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If you got the chance to be a real superhero for a day, which one would you be and what would you do with the time?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28794points) January 11th, 2019
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As asked.

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Wonder Woman. Go back to Amazon Island and hang out with the girls.

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There aren’t many female super heroes, and mostly they are high school knockoffs of male heroes. So, I shall make one up.

I would be Madame Confectionair. I would spend the day distributing cheesecake and chocolate truffles to people who need a dose of indulgence.

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If I could be a Superhero,
I would be Drug-Free Boy.
Telling the world of the evils of drugs,
And the lives that they destroy.
Well I’d take all the junkies getting so high
With their needles and bongs and sticks made of thai
As I’d burn them alive, I would squeal with joy.
‘Cause I would be Drug-Free Boy.

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I would be Captain Chronos who has the super ability to manipulate time. I can stop time or speed it up and I can travel through time to the distant past or the distant future. Though an expert time traveller I am not so good at travelling through space as I am unfortunately wheelchair bound and must rely on an assistant to wheel me around.

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I’de be Batman and slip 100 dollar bills in people’s pockets all day.

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And then break all their bones for stealing from Bruce Wayne.

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Iron man, and I’d spend the day carefully documenting every aspect of that suit so I can build my own.

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I love Daredevil, but his life is usually a rhinoceros-crowd-fuck, so no.

Maybe, Ben Grimm, the ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing. He’s got a cool gig hanging with a family that loves him, going on science adventures, clobbering bad guys. Plus he’s down to earth (well, actually, he is earth), takes no guff, and has a beautiful, intelligent girlfriend who’s a blind sculptor.

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I would be Storm and bring lightning to strike all evildoers. But mostly meth heads.

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I would be brave and impeach the present President to return to civility once again.

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Supergirl & i’d flick the hell out of my bean until my back spasms made me my shit in my knickers.

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I’d be god again, smiting was such fun.

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