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Would you believe it? Some guy shot and killed (what he claims is ) a bigfoot!

Asked by kritiper (25757points) February 2nd, 2014
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And he’s got pictures to prove it! It is being studied, the news report said.

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Link per favore.

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Thank you @pleiades.

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A-number-one: DNA does not come back “unknown”.

Dyer says he refused to donate hair and meat samples of the Bigfoot body for research claiming he already has enough proof that the legendary animal exists. The university has medical reports relating to the body, but Clacy declined to release them.

I can smell the bullshit from here.

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On the claims of the 2008 Bigfoot;

Dyer defended his actions by claiming that someone confiscated the body before the press conference and he brought the costume in an effort to produce something.

Right. And I’m to take this guy seriously.
And who took the actual Bigfoot? Where is it? Did no one follow up on this?

Dyer says he bought ribs at a nearby Walmart and nailed them to the trees to lure the 8-foot tall animal.

What exactly is crazier here? What is the craziest scenario; that some dude shot Bigfoot, or that this may very well be some underhanded and sly marketing campaign for Walmart? Yeah man, our ribs caught fuckin Bigfoot! Bigfoot, bitches! That theory fails on the account that everything in Walmart is third party, but eh I thought it was funny.

Now I have absolutely no problem believing that we don’t know everything; in fact, I underline the fact that we don’t know that much about what is out there. I supposed this could be true, but my little finger tells me that if it was, the whole matter would have been handled differently.

And also, if it IS true and this guy just shot some legendary monster for no fuckin reason…then what an asshole. Fuck em.

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Guy refuses to hand over samples for study.
Refuses to release the name of the “university” allegedly studied the “bigfoot”.
Only releases photos.
Photos look like a really bad movie prop.
Presented a costume in 2008, claiming that the real body was “confiscated”.

The fucker is a shameless huckster.

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Bigfoot? My foot!

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Fake. Stupid.

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No, I would not believe it.

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That guy’s a big liar. I am the one who shot a big-foot. Last night I shot a creature and I’m pretty sure that’s a big-foot!
As a proof, this is the picture I took of its last moment of life. See? He’s actually begging me for mercy!

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I am friends with several local Bigfoot inhabitants and they tell me that this guy is full of of —it!

Furthermore, they tell me no self respecting Bigfoot would be caught dead eating cooked ribs from Wal-Mart when wild hogs are so abundant and best eaten raw!

I really hate when these wannabe hunters come up with these b.s. stories that fly in the face of reality;)

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@dougiedawg I’m sorry I killed one of your friends. Had you told me earlier, I would have spared him :(

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@ Mimishu- well, the cartoon Bigfoots are very animated but also very forgiving. I wouldn’t sweat it;)

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That’s the mot fake-looking ape suit I’ve ever seen.

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This whole idea is so stupid. If Bigfoot actually existed we would have found at least one set of remains.

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<<He killed my brother!!

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<<<He broke into my house and ate my fridge!

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I saw a UFO do an emergency landing once but I refused to give samples of its paint and engine parts for the sole reason that it was in my favorite mechanic’s shop at that time and he was trying to repair it while having a six-pack with the aliens who turned out to be…drunk ingrates who did not pay for the services nor even for the spare parts.

I think this guy actually believes he is doing all of us a favor by intriguing and entertaining us. He must be bored. Really bored.

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@mazingerz88 He’s also an asshole on two counts. One, lying like a bitch about this and two, if it WAS a real Bigfoot, fucker woulda just went and shot it. You have this rare animal that there may be just one of in the world, and bang, you shoot it dead. Wow, fuckin impressive.

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And I thought Fluther was bereft of my dear sweet Viking zombie destroyer known as @Symbeline….

I agree on the asshole summation. : )

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@Symbeline Yeah, I thought of that, too. Kind of a Catch-22: If you don’t kill it, no one will believe you and if you kill it you’re killing a member of a (obviously) endangered species.

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@kritiper Not even, Stephen. If all you have to do to get Bigfoot to show up is nail some meat to trees, then he should be easy enough to capture. If this creature was real, science would benefit much more from studying him while he’s alive, rather than just shooting him.

Just suggesting that because God forbid, just leaving the dude in peace.

@mazingerz88 Yeah I’m still here up in dis bitch. :D

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@Dutchess_III Forget remains: Where’s the bigfoot poop? I don’t even need a whole body. Excrement would do just fine. If all these hillbillies are tracking mutant ape-men night and day, someone must have stepped in it at least once.

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They probably eat it, that is why, with this guy especially, it is squirting out of their mouths, because they are filled to the brim with shit.

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I’m sceptical here about this guy’s claims and photos. Even if in the unlikelyhood there’s any truth to this, what gave him the right to just shoot and kill a ‘lower’ human.

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@Symbeline Yeah, that’s what I meant by a “Catch-22.” I wasn’t implying that the thing should actually be shot, only that, damned if you do and damned if you don’t, whether it’s actually shot or not, you lose.

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That mentality sickens me. If you don’t recognize something, kill it.

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