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How do you like your eggs?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (35099points) September 6th, 2011
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I like to scramble eggs and add a bit of a seasoning powder called Cavender’s, which has a lot of garlic powder and salt in it. I also add about a spoonful of milk to the eggs.

But I’m looking for some alternative ways to spice up or change my eggs.

How do you cook eggs? What spices do you use, if any? Any ideas are welcome.

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Over medium. Runny yolk, solid white. Not too interesting.

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For scrambled, add some curry powder.

I prefer my eggs the was @Supacase likes them, exactly, but with toast from a sourdough baguette, bacon, and jam or marmalade.

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@Hawaii_Jake Try adding hot sauce to your scrambled eggs.
I also like fried egg sandwiches. Fry the egg with whatever spices you prefer. I usually just use salt and pepper. Have it between two pieces of lightly butter toast. Or have the fried egg on an english muffin.Have it with ham and cheese for a breakfast sandwich.

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Scrambled with a bit of salt, with the yolk still a bit liquid, served with potato salad and mayonnaise.

Otherwise, caressed.

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I like them scrambled best, and also add a bit of milk as well as salt and pepper. Sometimes I stir in some shredded cheddar cheese or leftover diced ham or sausage.

My favorite eggs are usually a breakfast for the day after we’ve had some sort of party. If we have leftover sopressata (dry Italian sausage) and leftover brie (or really, any good cheese but the brie is my favorite) they get tossed into scrambled eggs just before the eggs are fully cooked. Oh so yummy.

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Over easy, plopped on top of home fries, Tabasco on top of all that, then smooshed around.

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For scrambled, I like what we call “husband eggs,” which is sauteed onions and mushrooms and cheddar cheese. Hint: wait until the eggs begin to firm up to add the cheddar.

I also love eggs benedict over spinach on an English muffiin with homemade Hollandaise sauce.

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I like hard boiled eggs either warm or cold, with a little fresh ground sea salt.
I like an omelet with diced tomatoes, a bit of crumbled bacon and cheese.
I like scrambled eggs with fresh herbs like tarragon or chives.
I like to whip up a couple of eggs with a bit of water or milk and salt and pepper and let them cook undisturbed in a skillet until the top is mostly done. then fold in half and then in quarters and eat the folded up eggs on a piece of good buttered toast. You can hide things in the folds if you want, cheese or herbs or meat or veggies; yum!

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Sprinkle them with Zatarain’s Creole Seasoning for a salty and spicy flavor.

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I like Quiche, but I also have my own favourite lazy easy-recipe: Half-boiled the eggs then peel it as quickly as possible while they’re still hot (with gloves) then pour it all in a bowl and add salt, chili/tomato sauce, and pepper. Mix it all until you’ve met the desired texture, then it’s done! Quite sticky, actually.

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In cakes, pancakes or quiche – can’t stand them any other way!

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One-eyed Jack aka Eggy in a Basket

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Over Easy, with Tony Treacher’s inplace of salt and pepper. Then sometimes I’ll put a piece of cheese on top to melt in.

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I would crack an egg in a pan,then go up and take a shower.By the time I was done, the frisbee was ready.

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Wow @lucillelucillelucille That’s a pretty fully cooked egg! ;D

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I like to make omelets with cheese, mushrooms, peppers and ham or crumbled bacon.

Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat them with a fork and maybe a little milk. pour them into the heated cast iron skillet, let them cook until the bottom is firm but most of the egg is still runny, add the other ingredients to the egg. Fold the egg over onto itself and cook until done, turning once if you want to, but it isn’t necessarry.

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Happily engaged in an extra-migas-al affair. They’re rolling around in peppers, onions, tomatoes, some tortilla chips and smothered in a Mexican cheese. With lots of salsa, please.

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Low-cal and tasty for the lazy cook.

Break two fresh eggs in a small bowl and beat with a fork. Add a t. water and some salsa or lo-fat cottage cheese (and fresh snipped dill) or fresh diced various veggies.

Microwave for one minute. Stir and microwave for c. one minute.

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Over medium, with some kosher salt and a dash of pepper, served over some jasmine rice, or crispy hash browns.

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My all time all time favorite though is Huevos Rancheros. Fried eggs on hot corn tortillas smothered in heated salsa and cheese.

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Ohhhh, @zenvelo, you’re on my wavelength with those huevos rancheros. I’ve had some pretty bad renditions—but nothing beats the real deal!

