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How do I go about cleaning the edges of pages in a book?

Asked by Beastlicker (145points) September 23rd, 2010
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When I was reading this book one day, my thumbs were a bit dirty (I guess). While I was reading, some of the residue made it’s way to the long side of the page edges.

Now, looking at the book, the edges (not anything on the inside) has kind of a greenish brown color. Anyone have a way of cleaning this up? All help is appreciated.

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Try dry baking soda powder and a dry tooth brush. See if the dry scrub on the book edges doesn’t do this for you.

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A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser might work. I’d be very careful with it, though. It basically works by sanding off the dirt, and might eat your page edges!

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I would do some research on ‘book restoring’ and see if there are some tips and ideas.

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