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What new token would you add to Monopoly?

Asked by filmfann (52268points) February 6th, 2013
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In this news item, Hasbro has announced that the Iron token will be replaced with a new Cat token.
Do you approve?
Did anyone ever want the Iron token?
Is it fair that there has been a dog token for so long, but no cat?
What token would you like to see become a standard?
What token would you remove?
Will the addition of a cat token move you to buy a new copy of this game?

This is my token question.

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I liked the iron. It reminded me of my grandmother.

I don’t necessarily care about a cat being added. It’s fine.

I’d like to see a computer mouse added, too.

Imadethisupwithnoforethought's avatar

I liked the toy robot guy.

filmfann's avatar

I can’t visualize the toy robot guy. Is that an official token, or something from another game?

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The condom.

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The remote.

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The cellphone (but it would look a lot like the remote, I guess).

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Well it’s based on AC so I guess a hypodermic syringe would be fitting…

CWOTUS's avatar

Ten years ago I might have suggested the laptop computer. Twenty years ago, the desktop.

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The Jihadist.

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I like the robot figure. I own a 50th anniversary edition of Monopoly, which has a train engine token, which I really like.

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I think a Smartphone would bring Monopoly into this century and the way we do business.

woodcutter's avatar

A Segway

JLeslie's avatar

Salt water taffy.

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I bet they’re just adding a cat because now, cats rule the Internet, as we all know. I’m in ur Monopoly, stealing ur hotels.

But yeah, add the cat. Cats are cool.

I hope they add a demon knight riding a huge spider some time soon, too.

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A set of Muppets. I’d pick animal.

Berserker's avatar

aren’t they all cannibals?

ragingloli's avatar

A penis.

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Does it include a set of balls?

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I bought the kids several monopoly games over the years, loved the Star Wars edition & Disney, the latest includes a fucking credit card complete with swiper, bit boring with no actual money, but I suppose it stops the cheats.
As for potential new tokens, i’d like to see a dog turd, judging by the look on it’s face, it must be bursting for a crap by now.

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I heard of those credit card things for Monopoly. Might be convenient for those players who always lose all the money, or don’t take care of their board games much, I guess. :/

But damn man, I like Monopoly, and I can’t imagine playing without all that sweet, sweet fake money. Three quarters of why I like the game is because of the bills lol.

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It ruins the end when you win, I always toss the wad of cash into the air showering my competitors with it…i’m so fucking arrogant!

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I wouldn’t know, I never won. Lol

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You should cheat…I know I did/do!

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anyone who does not cheat at monopoly, does not understand capitalism.

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I must be some kinda communist then

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That is why you never won.

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Any politician’s head. Of course it would always be going straight to jail.

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I liked the iron It was the only truly stable token on the board. the old show was pretty dumb I’d get rid of that. I can think of plenty of other things to replace it. They would all be inanimate objects: a tree stump, a cinder block, a cell phone, a robot, a magnifying glass, etc. It would not be a cat. A cat moves on its own. Iwouldn’t trust it to stay in place.

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Seriously, Monopoly and Clue: if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.

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Cheating at Monopoly? I never cheat, and I always win.
Years ago, I beat the Wisconsin State Monopoly Champion.

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The explosive vest.

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The AR-15.

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The Amex card.

Seek's avatar

A Keurig coffeemaker.

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The underground bunker.

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The microphone or bullhorn.

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The video camera.

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Grumpy Cat

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Clue? That’s called cluedo over here…weirdly enough.

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a question mark token.

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I’d like to see a wedge of Swiss cheese added.

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How could we have forgotten the can of Mace?

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A medal

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A Jellyfish?

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