘s gut feeling that something is going to happen or don’t do it because the consequences might not be favorable.

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When it comes to their children, it’s real. I’ve seen this too many times for it not to be real. Other things, don’t know.

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@iammia That was what I was more inclined to think about all this. Thanks!

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Everyone has intuition. I just think that women are more in tune with it. No they aren’t always right, but they are a lot. :/

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“Woman intuition” and a mans “gut feelings” sort of fit together. are they just sayings or do they have real meaning?

I relied on my gut feelings for many years as a police officer. my true ratings were about 95%. how do you explain this? just a “gut feeling”.

My wifes intuition has about a rating of 85%. i will have to give it to her that when she tells me “i feel danger”...........i listen. on the interstate, this has proven true over and over again. also, at a casino one time, my wife grabbed my arm and told me to play this one slot machine. that a man had just put over a hundred dollars in it and no wins. i sat down and played twelve dollars and hit a jackpot of $1,800.00 dollars!

“Womens intuition”? you know it. they have it and i believe in it.

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I think women are much better at reading what a guys likely traits are (just by observing a guy’s body language) than vice versa. I do not think guys are quite as good as women in this department. I’m not sure if you would consider this a women’s intuition however.

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My male intuition is really good, too. Intuitively, I know to listen to a woman. They be way smarter, dude.

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I just knew I was going to win the raffle tonight, and – even though I didn’t buy a ticket – I did!!!! true story!

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^ Explain.

I had the winning numbers to the Lotto last night – but no ticket. I lost.

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I play with an orchestra who rehearse every Wednesday evening, and as a way of raising funds they always hold a raffle in the break. The rehearsal yesterday was my last one (as I’m moving away this Saturday). I didn’t have a pound in my pocket to buy a raffle ticket, but I joked with the lady selling them that I should win anyway as it was my last night. (no, it wasn’t a fix – keep reading!) I did genuinly have the feeling that if I had a ticket I would win – can’t explain it, just did.

Anyway, a friend – unbeknowns to me – bought me a ticket as a present. She held to two tickets upside down and got me to choose which one was mine. (So it was completely random which one I had, and the seller had no idea it was my ticket, hence me knowing it wasn’t a fix. Interestingly, I happened to choose the higher numbered ticket, so had she just bought herself a ticket, she would not have had the one I ended up with anyway!)

First ticket out, mine!!!

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@harple that’s not woman’s intuition.. that’s just amazing. lol. Congrats. :)

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@TheOnlyNeffie cheers!! :)

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