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Should Texans hunt and kill Bigfoot?

Asked by ETpro (34605points) May 13th, 2012
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As reported in OutdoorHub, Texas resident John Lloyd Scharf wondered if he could kill a Bigfoot if he found one, so he wrote to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department asking just that. The reply stated that since Bigfoot isn’t listed on any game animal limit list, and isn’t a protected species, they are fair game. So long as you’re on private property and have the land owner’s permission you can bag as many Bigfoots as your hungry heart desires. Also, there is no season. You can hunt the big critters year round.

Well, that’s the law, but what about the logic? If the small chance that there is such a thing as Bigfoot comes true, would you shoot and kill the first one you see just because you can? What do you think?

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I think there should be a law that considers every species protected a priori and that protection has be rescinded afterwards for every species deemed not threatened after a study is done.

On the other hand, of course, without such a law, if jesus/god returns, I would be allowed to hunt and kill him, since he is not human.

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Hell no! I am very against killing for the sake of killing. If a Bigfoot was truly discovered I think it should be humanely captured, studied briefly and RELEASED again!
I live in mountain lion territory over here and I decided long ago that I would NEVER report a sighting unless children were at risk in some way. People freak out over lions around here and recently a magnificent 175 lb. est. to be 7–8 year old male was shot by some redneck bubba for killing a goat.

I was incensed!

Put your small livestock in a barn at night but don’t wantonly kill the last of the apex predators because you’re too stupid to RESPECT the forces of nature.
I do not support the mega macho, big tribal chief hunter mentality. Clearly a sign of devolution IMO.
I think Bigfoot should learn to use a rifle to defend himself. lol

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If Bigfoot indeed does exist, I think the law of self-preservation should prevail in this situation.

If Bigfoot is located and approaches man in a threatening manner, self-preservation would be allowed.

Each photo of Bigfoot I have viewed, shows Bigfoot walking away and not a threat.

The common sense law pertaining to bears, should also apply to Bigfoot.

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I personally think that if Bigfoot were actually to exist and was spotted by some unwitting human, he should just be spotted and that’s it. No capturing, no observing, no testing – leave the poor thing alone! If he’s survived out in the wild, well then kudos to him and imo, we shouldn’t mess with that.

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I’ve never fully understood why he’s called Bigfoot, has he only the one foot then?
Does he hop along the prairies, constantly frustrated over his blistered toes?
Surely he should be referred to as Bigfeet, or maybe that’s just me being picky.
Let’s play party games & pretend Largetoes is indeed alive & well, don’t kill him, leave him be.
Maybe buy him a huge sneaker to ease the load a little.

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Apparently, you can hunt and kill anything in Texas including the Sacred White Buffalo…I was horrified to hear a few days ago that this happened:
First read this:
Then read this:

Maybe no one is supposed to mess with Texas, but no one messes with the Great Spirit or the Law of Karma.

Still made me cry at how inhumane people can be.

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Leave it to a Texan to inquire about the legality of KILLING a Big Foot creature! I live in Texas. I was born & raised in Texas (but I escaped for several years before I returned because all of my family was still here). One thing you can count on in Texas is that most people are Republicans (& Tea Party Republicans at that!), far too many are homophobic, & too many are more than willing to kill anything that does not fall within the perceived parameters of what is considered to be “normal” (especially agents of Law Enforcement – just look at our execution numbers).

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Isn’t that sort of like asking if Texans should hunt and kill unicorns? The premise wrong, and the question is invalid.

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Preservation laws don’t apply to Bigfoot because he isn’t believed to exist. With that said, it probably should apply to him, or any other undiscovered species…especially if there’s only one, or very few, bigfeet around. (would ’‘bigfeet’’ be the plural of bigfoot?)
And no, I wouldn’t shoot it just cuz it’s allowed. That would be just plain savage.

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Nothing gets on my nerves more than an idiot who has to kill animals, just for the sake of killing them. I agree that it would be crazy to shoot and murder such a wonderful find anyways.

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Every fantasy creature should be protected. If any of them turn out to be real, they should be deprotected as soon as we know how many there are.

Of course, this can’t happen. You can’t pass legislation to protect something until it turns out to be real. If you shoot and kill the first example of something, you can never protect it.

Bah. This is stupid. I don’t know why I’m answering.

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Nope, I think we should study him and mate with him, and make little bitty bigfoots bigfeet bigfoots bigfeet bigfoots hairy creatures.

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@WillWorkForChocolate You wanna mate with Bigfoot? That’s pretty hardcore, yo.

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Maybe not me, specifically, just… you know, some single Texas gal who wouldn’t mind a huge, hairy baby.

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Well, my ex husband lives in Houston, might be fun to dress up the snake in a suit with a Bigfoot costume and send him out into the woods. lololol

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You all watch. Some clown in a Hairy Giant costume will get hisself shot and kilt next Haloween.

@Symbeline I’s pretty sure that to of ‘em is bigfootses.

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I just visited the version of the Fluther website in Bigfoot’s universe and an OP just asked, “Should Texans hunting Bigfeet be slaughtered and devoured-?”

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@mazingerz88 I saw that. Yeti, an angry being, had wished to say yes. But he refrained, and left off in the storm, leaving us alone, hoping we’d do the same. :)

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@Symbeline Tsk, it’s embedded, seared in my memory forever. That epic battle between two noble and powerful forces. The Six Million Dollar Man vs Bigfoot! Leeeets talk first and then rumble!

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Bigfoot would kick some serious a$$!
Make it an even playing field, man against beast, bare handed/ pawed combat, rocks and sticks acceptable. lol

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@mazingerz88 I think I’d place my bets with @Coloma on that fight.

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Why can’t we all just get along?

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I was talking to the mountain lions in the hills yesterday, walking and singing and whistling to alert any predators on the trail.
I have this nice little fantasy that I could charm the big kitty into going away. “Oooh big kitty, I won’t hurt you….” alternating with how I might jam my walking stick down it’s throat. haha

Yeah, well, clearly it’s not going to be worried about me hurting it! haha
I always think about making myself look bigger…how much bigger can a 5’4 woman make herself look anyway? Too bad we can’t puff up our hair like a cat. lol

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@mazingerz88 Whoa dude, Andre the Giant? What the hell is this movie, I have to see it.

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@Coloma Puffing your hair out like a cat? I think Mountain Lions are on to that trick, being cats themselves. I found this at the bottom of this page on large cats: “Cats communicate their moods and intentions with body language. When a cat is scared, angry, or excited, its fur will stand up straight, making the cat look larger and more menacing. Its tail will fluff up like a bottle brush. In contrast, a relaxed cat with a nonfluffed tail held high is confident and happy.”

Be careful in their habitat. Here’s a video of what they can do.

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@ETpro Oh yes, I’m no stranger to the power of those big pussys. lol
I have a book on them, and they’re all about stealth, that’s why I watch my back walking under ridges. A woman jogging was killed and eaten in my area a few years ago. She never saw it coming.

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@Coloma They are masters of stealth. Impressive predators. Just remind them that we humans hunt and eat Orcas.

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We were watching one of those silly reality Big foot shows, where a guy supposedly actually shot and killed a Bigfoot. Of course, there were 10,000 reasons why he didn’t have the body as proof. However, they had actors portraying the Big Foot tribe that was involved, and it was just horrific to me that his first thought was “SHOOT IT!” In the story, the animal wasn’t even threatening him.
It’s scary, sad and horrible that for some people, when they see something they don’t understand, their first thought is to kill it.

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