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Care to share a gem of a website that others may not have heard of?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23996points) December 17th, 2015
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Sometimes it seems as if the internet is full of too many uninspiring websites or websites that are just full of nothing but hate or junk, so I was wondering if there’s somewhere (outside of Fluther, of course) that you enjoy?

My contribution is The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

Your turn. :)

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As a reader, I’m happy to have found LibraryThing. Despite the silly name, it’s a great community (or cluster of communities, because within it there are groups with different characters) if you love books and reading.

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@Jeruba I think I’ll start an account there, because I do love reading and I was just adding my books to Goodreads before, if only to keep track of them. LibraryThing sounds interesting. Thank you for sharing. :)

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If you need health support there is . They have forums for a wide variety of Diseases and conditions. The site is heavily moderated by knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers.
I got a lot of help for my rotten prostate I needed it. It was much easier discussing problems there than in real life.

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For those with even a passing interest in mathematics, Plus Magazine features articles aimed at the general reader. The current issue has articles about two of the more colorful people in the history of math, Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, and the extraordinary 20th century Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

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Travel the world by bicycle from the comfort of your own home with Crazyguyonabike

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@Cruiser, please check your links. You have five links, but two are duplicates of the preceding ones.

You too, @Mimishu1995. Your first link goes to this page.

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@Jeruba I will have to send you a thank you gift for having to clean up after me today! So sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you and others here….:(


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Thanks guys, I bookmarked a lot of those. If any of you ever come across other gems and feel like sharing with anyone, please feel more than free to come post here again. I’m always on the lookout for interesting sites.

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You are most welcome. Enjoy.

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For a whole bunch of literary reference books all in one location you can’t do better than:

(extra points for whoever can explain the rationale for the name of the site)

And for wordsmiths everywhere who also like humor there is Richard Lederer’s
Tthere’s a great section on Mondegreens for those who like that. As a matter of fact, in years past he used to have a moveable gif of ants crawling all across the home page. This was a tribute to “the ants are my friends” (Blowin’ In The Wind :)

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@Buttonstc That would be Bartleby the scrivener, “scrivener” meaning scribe (someone who does the physical writing of documents), the title character in a short story by Herman Melville, of Moby-Dick fame. His characteristic phrase is “I prefer not to.” But knowing that doesn’t explain the choice to me, except as a broad literary reference.

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You’ve got it. It is Bartleby the Scrivener.

Another term for Scribe is “one who copies”. In olden days it was a physical copying.

So nowadays, the Bartleby site is the updated version with digital copies rather than physical.

When I first discovered the site (they’ve been around for about twenty years) I was curious about the name also. And as I read further, it became obvious since they first started with all the literary works which were out of copyright. So, those were digitally “copied” and available to all.

And it expanded from there to include all of their current scope of content.

I find it so handy, but particularly when I have a quote rattling around in my head but can’t recall its original source (not everything is Shakespeare :)

But sometimes I just like browsing around the poetry section.

I think it was really smart of them to choose a one word name which is easy to remember.

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