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What should I wear to a job interview for a day care assistant position?

Asked by Carly (4555points) August 7th, 2014
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I’ve been working as an office assistant for several years where the dress code is pretty strict. I know what I would wear to an interview for one of my previous positions, but now I’m trying to move into working in child care. Should I dress a little less “business”? I really don’t know what’s appropriate.

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I would dress as professionally for that interview as for any other. Maybe not real high heels.

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Agreeing with @janbb. Even if a workplace has a very casual dress code, it’s good to dress professionally for the interview. Doing so shows that you respect your potential employer and know what’s appropriate for a given situation.

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Dress pants, flats, and a button-up top would be good.

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I agree with everyone else. It’s always best to dress up for an interview. It shows you are serious, respectful, and professional. It doesn’t matter what the dress code for employees is; as a potential employee, you want to look your best. This advice is from one who interviewed and hired (or didn’t hire) a lot of people in my career.

And by the way… good luck in your interview.

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Dress professionally as you would any other interview.

BTW, I’ve never worn highs to a job interview, just flats (I hate heels, don’t own any) and I think I fared okay, I have a job. ;) I don’t think it’s a big deal. Just dress professionally.

Most employers expect you to dress up for an interview even though you’d likely never dress that way for your job ever.

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Maybe not a suit with skirt and jacket, but dress pants and a nice, crisp white blouse or gasp a pants suit a la Hilary Clinton. Some ballet flats or something with a little heel, not necessarily a high heel.

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Neat, clean, pressed or permanent-press washable natural fibers. Make it look like you know what you’re in for.

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If you have a bright colored dressy shirt, pick that one over a beige or plain colored one. That will make you look more “fun” and upbeat, which is something you will need while working in daycare.

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Best to dress professionally. First impressions last a while.

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Appropriate for the job you apply for. In this case, neat casual should be fine.
You would not wear a suit to apply for a plumber position, either.

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I think you would be fine with khaki pants (or other casual dress pants) and a casual blouse with flats. I think that even pressed jeans with a belt (professional-looking) would be fine.

I would think that you would want to convey that you are neat, punctual, reliable and willing to get down on the floor with the kids.

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