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How to cook the inside of a beef grilling steak?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21401points) February 12th, 2017
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I can cook the outside very well, but I can’t cook the inside cut. I’ve already eaten the outside and I put the inside in the fridge. How do I make it less dry and tasteless? I have a microwave , a slow cooker , frying pan and electric frying pan and an oven. I have ketchup, margarine, and not much else other than salt and pepper as condiments.

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put it in the oven for 10ish minutes, then let it rest outside for just as much.

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The more you cook it, the drier it gets.

Sounds like you prefer your meat; well done that means, it is gray in the middle and dry.

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First you sear the outsides with high frying heat to seal the juices in. High frying heat is just before the pan starts to smoke.

Once both sides are seared, you then turn down the heat and let the steak heat up on the inside.

Don’t fork it or stab it with a knife to determine how well it is cooked. Touch it and press.

If it is as soft as the pad on the palm of your hand under the thumb, it is medium rare.

Rare is softer than that and blood will usually show when pressed a little harder.

When the steak is firm like the outside pad opposite your thumb pad, it is medium well.

Well done is noticeably firmer than that.

More taste comes with waiting to trim the fat until after you cook the steak. A little salt, but not much will also bring out the beefy taste. If you’re still not satisfied, a dry rub of your favorite meat spices help to bring out the steak’s flavor, but be careful not to overpower the beef’s flavor.

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@ragingloli Thanks. It was awesome.

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Maybe you should do a small pot roast (Chuck roast) with carrots, onion,celery and potatoes in the slow cooker.

Cook all day on low, drive everyone around crazy from the smell.

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I just cut it in strips and fry it up. Then I use it in a burrito.

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