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If God creates His own website, what do you think He would call it?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28863points) June 26th, 2012
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A question to generate light-hearted humor and maybe even some spiritual introspection. Thanks. : )

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www. I’m here!.com

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www.stpetersgate.heaven <—-my guess is the omnipresent isn’t commercial

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Edit: this is already a site, apparently. Also, @SpatzieLover Jinx!

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www.The Infinite Fate

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Which God are we talkin bout here?
My God calls his internet Indra’s Net

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cazzie's avatar ? ?

i know I am going to hell. I’m ok with it.

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www. doyoubelieveinmenow .com with live video chat.

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@ragingloli www. GodWillStillForgiveThoseWhoAreIncrediblyIgnorant .net

Bah we could do this all day…

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Working with the assumption that we know with certainty this is God…

www.heresyoursign.god (Dont think s/he would even like .org… Organized religion has given him/her a bad reputation,)

flutherother's avatar (It replaces prayer in the new millennium)

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Follow me?

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@FutureMemory I can’t believe that’s not a real website.

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www. Godgle .com ?

www. Metube .com ?

www. isthisevidenceenough . net ?

www. YouNeedANew . gov ?

uww (because how could God only be on the world – wide web?)

uww . IMadeYouThenSteppedBackAndYouForgotAboutMe .net ?

uww. FiveLoavesTwoFishesAndOne .net ?

uww. YouProbablyShouldHaveListenedToYour&quotDelusional&quotFriend . huh ?

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