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Soft-boiled with crackers and butter

My favorite way to eat eggs, though, is in this dish my husband’s family calls “campfire surprise” (although there’s really no surprise to it…). You mix together smoked sausage, onions, potatoes and eggs in a huge skillet. I prefer topping mine with jalapenos and tobasco (or cholula).

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Soft scrambled with sliced green onions, combo of cream cheese, jack and cheddar, bits of bacon or ham and salsa on top. Makes me hungry to think of them and I just ate lunch.

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Scrambled with cheese and fried with a bit of runny yolk.

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The best would probably be an omelet.

• Take 4 large AA eggs and beat them up so they are all a consistent yellow.
• Add in some seas salt, Lowery’s seasoned salt.
• Chop up a slice of onion, a wedge of garlic and the meat (Polish sausage, Spam, turkey, chicken breast, Vienna sausage, etc turkey breast is best)
• Preheat a non-stick skillet, (though a cast iron one works well too if like a Wagner), put in enough virgin olive oil so the food do not stick.
• Toss in the meat, onions, and garlic. Fri until the onion gets tender then take out and pat dry with paper napkin.
• Reduce the heat, add more olive oil if needed and add the eggs, making sure to run all the liquid parts over the edges.
• Then add the onion, garlic, and meat to one side of the egg circle, then sprinkle cheese on top.
• Flip it close, give it one whole flip to score it a nice tan marble-like pattern, slide on the plate, and enjoy with gourmet coffee.

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Over easy.
Sunny side up (runny yolk) on toast!

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I can only eat eggs if theyre scrabbled or in an omelet. Runny eggs are narsty it me and hardboiled is disgusting. But scrabble em up or make a bitchin omelet and ill eat eggs all day long.

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Made of chocolate.

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I like my eggs to be hidden. If it smells like egg, I can’t stomach it. If it’s in an omelet with very strong flavours (meat, seasoning, veggies), then I should okay to eat but it’s not something I would ever crave often.

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I like a skillet “pancake” of scrambles, asparagus, cheese, diced tomato and diced grilled onion.

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Poached with a little balsamic vinegar added to the water, with butter and salt, on toast

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This thread is making me hungry, I like a baked omelette with peppers onion and cheese or the simplicity of a sunny side up fried egg sandwich with brown sauce.

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Over easy…with chicken-fried steak and hash browns!

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I usually keep several hard-boiled eggs at hand. They are an easy addition to a large tossed salad.

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My favorite breakfast of all time is Huevos Rancheros (served with refried beans and either Spanish rice or home fries or Potatoes Brien

I also love deviled eggs, and you can liven them up in several ways. One way is to add a little bit of curry powder and orange marmalade to the standard mayo, mustard, egg yolk filling. Another thing that tastes great is a little bit of prepared horseradish added to the standard filling. Or adding some snipped fresh basil or cilantro (probably not both, together, though) is also good. And you can aslo mix in some prepared pesto, which makes a nifty green deviled egg.

Egg Drop Soup is also very satisfying.

And I make my own version of an egg McMuffin, but I use vegetarian sausage patties or vegetarian bacon strips, so mine is called a Fake McMuffin. But I just take a whole wheat English Muffin, from Trader Joe’s, toast it and add a slice of cheddar cheese, a veggie sausage patty, one fried egg (over hard, so it will stay on the bread) and a small swoosh of secret sauce (mayo, ketchup and sweet pickle relish).

And then for a Greek-style breakfast, I’ll warm up a pita bread in a dry skillet (just to warm it up, not make it crisp) then fill it with scrambled egg, feta cheese and a little bit of chunky tomato salsa (like Pace).

And recently I read a little blurb in our local paper’s food section where they took freshly cooked spaghetti, put it into a frying pan and cracked a few eggs into it and swirled it around until the eggs just started to set up. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds fantastic! You could probably throw in a little bit of shredded cheese or some sliced mushrooms too.

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I also like them coddled on occasion, if I know they are fresh.

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Over Easy dusted in Ground Black Pepper

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Scrambled, with a little black pepper and flakes of smoked salmon stirred in (I buy scraps for this purpose). This is what I traditionally have for breakfast on Christmas day, but I have it other times of the year too. Whenever I can find a packet of smoked salmon scraps.

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Alone? Scrambled, with a bit of milk and garlic.

With company? Coddled, over easy when with a waffle or a steak.

