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Is it normal to be addicted to Fluther?

Asked by Serevaetse (768points) September 25th, 2010
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I joined.
I answered.
I asked.
I got answers.
I continued answering.
I continued asking.
I continued to receive answers.
I ordered the ‘Jelly’ T-shirt.
I got the shirt in the mail.
I started getting ‘awards’
I got added to other people’s ‘fluthers’
I found out what ‘fluther’ actually meant.
I became addicted.

Is this normal?

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If yours is not a joke, internet addiction can be a very serious thing indeed, whatever part of it it is or whatever you like to do online.

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Yes, just like drugs,sex and rock and roll.

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haha (:

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Yes, cuz Fluther is just A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

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“Hi, everyone, my name mama cakes, and I have been addicted to Fluther for almost two years.”

jellyfish: “Hi, mama cakes.”

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I’m sure not everyone gets addicted to Fluther, but a whole lot of us are! Welcome to the funhouse. :D

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Many people have discovered that participating in Fluther is a very enjoyable way to spend the day.

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OK, my belief, and I should know, the brain, or do I mean the mind, loves pleasure. And it will form a neural pathway for that pleasure and it will take that path because it it the least threatening path. Shoot, I tried, I am no neuro-scientist.

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Hi mama cakes.

I, too, am addicted to fluther. I do quit occasionally, but then return once again. It’s hopeless.

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Yup, I’m addicted to Fluther for sure. Then again, I’m also addicted to the internet in general, which I believe is the norm among people I know. Not saying it’s a good thing, but you’re not alone.

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Hi mama cakes. I too, am addicted to Fluther. I have never quit. I’ve been here 2 years.

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It can be normal in one’s own interpretation of what ‘normal’ might be defined as. I’ve read posts in other threads where several Jellies stated they were addicted to Fluther. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing either since this is a pretty fantastic website. Just don’t let it keep you from living your real and normal life. =)

I“ve been visiting and contributing here on Fluther for close to 2 years now so I might be a Fluther addict. I’m okay with that.

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Yes, yes yes. In fact, it’s almost inevitable.

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It’s abnormal not to be addicted to it.

I, however, have been able to quit. In fact, I quit every single day.

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I love Fluther, not addicted yet. I can stop anytime I want

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Yep, pretty normal.

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(: haha, well nice to know I’m not alone!
Thanks to everyone; I’m glad you got the light-hearted sense of humor I was trying to portray for this. It’s such an amazing website! I can’t get enough haha.

I even skim through the ‘orphan’ questions :P

But yes, of course I’m not ‘addicted’ but I am very much mesmerized into checking it every now and again!!

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It can become an obsession (which is not normal and people should do something about it), not an addiction.

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I love it how Matt comes in here and clears everything up for everyone, haha! Yay, Matt. ;-)

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Welcome back, Matt! Hope the parks were great for all of you!

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My name is Aster and I’m a flutherdict. And soon to be hoarder if I don’t cut back on fluthering.

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I am not addicted. I can stop any time Iwant to – and will soon!

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@janbb Uh huh.

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@janbb You betta’ stay put! This place wouldn’t be the same without you!

Chyna, so good to see you back!

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@mama_cakes Thanks, just needed a break.

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@chyna Where’d you go? Kin I come?

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@janbb I was at Hilton Head Island and you are more than welcome to come.

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packing my bag

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Just goes to show that even the smartest of people (like @mattbrowne) can get addicted. We’re in good company here.

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@JilltheTooth – The parks were great. We did so much hiking that I actually lost 7 pounds. Can you believe it?

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“Is it normal to be addicted to Fluther?”

No addiction is good. And, you better stop it right now!

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You are not addicted. Addiction involves chemical stimulation of brain receptors. But you certainly are intrigued by being involved in a social scene where you are judged by nothing more than the quality of your answers, and perhaps your avatar. It is certainly fun to be so footloose and fancy free. I have lots of face to face friends. But I like Fluther as well. It adds a new dimension to social interaction. A true neo post modern phenomenon.

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@josie haha, you are right. I am not addicted. I was playing around, but yes, I LOVE this website. (:

I agree with what you have to say- I have face to face friends as well.

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Sounds like denial to me.

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Yes I think we all go through it.

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I have a hard time accepting the word addicted when referring to computer overuse compulsion.

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I think that it is. It is a very addictive site.

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See… I couldn’t leave this question, couldn’t just chuckle and say to myself ‘ah, yes, that was me’...
Ner, used to have another name, another identity, came back with a resolve to control myself and make usefulness of question or answer my guide.
Hey ho ;o)

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@YARNLADY computer overuse compulsion (COC for short) can be a bad thing. But when only indulged in with friends I see no harm. And we are among friends. COC + Friends = Good

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YES! I confess, I am a flutherholic . . .

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‘flutherholic’ i like that (:

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Don’t know, but don’t really care! The only way you’ll ever get me off this site is to pry my desktop/laptop/iPhone/iPad out of my cold, dead hands!
Oh yeah-
My name is GracieT, and I am a Fluther addict! :o)

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Is it normal? No. Is it common? Sure. Are common people normal?

I wouldn’t say I’m addicted per say but i do enjoy being able to “tap the collective” and ask questions in my own words that i can’t seem to locate on google or wikipedia.

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Getting addicted to it is dependent on individual. But if you are addicted to it, that’s completely normal. I’m addicted right now even though I joined just 3 months ago. I consider Fluther another Facebook :)

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