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For those who live in the northern hemisphere, how has your winter been so far?

Asked by Aethelwine (42969points) January 8th, 2019
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I’m a snow lover. In September we moved to Wisconsin from central Illinois. I’ve been looking forward to a deep snow pack and colder temps. Southern Wisconsin is on the low side for snow this season. Wouldn’t you know, central Illinois has had more snow and even a full on blizzard! ugh, I’m jelly.

Has this winter been typical for your area or has it been under or above average in precipitation and temperature?

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We have had below freezing mornings, and a fair amount of rain in our temperate Coastal Norther California Area. Normal winter!

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Warmer than usual. I’m an hour north of Orlando. We’ve only had 3 days so far where I needed a winter coat, and now we are back to bikini weather in the middle of the day.

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Warm and dry. Very little rain and snow. In Red Deer , Alberta.

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Up until today been nice, you like deep snow ?
Guess you don’t have to work in it, driving transports through it sucks big time.

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Unusually warm and very rainy here in Massachusetts. It’s a muddy mess.

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Warm in Missouri. Tshirts last weekend. I expect Feb-Mar to be rough.

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It hasn’t been “normal” for a number of years here. So far, this year, it’s been unseasonably mild, but if recent years are any indication, there could be a polar vortex event any time, then another one, then another mild spell.
I miss regular winters.

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We have had odd weather lately. Yesterday it was in the 60’s, but very windy.
Tonight it’s supposed to get into the teens and possibly snow by Thursday.
Plus everyone at work has some kind of upper respiratory illness, so I’m avoiding them.
I don’t know if wild changes in weather would be the cause or if this is normal winter illness.

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Welcome back!!!

I live in a state that is HOT in the summer & generally mild in the winter. This year we had an early cold snap & an unusually early snow storm. Right now it is unseasonably warm; however, the local weather experts are guaranteeing that we will be seeing unusually cold weather soon & my Weather Channel app is backing them up.IF I’m remembering correct, the WC said your area might be warmer than normal & my area will be colder than normal. The one thing I’ve learned in my lifetime is that we get what we get NO matter what the weather people predict!!!

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Highly variable. We had a good snow or two early and a couple of light ones but nothing that stays on the ground long. Just this week we’ve had rain and sunshine, and 55F and 20F in the day. I’d like a big snowstorm.

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We’re supposed to be having an El Nino winter and, except for the snowfall we had on Dec. 1–2, we’ve got it. (Not too) wet and warm.
Southern Idaho, NW US.

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Surprisingly warmer than usual ( El Nino) this season but couple of days heavy snow 20cm around Christmas was a welcome event as ski season has started late.
I live in a Mountainous region in a National Park and usually when the weather forecast calls for snowfall it happens Just up top the mountains and not in the Town below.
But lately more and more snowfall ,so snowplows were eventually brought out of hibernation to clear the roads even though the temperatures were warm enough just to walk around Town in light parka etc I love it here, near Nature where I can go just a few blocks to hit the trails and take photographs of Natures wild.

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In Tacoma Washington this winter has been very mild. No snow, low precipitation and relatively warm temperatures. That’s OK with me. The snow can stay up in the mountains where it belongs.

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I’m a weather geek so I’m fascinated with your answers. Thank you for responding. It was just reported yesterday that our area has now broken a record for 2nd warmest winter on record. Winter isn’t over so it could change, but it looks like we’re missing out on another big snow event this weekend. Central and southern Illinois are going to get hit hard and we’ll just get some flurries out of it. grrr

@SQUEEKY2 Oh, squeek. You and I have had this discussion before. I drive my husband to work and back every day and run all sorts of other errands. Snow doesn’t stop me. I can drive in it. Now come here so I can give you a noogie. :)

@LadyMarissa You are too kind. Thanks for the welcome back. I won’t be very active but I’m here to stay with this account. I’m done confusing everyone. ;)

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Yesterday the sun was out and the high was 52 degrees F.

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@Aethelwine I don’t like snow & I wish that I could have sent you the 10 inches we had back in early December. We’re forecast to have some snow tomorrow but they aren’t even venturing a guess as to how much. My guess is that it’s going above us & we won’t get much; but, I could be WRONG!!! The problem here is that we get so little snow that we have NO snow plows & it’s a real mess when we do get some. Anything over 1 inch is considered a blizzard here, so the 10 inches shut down the area for almost a week!!! I’m praying for NO snow tomorrow. I refilled my cupboards on Wednesday just in case I’m snowed in & can’t get out to eat. I guess I’ll know come tomorrow :(

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@Aethelwine If you had an 83 foot two trailer transport slipping and scratching it’s way up an 11% grade in a snow storm, you may want to give yourself that noogie.

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@SQUEEKY2 Good thing I don’t drive an 83 footer then! :)

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Temperature dipped a little the past few days, I think one night it was in the 30’s, but today it’s beautiful outside. 68 right now and partly sunny.

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Monday night it was 63 at midnight. Last night it was 28 at 1:00am. Monday’s high was 68. Today’s high 38. Maybe it is going to snow tomorrow!!! :(

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YAAYYY…NO snow!!! It’s cold. but once we got above freezing, it hasn’t dropped below freezing so far. It is raining right now & IF it manages to drop about 3 degrees, I might wake up to ice which I consider worse than snow!!!

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That weather would get me to stay home^^ I aint going out to chain up and deal with idiot drivers in that.

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Nobody uses chains here. The roads are plowed and salted. The only places I’ve ever seen chains are in the California mountains and off the paved roads in Northern Michigan.

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Not sure which hemisphere I live in… but this I know I HATE SPRING!

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