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When you check in at your polling place to vote, does it pull up what party you are affiliated with?

Asked by JLeslie (61866points) November 6th, 2018
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Mine does. I don’t like it. I understand why we need it in my state for the primaries, since we have a closed primary, but for the actual final vote I don’t think the people working the polls should know our party affiliation. I feel like that opens up more chance for voters being hassled, or not allowed to vote.

How is it in your state? What do you think about it?

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No party affiliation that I could see.

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I am not aware of any party affiliation information that they might have had. It just looked like a book of names with spaces for signatures. Obviously, for a primary election you have to declare a party affiliation.

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I’ve voted since 1976 and have never been hassled by anyone. I think it’s a good thing to keep track of. But this is the first time I have voted that they did not differentiate between Democrats and Republicans.

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@chyna I’ve never been hassled either, and I think it probably happens very rarely. I believe most people who volunteer really care about everyone getting their chance to vote.

My state actually does a signature match. You sign when you show your ID, I don’t remember doing this in other states, and if they think your signature doesn’t match your ballot can be excluded! I find that reprehensible. I’ve been ok with requiring ID, but the signature match is one to far. What if you develop Parkinson’s? Or, your young and your signature has changed over the few years as a young adult?

When I check in here a receipt is printed that has my name and party affiliation. None of that actually appears on my voting ballot.

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Also, the volunteers working the precincts are pretty old. I doubt they could remember who is what affiliation with so many people going through. And not to profile Florida, but their precinct workers are probably pretty old too. :-)

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@chyna I guess I mean hasseling someone before they even get to do their voting. Like I said, I’ve never seen a problem in my personal experience, but I don’t like the potential, and mostly I think it infringes on our rights to a secret ballot, even though the ballot doesn’t have any of the information. I do wonder if the ballot is time stamped. It wouldn’t be that hard to narrow down who voted when if they are.

At my poll we had almost an even mix of young people (30’s-40’s) and older people working. I agree it’s often older people making up the majority of poll workers, but I always see some young people too. I went on a Saturday, so that might be part of the reason.

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I just voted and didn’t see anything.

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Didn’t see anything on my screen that I sign.

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@KNOWITALL It’s when we check in. It’s before we fill out the ballot.

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@JLeslie I just hand over my ID, they turn the screen for me to sign and it just has my name and address info, that they match to paper printout, then I go vote.

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@KNOWITALL So, you do sign. I can’t remember if I had to sign in TN. Does your state have a paper ballot or electronic? In TN I voted on an electronic machine. In FL we have a paper ballot, and I like to have a paper record. The only thing I don’t like is they send the sample paper ballot out in a slightly different format than what you actually vote on.

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@JLeslie Yes, we do sign, and a paper ballot. People are coming out in droves for medical marijuana.

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^^Lol. I didn’t realize that’s on your ballot this time. You’re in MO right? I think they’re coming out for more than that.

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@JLeslie Oh yes, it’s been really ugly here trying to spend millions to flip from red to blue. I’m just saying the turnout is probably larger from nonvoters for medial mj.

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Living in Connecticut we had our party listed also one member from each party confirmnames and addresses on a separate voter registration lists

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We have the same old big paper folders they have always had. NO ID required. You just sign the book and your entry slip, then go in the booth.

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No they don’t. That’s a horrible, horrible policy!

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@janbb No photo id still? A bill? A ss card? Nothing? That surprises me. What state?

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Yes it does. Never been hassled / not allowed to vote.
We also have to show photo ID. Kansas.

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@janbb The bubble sheets? You fill in the bubble next to your candidate like a multiple choice test in school, and then the machine reads it? That’s what we have here, and I like it.

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Two years ago we had to provide our Drivers License & sign next to our name in a book..YES it designated our party affiliation. After signing they gave me a voter number which was entered next to my name. Then I got i line. When I got to the machine to vote, the poll worker put in an oversized flash drive, entered my voter number, explained how to use, & walked away so I could vote in private. There were NO voting booths…just every voting machine separated far enough apart that it would be difficult to see the next person’s vote.

This time, they didn’t have a book.They had a laptop positioned so I couldn’t see the screen. I think they etered my DL number on the computer. They kept a list on a sheet of paper with your Voter Number & name & I had to sign out next to it. After that everything remained the same as before. What concerns me is that by following my Voter Number throughout the process including ID’ing my particular recording mechanism, they are keeping track of exactly how I voted. It is NO longer a private vote…it’s ALL recorded. IF at any point, a politician decided to become a dictator, they would have access to exactly WHO did or did NOT vote for them & could easily punish those who voted against them!!!

Even worse, with ALL the crap going on with our governor’s race, I discovered today that they keep a record of ALL names & addresses by county which they sell for $50 per county or $250 for the entire state. They claim that they do NOT give out SSN’s, DL numbers, & party affiliation…just names & addresses. That bothers me MORE than them keeping a record of how I voted. I spend a LOT of time protecting my privacy & for the state to sell my info to anyone with $50…WITHOUT my permission really burns me up!!!

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@LadyMarissa In TN they gave us a card when we checked in that we had to put in the machine to start our vote. I hated that. I felt like they could track who voted for who. I’m going to ask a friend of mine about that.

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