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If you woke up with a new baby would you be happy or annoyed?

Asked by Harper1234 (854points) April 3rd, 2019
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I have always wished someone would leave a baby in a basket at my doorstep! I raised 2 sons and have no grands yet but I just love babies…and children. Now my husband would turn and run the other way~

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My heart would melt if that happened, I would be much closer to happy than annoyed.

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I would be happy to find a baby puppy at my door and so would husband..
Tbh, without all the money up front to adopt, legal hassle’s and red tape, I’d gladly raise a baby.

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I would immediately try to get rid of it.
Ideally legally, of course.

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Nah….my child raising days are over. If I had a baby dropped off today, by the time he/she graduated HS I would almost be an octagenarian. Not really an ideal thing for a kid to grow up with as a parent.

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Definitely happy rather than annoyed. I would more accurately label my feelings as “anxious, shocked, concerned, excited, curious”.

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Well, I’d be exhausted just looking at it, but I’d give the kid the best that I have.
Or maybe give them to my son. They won’t even notice one more kid in the house. LOL!

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Relatively happy but also deeply concerned!

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Not annoyed, but terrified. Did I sleep walk and steals baby? How do I explain this to the police? Did someone break in my house while I was asleep and leave a baby?

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Is it the fruit of my loins, or a child that the actual parents are missing and/or will show up later and claim?

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No, not underwear @Zaku. A baby.

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I would be horrified and would call CPS immediately.

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Probably neither happy nor annoyed, but I would contact Child Protective Services straight away.

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Annoyed. VERY annoyed. The thought of somebody leaving their kid here.

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I would be aghast. I am way past an age where I would want everything I do all day to involve something wet.

(I thought about writing a memoir of that period and calling it “Something Wet,” but I never had enough energy left over to write anything down.)

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^^^ I am so grateful for the diaries I started keeping during my first pregnancy.

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