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Is the fact that we do not have a year that is divisible into an equal number of smaller "monthly" units proof that there is no intelligent design and therefore no God?

Asked by rojo (24176points) March 11th, 2014
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Seriously, if there were an intelligence to the design of the universe would the earth not revolve around the sun in a 364 day timeframe? How about days? Should not the Earth rotation be 26 hours and each hour contain 65 minutes made up of 65 seconds per each?

Intelligent design my patootie.

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Why would it have too? It’s working. I don’t see how having it perfectly set to any number would prove or disprove anything. Maybe he or she likes to wing it once in a while.

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Oh sure, take the side of the Omnipotent @Pandora!

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@Pandora is omnipotent? ;-0

It could mean that there’s intellectually-challenged design and an incompetent deity.

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I would take it as evidence, maybe. Not as proof.

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I’ll just leave this here

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Ehh, it wouldn’t be the first thing I thought of as evidence against intelligent design.

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If it ain’t broke than why fix it. Ever notice that the perfect paintings are boring. Maybe he or she thinks that perfect things are boring as well. If we are going to go off of perfection as the rule for a God then one would have to say that he totally messed up with humans.

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The makeup of the entire Universe, including the various forms of barberism and “bad design” among life on earth tells you that, if a god exists, he is either
1. an idiot,
2. evil, sick and twisted, or
3. indifferent and uncaring

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Maybe god just sucked at math, or his last name was Murphy, of Murphy’s Law.

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If there is a God, He made up all sorts of imperfect systems. The earth and every living creature on it and the universe are all incredible, and complex, and fascinating. If we look at what seems to be the perfection of human beings, their complicated bodies, it can seem like there was divine intervention in the creation, but look at all the crap that goes wrong with our bodies. All the suffering. Hard to believe in. God that would allow so much suffering or punish innocent people with so much suffering. But, some religions embrace the suffering as Godly also. The suffering is akin to the imperfect calendar I think. It would make more sense for God to create something logical and efficient, seeing that He is all knowing and all that. What would it have taken, moving the earth’s orbit a mini bit, and slowing how fast it turns on it’s axis a mini bit?

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If I were in charge and able to shape the planets, rather than having dust and particles randomly hit from all angles making a perfect sphere, I’d flatten Earth a little bit so it was slightly larger at the equator. I’d slow the rotation so it took 360 days to orbit the sun. That would make calendars so easy.
Unfortunately the laws of friction are hard to beat so days would gradually become longer. I’d make an adjustment to the inhabitants’ time base to correct for the daily rotation and periodically toss in an asteroid fly-by to adjust the yearly rotation rate to match.
Why not? I’ve got the comm.

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The fallacy of your question is in attempting to discern divine construct with human understanding. Your thinking is as misplaced as those who believed the sun orbited the earth.

For all we know, the actual year has to do more with galaxy rotation in the universe, not with a modest sized planet around a mediocre star. The universe is not heliocentric.

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Only man can conceive of the concept of time so time is not a prerequisite for proof of the existence or non-existence of “God.”

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@Brian1946Damn you punctuation, foiled again!
Have to agree with that @whitenoise evidence would have been a much better choice.
Wow! @uberbatman I had forgotten that! Thanks for the memories.
What are you saying @ragingloli? That the fact that the system is how it is proves existence?
@Adirondackwannabe – “I AM MURPHY! GOD OF…..oh crap not again!
So, @JLeslie we are in agreement?
For consistency, and regularity vote @LuckyGuy for supreme deity!
Heliocentricity, yeah, under the right circumstances (see this link) that happens late in the evening @zenvelo.
@kritiper Seems like someone (besides humans) who claims both omnipotence and omniscience should have some idea about the concept of time.

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@rojo I’d say we are. I think a theist would explain by saying God knows something we don’t and there is method to his madness.

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I think there are much much better examples.

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Some think that our imperfect existence is the only way Perfection could experience anything imperfect.

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@rojo That is your concept of who (or what) might seem to know. It may not seem that way to others, me included.

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IF there is a creator, I’d assume he/she/it would have set things in motion and then let it all play out on its own.

And this question immediately made me think of this Farside comic

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Oh, I just realised another really obvious one. Why is finding the circumference of a circle an irrational number? If it was designed really well by a perfect deity, it should be a nice easy even number, right? (this is one of the most ridiculous topics brought up and that is saying something….)

If we had a creator, wouldn’t he realise just how stupid mankind was and he/she/it should make everything, especially math, so much easier to understand. Proof there is no creator. (omg… I just hit a new low….)

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Well, there is a religion/cult surrounding pi considering it goes on forever and lacks any sequence, it may have the codes for everything in existence. Theory of course, but intriguing/amusing.

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Yesterday was Π day…3.14

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