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Which superhero should I dress up as?

Asked by Carly (4555points) September 3rd, 2011
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My college is throwing a party tonight at a bowling alley (midnight “cosmic” bowling – where there’s lots of loud music and lasers/black lights). This year’s theme is “Superheros,” but I’m not sure what I should dress up as.

Any suggestions? Trying to find something that’ll look cool under the black lights, but nothing too ridiculous.

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Kick Ass

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Elektra as portrayed by Jennifer Garner.

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If you like sponge bob square pants you could go as Mermaid Man or Barnacle Boy

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Super Goose.

I can send you his cape, it is blue silk with big red felt letters that say SG

This is a true, real life super hero that lives in my barn.

Able to leap tall bread trucks in a single bound. lol

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Definitely, this one! Wait, would this look good under black lights? No idea. : )

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There are going to be enough super heros there, go as Catwoman or Poison Ivy.

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Sailor Moon.

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Silk Spectre

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Kick Ass
One of the Fruit of the Loom fruits
Green Lantern

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Kerrigan from Starcraft.

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The Bowler from Mystery Men
played by Janeane Garofalo

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@Cruiser What a great answer!

Elastigirl aka Mrs. Incredible.

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only a jelly named @blueberry_kid would put “one of the fruit of the loom fruits” LOL love it!

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@Cruiser, I think you win the award for most creativity. I’m gonna dress up as that!

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Hahaha….makes me want to throw a costume party…hey..Halloweens just around the corner! ;-D

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MIlo can send you his custom-made size minus 14 white tie, top hat and tails (or tail) plus a silver-tipped cane, gray gloves and white silk scarf (plus the DVD of him dancing to “I’ll Build a Stairway to Paradise.”) You can learn the steps fairly quickly.

He can also leap onto car roofs without cheating and using wings.

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Minnie Mouse!! I know she is not a superhero, but she has awsome ears.

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Power Girl. It’s a sick costume, and she’s obscure enough that you shouldn’t need to worry about anybody else wearing it. Though, it’s obvious the costume was made to be overly sexual, which is kind of a shame…

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Have a blast @Carly Post lots of pics and your score!

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