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Can you recommend some easy going house plants?

Asked by pleiades (6617points) May 14th, 2013
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I’m looking for a house plant near the door (no direct sunlight there) and something for the bedroom as well as something for the rest room.

Which plants are popular these days?

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By easy-going, I assume you mean low-maintenance?

You need some light for part of the day for most plants. Popularity has nothing to do with it.

The toughest houseplants are boring;

The Mike Tyson of houseplants is the aspidistra aka iron plant.

“Aspidistra elatior (“cast-iron plant”) is a popular foliage plant, grown as a landscape plant in shaded spots in areas with mild winters, or as a houseplant elsewhere. They are grown for their ability to survive neglect and very shady conditions, indoors and out.

Here are a few others: Source. Care and maintenance of the plants I listed below are on this list.

Chinese evergreen
Arrowhead vine
Zeezee plant

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^^^Good one. I forgot that.

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^^^^ I gotcher back

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^^^ Unfortunately, all of these are pretty ugly.

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Sure but we have to look at the environment that they would be placed in first.
South facing windows are best suited for flowering plants and cactuses.
North facing plants need shade
North West and North East require partial sun and shade as SE and SW do too.

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@Inspired_2write My living room window faces North, my door entrance faces west.

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I don’t know much about plants, but one type of plant that I frequently hear that succulents are particularly low-maintenance and “indestructible.” They need sunlight, so they wouldn’t do well in an area without it, but that goes for just about any plant. But according to the link above, that in addition to watering about once a week is pretty much all they need.

I personally love the geometry and simplicity of them, and they look absolutely gorgeous in arrangements of different types of succulents. They don’t just come in muted greens and browns, either- they also come in beautiful purples that look great in arrangements. The great thing about them is that even if you aren’t big on the arrangement aspect of them, you can buy pre-selected assortments or, my personal favorite, these really cool succulent terrariums, some of which you can even hang.

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could make a living wall or grow them in corks.

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Snake plants are nearly indestructible

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The common spider plant is very easy to maintain and will accept quite a bit of neglect before getting sick or dying. It also doesn’t need too much light. That’s probably why they’re popular in offices.

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Hoya plants are good. There are many varieties and they last forever.

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I might have said just a simple philodendron, but I’ve changed my mind. I’ve been having a running argument with one for the past week or so, and I’ve found that it’s hard-headed as all get out, and surprisingly vindictive, too. Certainly on no one’s list of easy-going.

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How about an ivy hanging in a homemade macrame hangar?

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I have a North East facing window area and have successfully grown these plants:
Christmas Cactus/Easter Cactus(sometimes called) flowers 3–4 times a year .
Pachyveria ‘Royal Flush’ succulent (leaves turn reddish at times)
I am trying to grow an avacado plant (pit) in a small container filled half
with water (constantly for humidity) as it needs this UNTIL both root and top open up, then I
plant it in soil.
Jade Plant (4 years old now) can grow to 4 feet.
Arrow plant (easy one to grow)
Umbrella plant needs lots of humidity
.( I currently have this in a makeshift Terrarium which was once a lizard enclosure(aquarium) that I converted)
I obtain used aquariums cheaply and convert to Terrariums.
I also have a huge Spider Plant which grows better AWAY from the window as it stretches for the little bit of sunlight that I get in the afternoon.
I have this variety of plants for interest and colour other than ALL green leafy plants.
Some have blue green, others a lime green and some a dark green leaf, while the spider plant adds more interest with its yellow stripes.
Have fun and experiment with plants.
I found that even IF it is Not suitible for your environment MOST plants will grow, but that the growth would be smaller, or shorter than if in suitible window placements.
Good Luck.

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Aspidistra (Iron plant) is the only fool-proof houseplant for bad conditions. It even has its own novel, by George Orwell.

Keep the Aspidistra Flying

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Air Plants are ridiculously easy to take care of. They don’t like direct light and you only need to mist them once a week. The downside is that they are small.

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@bossob That’s what we do, then you can move them indoors and outdoors, and in different rooms very easily. My husband has plants everywhere and is a master green-thumb voodoo magician with them, it’s crazy.

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@KNOWITALL That’s what I did during my college days way back when. They tolerate stale beer and bong water just fine!

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