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Under the right circumstances which monster would you seek out to discover if it exists or not?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28989points) January 7th, 2019
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You have time, you have good health and the wealth to pursue facts about Bigfoot for example —— which monster would you pursue?

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Does this apply to ones I know for certain don’t exist, like Yeti?

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^^ Yes. But yetis do exist don’t they?

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The one under my bed.

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They do not exist, but if I was to pretend they do, I’d like to find one to determine what its intelligence level is.

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To cite your own example of Bigfoot (Sasquatch, whatever) I might be interested to pursue the idea of finding, or proving the existence of, an elusive population of primates that live in remote unpopulated-by-humans areas. More with an eye to protect and preserve. It would take a small, quiet, and extremely canny group of primatologists to find such an elusive population.

There was a question here a few years ago about Bigfoot (I searched and couldn’t find it).

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The Kraken! (Do not tell me they are giant squid, that has not been proven.)

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Release it! Release! : )

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@KNOWITALL….I thought the Kraken was an Indonesian volcano that keeps erupting, causing people to flee and kraka they toes.

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Vlad the impaler. The first vampire.

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The magnificent werewolf.
So big, and strong, and big.

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I heard they aren’t really that big. But they have some big honkin’ teeth!

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The dreadfully spindley killer fish of ol’ london town

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Demon can sometimes be considered as monster. Perhaps I’ll like to meet an Incubus (for that obvious reason).

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The Beast of Bray Road here in Wisconsin. Some call it a werewolf. Others liken it to Bigfoot.

I don’t live far from past sightings so it’s doable for me to search.

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Get goin’ @Aethelwine!

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If only I’m not a total chickenshit —— given the resources I might try to look for the Mothman. That Mothman film with Richard Gere scared the hell out of me.

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