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Scrambled with salsa and cheese.
Over medium with rye toast.
And tamagoyaki

All of the above should be served with bacon!

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Dagnabits! Forgot the part about adding a pinch of rosemarry or oregano before flipping the omelette closed. D’oh!

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I like mine poached medium. I’ll add paprika to them after they’re cooked.

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My dad likes to make egg foo young with chinese noodles and oriental veggies.
beat the eggs, add the oriental veggies, then add chinese noodles right before you drop a spoonful on the hot griddle serve with teriyaki or soy sauce.

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Over easy with a little salt and pepper mmmmmm

Another great way to make them is cut a whole in some whole wheat bread and crack the egg in the middle of the bread and cook and flip so they are still over easy with a little salt and pepper, you can cut up the bread and eggs after they are cooked and the bread asorbs the yolk and its so so yummy…..

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I love eggs! Over-easy, boiled or deviled. Those are my favorite ways to eat them!

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Add some Progresso breadcrumbs to the eggs, and then I usually throw in green pepper, onion, and cheddar cheese.

Another is scramble the eggs and put some small pieces of bread in there. Prepare like an open omelette with mozzarella grated on top, cover on medium heat until cooked through.

And, French toast is one of my all time favorites. Scramble eggs, use any white bread, I like Wonderbread sandwich as much as any. In fact, my husband takes out the centers of French bread when he makes a sandwich, and we save the soft bread for French Toast the next morning.

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I am so craving an egg like my grandma used to make – over medium, fried in butter in an iron skillet, some salt and generous pepper added while still runny. That brown lacy edge was the best.

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@Supacase : Mmm. The brown lacy edge. My mouth is watering. I remember that, too.

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Over easy on toast with cheese – and a bit of Cholula.

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One of the Zens posted a recipe for a dish, I can’t remember the name but this is the way I make it.

Saute in oil garlic, chilli, onion, red/yellow/green pepper, black olives, capers, add dash balsamic vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, oregano. Throw in a couple of cans of tomatoes. Simmer for about a half hour (or as long as it takes to walk the dogs). Then add as many eggs as you want. I break them, one at a time onto a small saucer then slide them onto the tomatoes. Put the lid on the pan and poach them for about 3–5 minutes. Take a big spoon and dip out the poached egg and some of the tomato sauce. Serve it on a piece of toast with some salad greens and it is a fantastic dinner!

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@Megan64 Oooh! Oooh! Another person who likes their eggs with Cholula! Yes!

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Over easy, thanks.

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Hatched, and happilly chirping away… you monsters!!! :-P

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Scrambled, in butter, with fresh herbs and black pepper.

Or poached, by cracking them into boiling water and vinegar (i.e., not made in one of those weird egg-poachers).

Or fried, on both sides, so that the whites are firm, but the yolks are still runny, and there’s very little browning on the surface.

Breakfast is the best thing ever, and even better if there are eggs. Yum.

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If they are fish eggs, I like them like this

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I love me some scrambled eggs doused in Tabasco sauce. Add bacon on the side.

Not very creative, but it works for me as a breakfast, on the odd times that I actually fix myself something. I also love hard boiled eggs with ketchup on em.


I love them scrambled and fried in butter, with a small sprinkling of dill. I also like eggs sunny side up, where I can slop off the yolk with a piece of toast smeared with jam.

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@WestRiverrat , very nice!

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Poached…there is nothing lovelier in my book than eggs benedict…yummmmm

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I also like Eggs Sardou

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I can’t think of any way that I don’t like my eggs to be honest! I love eggs.

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Oh man, I just remembered this video from years ago :P

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its easy to cook… scramble eggs is for me adding more ingredients and seasoning wow…delicious

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I like them done almost anyhow.

Scrambled (in real butter, with chopped spring onions and strips of smoked salmon if I’m feeling particularly affluent – this is my “special” breakfast on Christmas day).

Poached, medium, on toast with nothing but salt and pepper.

Hard-boiled, shelled and eaten whole and cold, dipped in mayo one bite at a time.

Fried, sunny side up, yolk still runny, along with the rest of a full English breakfast. HP Brown sauce on the side.

A three-egg omelette with leftovers (any kind of meat and veg), a handful of grated cheddar cheese and a sprinkling of dried chillis.

Gosh, I can feel my arteries hardening just thinking about it.

There’s just one way I don’t like them done – scrambled in the microwave. Yeeeuch.

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