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Is this real? Is this possible? Do you find this attractive? Is this natural? Is this supposed to be the best that a human body can achieve?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30951points) January 5th, 2012
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I don’t begin to know what to say about this. I’m not sure if it’s really real or not. I want to believe this is some kind of computer animation but I just don’t know.

Why do people pursue this type of body form? Do they think it is the ultimate human form? Please explain this… I just don’t get it.

See here what I mean. Is this real?

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Nope, it’s not real.
Look at his right leg & the background. And it’s not the ultimate human form no. gross

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Doors do not move like that.That is disgusting anyway. Not attractive at all.

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I respect the work that’s gone into creating it, but my stomach is churning!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yuck. I don’t like how very muscular people look in general and that is such an extreme.

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How can you not know this is fake?
The irony here is your username…

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Oh now you’re just picking on me @zigmund. I’m not afraid to ask questions on things that I don’t know about.

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I find that repulsive. While I know this example is fake, that bodybuilder look in general turns my stomach.

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One word. Yuck.

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That is fake, but having known a couple devout body builders I can say I’m not grossed out. If that’s what floats your boat, good for you. Now the ladies who use plastic surgery to make themselves look like Donald duck meets the bride of frankenstien’s monster… WTF!!??!!

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Yes, it’s real.. And pro wrestling is a sport.. Yeti is my ex-mother in law and Santa only comes down chimneys (explaining the reason why he doesn’t have children of his own). See what one can learn from our public education system.

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@chewhorse how can you say that is real when the walls are moving like that? I have never seen walls move like that in real life (when not under the influence of some kind of strong hallucinogenic drug). The person may exist but he certainly doesn’t look the way he does in the video. Therefore fake.

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The body builder is fake but this is real.

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That’s how I like my women.

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@Blackberry Knew I could count on you. The mundo site that comes with that video is nice too.

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His arms don’t hang normally at his sides nor can he walk normally. He is breathing heavily just standing still.

It is not normal. It is gross-looking.

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Oh my gosh, that is hideous! (oh, wait…that’s just your avatar…)
Obviously this guys muscles are so dense they bend the light as it moves around him, proving Einstein’s theory of pumped-up narcissism

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Ok, two seconds into it and I closed that window. That crap is gross. Now of course some people find that cool and their purpose to life. It’s just not for me, and anyone I know actually.

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I don’t know any men that would truly want their middle to be that small and be proud of it. He looks like a human form of one of those squish toys.

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Ewww…it’s as fake as that fake tan.

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That’s hilarious. He looks like an 11 year old boy obsessed with superheroes drew him. I love it.

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I do not get bodybuilding to that extent. It is extremely unattractive to me, disgusting even, and the fake tan shit they put on top takes it to pretty much the most horrific level it could get. YUCK.

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Ughhh! Fake.

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The description itself says that it was made using special effect (sfx).

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This one’s fake but there are still people who really do look like that. Why? I dunno. A peculiar form of body dysmorphia, perhaps. I think what drives people to do that to their bodies is similar to what drives others to be too thin.

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Well whether this is real or not, there are body builders built like that, and I find it pretty ew.

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It’s filmed using a lens effect. Not even real.

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I just threw up, a little.

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Vomit is a lot more attractive than that guy.

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I;m personally a lover of the well developed female derriere, but even there, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Same goes here. Muscles and definition are great, but this is way too much of a good thing. It’s all done with chemicals and very unhealthy.

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@bongo.. @bongo.. @bongo.. Don’t you recognize sarcasm when you read it? Note what else I ranked it with (like I or anyone else would have association with a yeti).. Goodness, I do think this political atmosphere has taken everybody’s humor away… Absolutely, it’s fake.. Sorry I confused you.. take care of that funny bone, okay?

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